A bit of music (Part 2)

If I remember correctly, the two women at the restaurant earlier talked about him! Whoa, it seems like he’s certainly popular nowadays, but I haven’t heard of him yet before. Or, I don’t have enough time these days to check out trendy people, music, and such. But I’m starting to get curious, though. From what I already read, he seemed to be a talented person.

I continued reading the replies.

‘Guys, you might as well check out his SoundCloud! He might upload spoilers there!

‘Yeah, do that! Evan Park likes to give spoilers whenever he releases a new album!

‘His voice is so heavenly! I could listen to him all day.

‘He mostly does R&B, but he can sing all genres! Pop and hip-hop? He can also do those!

‘Yeah, he likes to have karaoke sessions whenever he does a live broadcast on Instagram!

‘Don’t forget he also dances and raps!

‘Take note, he also produces music for the famous idols and groups nowadays!

“In a nutshell, he is a complete package!

Evan Park seems interesting.

Should I look for his SoundCloud then? I suddenly wanted to relax, so a bit of music could help me to relax my mind for a moment. Before I dwell into yet another bone, spine, mind-tingling, or whatever part of my entire body system that’s prone to getting weak every time I work on the manuscripts assigned to me, I need some music first. God, I even need to come to the Publishing House tomorrow. I mean, in a few hours.

“Listen to Evan Park’s music it is!

But I had no idea what Evan Park’s account was. Oh, wait. That’s right; I should read more replies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything, as no one had mentioned it yet.

However, I got a little impatient from too much scrolling on the reply section as every second passed, considering that I still had some work to finish, so I asked for it myself.

‘Hello. Can anyone share the link to his SoundCloud? Thank you.

After a few minutes, I received a notification.


‘It’s EvanPark85! Here’s the link!

A bit of hesitation came rushing into me, thinking if I should continue or not. I tapped my finger on my table while thinking, but I realized I was only wasting my precious time when I should just continue my work. But it was too late; I didn’t know I had already clicked the link the fans on Twitter gave.

A blue wave of the sea with a golden sun setting was on Evan Park’s profile banner, which fascinated me for a while. The scenery of his profile banner looked so pretty. He probably likes the sea. Additionally, written on his profile part is short information about him, such as music, dance, and art. Well, it seemed like the people on social media were correct. Evan Park’s into a lot of things.

I was in awe, so I went to the ‘Tracks’ corner and saw all of his songs categorized based on their genres. There were a lot of songs and covers. Unbeknownst to me at first, my eyes were already glimmering. I don’t know, but I was kind of excited to listen to his songs all of a sudden. So I started scrolling and chose the one titled ‘Sweet Dreams.

“That’s beautiful,” I uttered softly when the intro of the song came in.

It was only the song’s first verse, but I felt like I’ve listened to this a hundred times before. Of course, I’m not in the position to critique songs, but I must say that I liked it already. The tone of his voice was mesmerizing. How come I haven’t heard of him before? Maybe, I was just so busy at work to know about him.

Not to sound like an exaggeration, but when the chorus came, I felt like I was merrily floating in the cold air, the wind brushing against my skin. The song’s melody seemed to have changed from a mellow tone to a rock mellow. Songs like this are my go-to ones. I would listen to calm songs like this when I felt over drained already on reviewing and editing manuscripts. Such songs ease my mind as they make me focused and relaxed. Well, except when the lyrics are sorrowful. But sometimes, sorrowful songs help when specific parts of the manuscript are of tragedy as well.

Evan Park’s voice colour is truly unique, I must say. It was simply sweet but full of complex shades. I didn’t even realize that it had ended already.

“Oh, it has ended?! I liked it so much. Alright, what’s next on the list? Let’s see,” I whispered to myself and started browsing his tracks again.

A particular song title caught my attention for the second time. Diary.

The song started with moderately slow guitar chords for a few seconds, then came in his soft voice.

‘I was walking in a dark alley….

‘Horrific voices were whispering to me.

‘Is this even me?

‘I can’t breathe properly.

Why is this song so beautifully sad? He sings every line with conviction and feeling. The lyrics were so relatable too. I felt like the lyrics somewhat refer to people having trouble with themselves. It’s like being in a phase of trying to discover your true self when you’re trapped in unending obstacles and that there’s no way out unless you’ll believe in yourself.

When the chorus came in, it became even sadder to listen to it.

‘How shall I live?

‘How shall I survive?

‘I feel like I’m not myself.

‘I don’t belong in this world.

Listening to the song felt like listening to a diary being read aloud by a person. Then, suddenly, it hit me. Was this his diary? Did this happen to him in real life? Oh, I’m just overthinking.

The song ended in three minutes.

“One more! Promise I’ll resume the manuscript!” I hissed to myself and continued choosing the next song that I would listen to next.

“You don’t miss me,” I read the title.

It sounded sad, but I continued.

I positioned myself on the sofa and placed my phone on the table, with the song on a high volume. It’s freezing now, and I felt peaceful listening to Evan Park’s music.

My eyes were closing.


My body hit the floor.

“Ugh, my arm! Did I sleep—Oh, my gosh! I slept?! I slept! Why did I sleep? Wait, what time is it?” I was whimpering, nearly on the verge of tears.

I checked my phone. 12:00 a.m.

Darn it! I slept so peacefully. I slept for 2 hours straight.

I shouldn’t have listened to Evan Park. If only I didn’t, I could have done three pages already. What was I thinking? Right, relaxation.

Ugh, relaxation my feet. Now I’m about to feel all stressed out.

I quickly opened the manuscript and went to the page I left last night. Ms. Rose gave me only seven weeks to finish the manuscript because the writer wanted to rush it, and now I’m on the last few pages. This manuscript is long, about 400 pages. So even though I work 8 hours six days a week, it’s still isn’t enough, as there are other works to do when I’m at the publishing house. That’s why I always take my separate office laptop with me at home.

When I checked my phone, it was already 2:00 am, and I had finished seven pages already. I need to be at the publishing house at 9:00 am later, so I already decided to get ready to bed. I closed my laptop, put my phone inside my pocket, and drank warm water before going to my bedroom.

“Yahoo! Time to sleep!” I screamed when I finally felt the softness of my bed against my back.

Now, this is what you call a moment of relaxation.

I closed my eyes and started to get sleepy.

But then—


Whatever is that loud, distracting sound!

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