On the other hand, Aliyah is sleeping and having a bad dream again as usual.

Whenever she sleep she always have a bad dream.

Her dream is always about the little boy and the girl name Haya.

Who are they? And how are they related to Aliyah.

Well even Aliyah don’t know why they appear on her dream almost every night ever since she is a teenager.

BUT whenever they appear on Aliyah’s dream, Aliyah can barely recall what the dream all about.

This night, in Aliyah’s dream she is seeing these scenes:

HAYA have been running errands all day.

And it’s already evening but Haya is still doing many stuff.

She felt very tired but her Aunt Selma sent her on an errand to buy food at the market.

As usual Haya walked fast so that she can do the errand as quick as she could so that her Aunt don’t get angry.

Haya was on her way home when she saw a familiar face of a woman.

Haya saw Amila, their housemaid when she was with her grandparents.

Haya felt very happy when she saw Amila. She is close to Amila when she is a little girl.

The last time Haya saw Amila was when Amila attend on Haya’s grandparent’s burial to pay respect to her former employer. 

Before Haya grandparents died on a plane crash Amila stopped working as their housemaid and returned to her hometown for her mother is sick and no one will take care.

After Haya’s grandparents burial, Haya never saw Amila again.  

Amila was walking down the street heading to the market where Haya bought food.

 Haya approached her.

“Amila! I’m glad I see you again”, Haya exclaimed when she got near to Amila.

“Haya! Is that you?” Amila was so surprised when she saw Haya.

“What are you doing here in Zenica? I thought you go home at your hometown on Mostar when you stop working as our housemaid in Grandma’s house at Sarajevo.” Haya asked Amila.

“I’m here to find the father of my only son,” Amila answered.

Haya noticed that disappointment crossed Amila’s thin face.

“You have a son? So where is his father? He didn’t marry you? He leaves you when you are pregnant? Why?”  Haya asked too many question to Amila.

“No! I’m the one who leave for I don’t belong where he belong.

Alem the father of my son is rich and I’m just belong to a poor family. I met him in Sarajevo during your parents’ burial. We easily get acquainted to each other until we fall for each other and I got pregnant. For I am a coward I leave Alem and never returned to him.” Amila told her story with regrets.

“You leave? Then why are you looking for him now?” Haya asked. She is confused on what Amila said. 

“For I am sick and my condition is worse. And sooner or later I will die Haya. I have lung cancer. I want to give my son to Alem so that when I’m gone there is someone who will look after him.” Amila explained.

“So did you found Alem? Asked Haya.

“Yes, but it’s too late to give him my son for he died three years ago because of brain cancer.” Amila said in sad voice.

Amila is about to cry and Haya noticed it. Haya knew that Amila is worried about his son.

For Haya is a kindhearted girl she offered help to Amila.

“How can I help you Amila?

Without any hesitation Amila said what help she needs for she knew Haya could help her.

“Can you please take care of my son if I’m gone Haya?” asked Amila.

Amila took something from here sling bag. Here please take these picture of my son and some evidences that he is son of Alem. And here is the address where my son and I is residing at present. We shared a house to one of my friend near here.

Haya took what Amila handed to her.

“Okay I will visit your place if I have time.” Haya promised to Amila.

“Thanks Haya. I’m glad I see you here.

“Me too Amila. But I have to go home now for sure Aunt Selma is looking for me now.

“Take care Haya. I’ll wait for you to visit in my placed.” 

“Take care also, don’t worry I will take care of your son when you’re gone.” Haya said in soft voice holding back the tears in her eyes for she is sad because she knew sooner or later Amila will passed away.

They waved goodbye to each other.

Amila took a deep breathe when Haya walked away but she is happy for she knew Haya will do what she promised even though Haya is just an 11- year old girl. 

Time goes by without a trace.

 Haya didn’t knew that Amila was already dead.

 Amila’s son is nowhere to go and suffer from being cold and hungry out in the street for he was abandoned by Amila’s friends to whom they shared a house for rent. 

Amila’s friend considered that Amila’s son is just a burden and the child is good for nothing for the child is only 5 years old and cannot help them to earn a living.

So one night Amila’s friend sent Amila’s son out of their house even it’s a cold winter evening.

That night Amila’s son started wandering’ on the busy street of the city.

Haya got busy and she was not able to pay a visit to the house where Amila residing.

In addition to that Haya also have her own problem that’s why she almost forgot the condition of Amila.

Four months had passed and Haya still can’t visit Amila’s place for her Aunt Selma don’t allowed her.

 That four months Amila’s son suffered the hardship in life at his young age out in the street.

One day Haya decided to escape from her Aunt Selma to visit Amila’s place.

To her surprised when she reached Amila’s place, Amila was already dead. 

Haya don’t knew where to find the son of Amila.

He is not in that place now.

BUT Haya didn’t stop until she found the son of Amila on the nearby place.

The little boy is wandering out in the street, suffering from hunger and cold.

At first Haya buy him only some food and left him again on the street but with a promised that she will come back to see him again.

He found the son of Amila at one of the busy street of their city.

The boy was searching things from garbage.

 He found a thing, a plastic bag which contains food throw away by some children who passed by. 

He sits on the street and started eating the food he got from the trash can.

On the other side of the street, Haya was standing in front of a fast food building.

Haya was watching the little boy since 2 hours.

Haya came nearby him and sat beside him,

The son of Amila was nervous and feel shy.

” What do you want”?  He asked.

“Nothing” Haya replied. “Are you hungry?”  Haya asked by breaking heart.

“Yes!” the little boy answered with downcast eyes. He felt ashamed because she saw him eating food from the garbage.

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