The Art of Falling in Love with a Star

Not a fine day (Part 1)

Although irritated on being half-awake, I still managed to hear how my phone kept on ringing as if the call itself was the thing that served as my alarm clock.

“Dear, phone. Stop it! What are you, a rooster?” I groaned.

I let it ring for a few more seconds, not even caring if the call was essential or not.

With my eyes barely open, I scratched my head with annoyance as I tried to double-click the side button of my phone to decline the call totally. It was just a simple matter of double-clicking the button, but my weak morning thumb finger felt numb as I tried to locate the specific button. I couldn’t see it clearly, but I relied on my sense of touch, which wasn’t helpful at all, unfortunately.

“Don’t call me on my day off!” I whimpered. “Oh, got you!” I exclaimed when I succeeded in clicking the button.

People should consider that the person they’re calling cannot always answer their calls right away. Some receivers would just stare at the call to stall time, listen to the ringtone they used, or they’re just feeling lazy on their day-offs even to answer a call—like me. I went back to burying my face on the top of my low wooden table, with my forehead resting on my right arm.

Everything felt peaceful for me as the winter season was approaching; the peaceful quietness, the breezy air coming inside through my double-hung window—which I intentionally left opened last night—and the sound of the birds chirping. Do mornings usually have this kind of ambiance? Or am I just too busy to even notice these little things?

I was about to fall asleep again when my phone rang once more suddenly.

“Stop calling me,” I groaned again, not even bothering to check the caller’s name.

Can this person stop calling or something? Feeling more irritated than I was earlier, I checked the caller’s name this time. My best friend’s name—Kayla— appeared on the screen.

“Ha-ha, it’s Kayla.” I faked a laugh, realizing how much frustration I had earlier.

I put her in a loudspeaker mode and rested my head again on the table.

The line was silent; a wave of weird, airy noises were the only ones I could hear.

“Hello? Kayla, are you there?” I asked with a raspy voice.

A few seconds later, Kayla’s loud voice immediately greeted me without even warning. God, Kayla’s voice is something.

“Misty!” she exclaimed. “What were you doing? Why weren’t you answering my calls? Is everything alright? Don’t tell me you went out partying last night!” she recited continuously, not even giving me the time to answer.

“Uh, good morning?” I couldn’t think of what to say to her.

“Seems like a perfect morning for someone who’s probably still tucked in her bed because she forgot our supposed-to-be early morning schedule today,” Kayla ranted.

“Kayla, what are you talking about? Please enlighten me.

“Really, Misty? You might as well check your calendar. You never forget important schedules!

I had no idea of what Kayla was talking about. Nothing was written on my calendar, not even going to the grocery store or to the public library. There was nothing to be done today except to rest and have a movie marathon as far as I could remember. Like, a real day-off.

“Kayla, could you please speak softly? It’s so early for your loud speeches,” I responded with a yawn.

“What do you mean so early? And, for real? You actually forgot?

“Whatever it is, I think?

“Misty Brooke, get up! It’s 10 a.m.” Kayla answered.

“What?” I was still puzzled.

“Uhm, recipe tasting at my cafe?

When she mentioned that, I felt like a bunch of rocks—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks of all sorts—were intensely thrown at me, abundant enough to make sure I would wake up from my sleepiness and confusion. I screamed and immediately and quickly ran to my bathroom, remembering what Kayla and I had talked about.

“Jeez. Kayla, I’m sorry. I forgot to set my alarm last night. I fell asleep in my living room again,” I said while looking for my toothbrush.

The thing was, I was supposed to meet Kayla an hour ago at her cafe, which is located three buildings away from my condominium unit. It’s not that far from my place, and I think Kayla chose the best location. Well, that’s for my case since I often go there for the walnut pie and lemon tea or, sometimes, medium-sized iced americano—my favorite ones at her cafe. When you’re a developmental editor of a publishing house, you need to have sufficient energy in your body. With that being said, you should allow yourself to eat delicious foods sometimes. And don’t forget to be caffeinated sometimes too.

Kayla requested me to come over and help taste her new food and beverage recipes that she was experimenting with these days. It’s Sunday, so I don’t mind helping her. The problem was I slept late last night because I was working on a lengthy manuscript, and so I forgot about setting the alarm. My dedication to finish the manuscript that I was working on the previous night was on fire.

I heard Kayla laugh on the other line. “You don’t need to rush! I’m only halfway to finishing the recipes. You see, there were lots of customers here earlier. They seemed to be some fangirls or something. I heard they saw some idol groups going this way. Ugh, this tastes so sour,” she exclaimed in the other line. “Anyway, please grab lunch on the way! You’ll be walking, right?” Kayla queried.

Thank God Kayla is so nice.

“Yes, of course! Sure, what do you want?” I asked while brushing my hair. “Send me a message. I’m going to take a bath now,” I told her and put my phone on the vanity.

“Kimchi jjigae at Ahjumma’s Plate! You’ll see it on the way,” Kayla exclaimed happily, and then, there was a beep sound. She ended the call, so I went inside the bathtub.

It’s misty and cozy outside, so I prepared a tepid bubble bath with a lavender scent. I didn’t plan on washing my hair, so I just soaked in the bathtub for about ten minutes, scrubbed my body, cleaned, and rushed to my room. Considering how it’s just another ordinary day, I decided to wear a long-sleeve, white shirt with a bit of print and straight boyfriend denim jeans. I just put on a little aloe vera-scented sunscreen on my face and an orange lip tint, as I don’t wear makeup on my day off. I finished my look by making my hair into a simple ponytail. I then put my eyeglasses back and wore my white Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

“Now, this feels comfortable!” I exclaimed while stomping my feet as I felt my sneakers’ soft cushion inside them.

I heard a Kakao Talk message notification sound as I put my sling bag on me. It was Kayla. She just sent the list of the foods she wants.

“Ice Cream on this cold air? Doesn’t she have this at her cafe?” I hissed to myself.

I locked my door and put the key inside my bag. When I turned around after closing my door, my eyes immediately caught the attention of a black floor mat placed in front of Unit 805.

“Well, that’s new. Is there a new owner of this unit?

Being the curious person I am, I stepped on the floor mat and leaned my ear on the door. Oh, I think there’s no inside at the moment, though!

“Whatever! I’m going to be late just even more,” I exclaimed and rushed to the elevator.


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