It’s a little misty outside (Part 2)

We went outside the kitchen and sat near the window for a good view. The mist on the outside glass seemed to be getting thicker, but it amazed me how pretty it still looked. Inside the cafe, pieces of jazz music were still playing—the playlist Lily chose. There were busy customers, but the surroundings remained peaceful. I quickly arranged the food I ordered on the table.

“I understand, Ms. Rose, but I kind of did not particularly agree with the storyline. I mean, why would a wise lady easily give up her relationship with the man she loves, when she could’ve stayed and supported him in the process. Like, if you truly loved a person, you’re also willing to take risks, while making sure both of you grow. I mean, in a relationship, both parties must support each other, right? There must be a genuine reassurance between the partners,” I growled, stabbing the mandu with the chopsticks.

“Girl, calm down. It’s just fiction,” Kayla responded. “And you sounded like you’ve gone through that when you never had a relationship before. Makes me laugh,” she chuckled.

“Ha-ha.” I faked a laugh. “Nevermind. Can I get a hot chocolate? I’ll pay! I feel like my stomach is so cold,” I uttered, still a little frustrated.

“Yeah, sure. Just tell Dean. He’s the one on shift right now,” she said.

I stood up and walked towards the counter while checking my wallet for my card. I couldn’t find it. Where did I even place it?

“Dear card, where are—Ah!

Someone so strong directly bumped into me, so strong that I almost lost my momentum. I didn’t even realize that we had fallen on the floor; that person was slightly on top of me. I felt that some of his iced coffee had spilled on me, too. Ouch, my elbow hurt so much. Not to mention how sticky the drink was.

“Dang it! My eyeglasses!” I shouted, which made the person stand up.

I couldn’t see the person correctly, but I started looking for my eyeglasses.

“I’m sorry, Miss.

Wait, I know that voice.

There was a touch on my right hand, and with that, I felt my eyeglasses on my open palm. When I wore my eyeglasses back, I saw a man wearing all black from head to toe, kneeling in front of me, a man who seemed kind of familiar because of the scent his perfume was giving off.

Oh, my eyesight must be joking with me right now.

Out of all places…



“You again?!” I raged, realizing that he was the same rude, slash helpful man from Ahjumma’s Plate.

Why did fate let us meet again?

“Well met, Miss Forehead,” he taunted with a whoop of a chuckle.

“Hey, Mister! You really are flirting with me, aren’t you?

We both stood up.

“What? Why would I do that? Give me a reason,” he uttered, looking straight into me.

“You said I was pretty. That’s a start for everything!” I joked.

I noticed the corner of his lips go up like he was refraining from smiling.

“Nonsense. Here.” He took out a small blue cloth and was about to wipe my wet shirt when he realized that it wasn’t the best thing to do. He immediately just gave the fabric to me, bowed his head for an apology, and scratched his nape.

Oh, he looked shy.

“It’s alright. I’m fine,” I assured the man and started wiping my wet and sticky arms. “Oh, no. I’ve got no extra shirt with me,” I said with worry in the tone of my voice, just as Kayla approached us.

“Misty, what happened? Who is he?” Kayla asked and elbowed me while looking at the tall man standing before us.

“It was me. I was rushing and didn’t see anyone walking towards the counter. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it,” the man explained as he was getting arrested. I couldn’t see his face because he was still wearing a face mask, but I could feel that he was getting nervous.

“It’s really alright, but I kind of need to get a clean shirt. Do you have an extra shirt?” I directed to Kayla, but she just smiled creepily. I gave her a frown as a sign that I immediately understood her. Kayla had no extra shirt.

“Uhm, here. Take this,” the man said while checking for something in his backpack. “I have a clean t-shirt here, but it’s huge on you, for sure.” He offered.

Kayla and I exchanged a few glances at each other before I took the t-shirt.

“Thank you. I will wash it later and give it back to you,” I said.

“No, keep it. It was my mistake,” the man reckoned.

“You also don’t know how to return it to him, anyway,” Kayla said with a bit of laughter on her face. I know that giggle.

I elbowed her. “Thank you,” I said sincerely to the man and smiled at him.

“I gotta go now. I’m sorry again,” the man uttered and turned his back on us.

“Wait! Don’t you wanna replace your drink?” Kayla asked him.

“Ah, yes, please,” he answered back.

He and Kayla walked together towards the counter while I was following them. I looked at the man with great curiosity, realizing the sudden change of attitude compared to earlier. His broad shoulders immediately caught my attention. It seemed so wide; it must be about 54 cm or so. Anyhow, he looked attractive with the simple clothes he was wearing.

“So, you’re just gonna stare at him?

“Jesus, Kayla!” I yelled when Kayla’s face suddenly appeared in front of mine.

She snapped her fingers at me.

“The man will melt, Misty! Go change your clothes,” she ordered.

When I arrived at the bathroom, I fixed my messy hair first and removed my shirt, opened the faucet, and carefully splashed my arms and chest with water. There was no available towel inside, so I took some tissue paper and patted and dried myself before putting on the man’s oversize t-shirt.

Wow, it’s enormous. I think that man is around 183-185 cm from what I observed. His t-shirt looked knee-length on me, so I tied the corner of it at about my hip level.

“I should go back outside,” I said to myself while picking up my stained shirt.

Kayla and I haven’t eaten lunch yet since I arrived at her cafe 30 minutes ago.

When I opened the bathroom door, the man was still outside, which shocked me.

“Hi,” he suddenly greeted me, which shocked me for a few seconds.

“Oh, it’s still you. So you haven’t left yet,” I awkwardly denoted.

Well, he stayed. What is he still doing here?

“Here.” He was taking out another shirt. “Take this. It’s a cardigan,” he said with an eye smile. He was still wearing a face mask, but his eyes’ shape was like the crescent moon.

I was a little confused. “For what?” You already lent me your t-shirt. I’m good now,” I assured him and intended to walk back to our table, but he slightly grabbed my wrist and put his beige-colored cardigan in my hands.

“And I’m sorry if I was rude earlier at the restaurant,” he said ‘rude’ with a bit of emphasis, purposely trying to tease me about the minor incident we had. “I was in a bad mood.

“Uhm, okay? So? Why are you even telling me the state of your mood?

“Nothing. Should we just flirt, then?” the man giggled.

I felt like my heart was jumping.

Not that again.

I was frozen for a few seconds.

“See you around, Miss Forehead,” he uttered and made his way to the door.


“Wear the cardigan.

“Why? It’s not that cold.

“It’s a little cold and misty outside,” he stated sincerely with a soft voice.

There was a strange pinch on my heart for about a second.

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