It’s a little misty outside (Part 1)

As irritated as I was because of the man I interacted with earlier, it still didn’t hinder me from being excited about helping Kayla out.

Usually, I would have smacked the person getting the nerve out of me in that kind of the same situation, especially if I didn’t do anything weird or if that person offended me. There was something about that man. Maybe it was his towering height that took me taken aback. Or perhaps, his eyes. Contemplating about a man, a stranger that I got into a petty discussion with, was something that didn’t need a further argument. Still, my puzzling mind couldn’t stop thinking how awkward the situation was between the two of us. And how silly of me to joke about him flirting when he wasn’t. God, I was pretty stunned. I better not see that man again.

When I entered Kayla’s cafe, there were only a few customers—almost countable—and yet, the ambience the cafe was giving off was so serene enough to calm me down. I could already smell the freshly-baked pastries Kayla made. Oh, delicious scent!

I walked towards the counter and saw Lily—one of Kayla’s staff—who immediately greeted me with her cheery smile.

“You better play some jazz music, Lily. The weather would agree with me,” I chimed in and clapped hands with her.

Lily laughed. She’s younger than Kayla and me, but she’s like one of my friends here, aside from Kayla. Lily works part-time here while taking up a Literature degree in university. I often help and advise her with her papers, especially if she’s having difficulty understanding them. I can’t say I have the best proficiency in Literature, even though I am a developmental editor, but I’m pretty good at it.

“You got it, Ms. Misty!” Lily happily responded and changed the music into a mellow winter song. I liked it.

“Now that’s better!

“Do you have anything to order, Ms. Misty? I should probably take it now before I leave for my next class,” Lily asked and started wiping her hands with a clean cloth.

“No worries. You better run now!

“Thank you. And, oh, the result of the reflection paper you helped me with last time was amazing! My professor loved it!” Lily exclaimed and clapped her hands.

“That’s good to know.” I smiled at her. “Now, off you go. I’ll tell Kayla.

“Have a nice day, Ms. Misty!

When Lily opened the glass door, I noticed a minor situation happening outside. Many girls were running and screaming excitedly, with their massive cameras of different brands hanging on their shoulders. Just how big those cameras were? Like, how are they able to carry such big cameras? In addition, I couldn’t properly hear what the commotion was all about, so I just ignored it and went to the kitchen to find Kayla.

“Misty!” Kayla shouted the moment she saw me.

I observed her kitchen and saw her baking stuff spread all over—various pans laid on the table; fresh berries, like raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry; the perfect rolled dough resting, measurement caps, and a lot more.

“What took you so long? I’m famished,” she groaned and eyed the plastic bags I was carrying, implying that I should start setting the foods.

“Nothing. Just got into a petty argument with a strange man from Ahjumma’s Plate.

“A man?” Kayla instantly stopped the thing she was doing and faced me. “How was he? Was he handsome? Tall?

“Did you really have to ask that?

“Yes, so you could start dating already. You know, I’m tired of being your cupid! You’re always neglecting the dates I’m setting up for you!” she groaned.

“Nobody asked you to do that,” I chuckled. “Anyway, look at the mess that we have here. How’s everything going so far? What was that bad thing you were talking about on the phone earlier?” I changed the topic, so Kayla would stop her dating arguments with me.

“Ah, this blueberry pie! I don’t have berry pies on my menu yet, so I thought of blueberries. But then, strawberries taste better for me. I mean, strawberry-flavoured smoothies are so good! So, strawberry pies would taste great too! And I think blackberries and raspberries taste amazing too. I don’t know what to choose now,” Kayla clarified while stirring her mixture inside a stainless bowl which made me lost for a while. She was panicking.

“Kayla, calm down. What if you make them all and just try whether or not your customers would love them? I mean, you’re thinking of expanding. But for me, you don’t even need to test them out, anyway. Your pastries are tasty and people love them. So might as well put all these kinds of berry pies on your menu? What do you think?

“Well, that sounds like a more concrete plan than just having one additional pie.

“Yup, definitely! If they make a great sale, then don’t remove them.

“Alright! Your idea better work or I might set you up with another date!” Kayla yelled at me before cutting the pie she had already made. She then shoved a bit of it into my mouth.

“Oh, my gosh, Kayla!” Your blueberry pie tastes so good!” I mumbled in excitement while munching the soft but crunchy crust of the pie. “I’m bad at differentiating berries, so what’s this one?” I asked Kayla when I tasted the combination of sourness and sweetness of her pie. But even so, it tasted so good.

“That one is blueberry! Is it really good? I remember when I tried making this before, it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be, but I guess, my baking skill improved!” Kayla exclaimed with a smile on her face.

Kayla looked happy. Ever since middle school, she dreamed of becoming a successful baker. She was the president of the school’s baking club, and their pastries were always so popular among kids and even teachers. Kayla would bake her signature citrus tart during school fairs, which was my favourite back then.

“It’s absolutely delicious, Kayla,” I giggled with excitement.

“So, what do you think? Should I add this to the menu, then?” Kayla asked.

“Yup, definitely!” I said and took another slice from the pan. “I never liked berries before, but you made this so tasty! I feel like, you just made me a blueberry fan.

“You are so dramatic, Misty! It’s just a simple pie!

Kayla shouted and softly slapped my arm. She likes being complimented.

I sat on the stool chair placed beside the table and watched Kayla’s every move as she started cleaning the mess she created on the table. Thirty minutes had passed before we finished tasting all of the recipes Kayla did, with chit-chats in between. Kayla did not disappoint me, though. I’m not a professional baker like her, but I trusted my taste buds, especially for sweetness, so I was confident about it. I informed Kayla that she should add all these new recipes she made to the menu.

We both were so full that we almost forgot the foods I ordered from Ahjumma’s Plate. But then, we thought it would be a waste if we wouldn’t eat the foods now.

“How’s everything going with the intriguing manuscript you were talking about last time? Did your senior developmental editor approve or accept your suggestions?” Kayla asked and clasped her arms with mine, suggesting that we go outside the kitchen.

“Well, no. Ms. Rose told me that I should just focus on the manuscript that was assigned to me,” I scowled with frustration. “Do you know what she told me?

“Don’t be such a nuisance, Ms. Brooke?” Kayla reckoned but sounded like a question.

“Very funny, Kayla,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes at her. “But you were close!

“So what did she say this time, then?

“She plainly told me, ‘Ms. Brooke, do me a favor and just focus on the manuscript assigned to you, would you, please? Or else, you would cause trouble because that is not the type you usually work with. I mean, you’re more on sad endings,’ I exclaimed with my hands on my waist, imitating Ms. Rose’s high-pitched voice.

“Well, she’s right,” Kayla said.


“Forget her for a while! Let’s go outside and eat,” Kayla ranted and took the paper bags.

Maybe, I’m still hungry, after all.


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