The life of Atif’s family.

Atif life is the opposite of what Aliyah have.

He is consider as a young billionaire in the society where he belong. He has all possessions that needed in order to be happy or successful.

Atif seemed to have everything –he is brainy, good looking, charming, and have plenty of money.

His family combined fortune is derived largely from stakes held in H & A Summit, which has interests in airlines, shipping or logistics, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, telecom, banking, food, and property.

 H & A Summit Holdings, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the manufacture and distribution of agro-industrial products, and the provision of real estate development and management services.

 It operates through the following segments: Real estate and Hotels; Banking; Food, Agro-Industrial and Commodities; Air Transportation; and Other Supplementary Business.

 The Food, Agro-Industrial & Commodities segment produces snack, pre-mixed, canned and frozen foods.

The Real Estate and Hotels segment deals with the development and leasing of residential and commercial spaces.

The Banking segment operates commercial and thrift banks.

The other supplementary business segment provides printing and marketing services.

The company was founded by the late father of Haris and Haris best friend Alem who died in his early age.

When the company was founded, Alem is the chief executive for he own the biggest stake in the holding company. Almost half of the holding company’s total share of stock is owned by Alem.

 But when Alem died because of brain cancer Haris father take over his position for Alem has no successor that time because he is an orphan. Even though, Alem has a rumor son. But no matter how Alem searched the child he cannot find his son until his last breathe he didn’t meet his son.

As Alem best friend, Haris promised to him that he will find Alem’s son and he will give the position Alem’s left when he find the child.

When Haris father died because of his old age, Haris take over on the position as a chief executive.

At present, Haris, Atif grandfather runs H & A Summit as its chief executive.  

Mateo, Atif father, and Sara, Atif stepmother manage their shipping and logistic business.

Jasmin, Atif stepbrother run their telecom company.

Hana, Atif stepsister manage their marketing business.

While Atif is in charge in their banking and distributing businesses.

The rest of the companies under the H & A Summit as a

Subsidiaries are owned by their other relatives and close friends.

Businesses that are completely owned by a holding company are referred to as "wholly-owned subsidiaries." Although a holding company can hire and fire managers of the companies it owns, those managers are ultimately responsible for their own operations.

A holding company is a type of financial organization that owns a controlling interest in other companies, which are called subsidiaries.

The parent corporation can control the subsidiary's policies and oversee management decisions but doesn't run day-to-day operations.

A holding company typically exists for the sole purpose of controlling other companies. Holding companies may also own property, such as real estate, patents, trademarks, stocks, and other assets.

Those facts shows that Atif belongs to rich and influential family in their society.

As mentioned Atif has a stepmother, stepbrother and sister.

 Sara is Atif stepmother, the mother of Jasmin and Hana.

Jasmin and Hana are children of Sara from her previous marriage. They are older than Atif.

Atif is the youngest among them. He is consider the only biological son of Mateo and the only legitimate grandson of Haris for Mateo is the only son of Haris. That’s why Atif is the chosen successor for the present position of Haris.

For Atif is next in line to be  a chief executive of H & A Summit Holdings, Inc., in the age of 25 his life is not as normal as other man  enjoying.

 Atif family is very strict to him. His life is not normal as other man same of his age.

While other have a lot of free time in their hands to enjoy, Atif has a limited time for himself. He is a very busy person.

Way back then, as a little boy he needs to study hard until he finished his course in Business Administration major in accountancy with master’s degree in business management and economics.

Atif is an accountant, an economist and with the degree of business management he knows how to manage their businesses.

As a professional economist Atif know how to produce rigorous, relevant and impactful economics analysis to drive decision-making at all levels - from operational decisions to strategic, business and policy decisions.

As accountant he makes sure their company or organization is efficiently operating by accessing its financial records. His duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records. He send financial reports to their clients that include current financial status, and future trends.

In addition, he successfully manage their banking and distributing businesses.

SO Atif is not just a rich good looking and charming man but he is brainy too.

Will Aliyah fall for him when they continue in getting to know each other in chatting?

Or Will Atif fall for Aliyah?

Well as the saying goes “Everything is possible, even the word impossible says that I’m possible.

BUT what if one of them believe in this law: The law of holes.

The law of holes, is an adage which states: "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging". Digging a hole makes it deeper and therefore harder to get out of, which is used as a metaphor that when in an untenable position, it is best to stop carrying on and exacerbating the situation.

Will they send message to each other again or they will stop before it’s too late?

BUT SOMETIMES IN LIFE destiny is out of control.

Cause even though we think we know which way the river flows

That is not the way love goes.

Like the ticking of a clock, two hearts beat as one

But we never understand the way it's done.

Love moves in mysterious ways.

It is always so surprising.

2:00 pm Sunday, in Bosnia and Herzegovina time zone.

Atif is on his office at H & A Summit Holdings, Inc.

He is busy doing his work but from time to time he glance at his cellphone as if she is waiting a message from someone else.

But disappointment crossed his face when he see that there is no message from the person he wants to send a message.

Atif is busy doing something in his computer when his cellphone chirped and vibrated in his table. He immediately pick it up with half smile on his face thinking that maybe” she” is the one who is messaging but the smile on his face disappear when he stared at the screen.

It was not “she” who send the message but his grandfather, Haris, saying,” Atif, come to my office and give me your report”.

“Yes, Grandpa” Atif replied but he can’t almost type his reply for he is disappointed.

Before he stand up and grab the folder of his report he whisper something. “I thought Aliyah is messaging.

Then he go out from his office and proceed to his grandfather’s office.

On the other hand, Aliyah is sleeping and having a bad dream again as usual.

Whenever she sleep she always have a bad dream.

Her dream is always about the little boy and the girl name Haya.

Who are they? And how are they related to Aliyah.

Well even Aliyah don’t know why they appear on her dream almost every night ever since she is a teenager.

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