A Bloody Encounter

Later that night, as John was studying the photos taken by Annika, he noticed something unusual... there were several sets of foot prints on the trail. This is the reason why the computer had a difficult time comparing it to the database.

John isolated each of the foot imprints in separate images and ran the photos on the database again…

“Beep… beep… beep!” the computer has found a match. One of the prints belongs to a werewolf. John has confirmed the existence of a werewolf! The question is, where are they hiding.

“Annika! Annika! Come here!” shouted John in an eager tone.

“The computer has found a match on the database! It’s a perfect match.

Annika quickly ran to him and looked at the printed document. She took the time analyzing it. There hunch has been validated. They’re on the right track of proving that werewolves do exist. They have seen them. All they need is to catch one to serve as evidence.

“Let’s catch some sleep. We need all the energy we can get for the hunt.” John suggested.

“We need to get up early in the morning so we can go deeper into the werewolf territory without any of them noticing us.

Early the next morning, as they were preparing their equipment, John noticed something different…

One of the tents is missing! The tent of Gio! It seems Gio has left while they were sleeping.

“Gio! Gio!” John hollered, but Gio was nowhere to be found. He is gone! He is definitely gone!

As he went through the site where Gio’s tent used to stand, he noticed a small piece of paper pegged on the ground. At first glance, John thought it was just litter. Then out of curiosity he bent and picked it up. As he held the paper in his hand, he slowly unfolded it and read what was written on it…

“Sir, I have left because I am afraid of the things that will happen next as we get deeper into werewolf territory. I value my life more than the money you will pay me. Good luck and hope you succeed in your mission.

“Annika, Gio has definitely left us!” John uttered

Saddened by the news Annika sat under a nearby tree and began to wonder if what they’re doing is really worth it. After all they could lose their lives in the process of hunting for a werewolf.

“John, I am afraid. Are we doing the right thing?” she inquired

“Yes we are. Sometimes we must make sacrifices in order for others to live. If we do not catch one then we won’t be able to prove we are right and we might not get a chance to extract a serum that could help in curing the werewolf victims,” John replied

They trekked the narrow mountain path for hours leading deep into the ruins. It is huge. Its vastness can serve as an ideal hiding place for creatures like the werewolf.

John explored every corner of the old amphitheater, gathering clues along the way.

Annika, with camera on hand, was busy taking photos of the evidences she was able to find.

At the end of the day, the two compared notes.

“On the north side, I found a cluster of werewolf prints. From the looks of it, the werewolf seems to be struggling to walk.” John said

“I also saw foot prints by the east side. The impressions could have been made by a huge werewolf,” added Annika.

As the day swiftly turned into night, a red moon was seen rising majestically from the east. Annika and John were seated by the fire having a conversation.

“I am going deep into the ruins tonight,” John said. ”The moon is full and this may be the best time to catch a werewolf.

“I shall go with you. You can’t do this on your own,” Annika replied.

“Stay here. If it attacks me, I do not want you to get hurt too.

“But you might not handle it on your own. You need all the help that you can get.

“Annika, I’d rather die than let you suffer.

Annika was touched by what John said. She never expected John to be so caring and thoughtful about her well-being. This is the type of man she would love to be with for the rest of her life. When they first met, she thought John was the rebellious and selfish type, always putting his own welfare above those of others. But based on what she heard tonight, John has started to change.

John gathered his hunting gear and placed them all in his backpack.

“Be careful John,” Annika remarked as John was about to leave.

“Aaawwwooohhh… aaawwwooohhh… aaawwwooohhh!” The sound of a hungry werewolf echoed through the night.

Atop the ruins, by the light of the red moon, the silhouette of a werewolf appeared, majestically flexing its muscles.

John got excited by the sighting. He quickly moved in the direction of the werewolf and the hunt began…

He was only about a meter away when…

“Aaawwwooohhh… aaawwwooohhh… aaawwwooohhh!” another werewolf cry reverberated in the cool night breeze. John was surprised.

There were two of them! It seems there is a werewolf battle about to commence. A battle for territorial supremacy!

Annika noticed this from afar. Sensing danger, she got her things and followed John. She knows that John can’t possibly handle the two of them. He might get killed.

Annika walked slowly and gradually disappeared into the darkness of the night as she followed John.

Meanwhile, the two werewolves came down from the top of the ruins. Each one waiting for the chance to claim their victim for the night… Hungry for flesh! Hungry for blood!

Unknowingly, John was walking into a trap. As he trekked the passageway, one of the werewolves was making its way in the same direction. It positioned itself behind the bricked wall, waiting for its unwilling victim.

The werewolf sniffed the air. Its ears stood up. It can sense the smell of human blood coming… The humongous beast concealed itself in the pitch black darkness, its claws ready to pounce on John.

As John turned the corner… something hard hit him from behind. Dizzy from the blow, he fell on the ground disoriented. The werewolf jumped on him. Its huge arms pinning him down tightly so he can’t manage to move and set himself free…

He tried to wiggle himself from the tight grasp of the beast, but to no avail. His struggle was useless because the monster is huge… If he won’t be able to escape, death will be upon him in a matter of seconds. Then with his last ounce of strength, he kicked the werewolf in the groin repeatedly. As the monster loosened its grip wincing in pain, John seized the moment and wiggled himself free!

The pain inflicted by John made the monster think. It stared at John for a while and with a sudden burst of speed, sprinted to hide once again into the darkness…

In the opposite side of the amphitheater, the other werewolf intently watched the struggle between John and the gray werewolf. Alarmed by what happened, it too ran into the cover of the night…

John even though scratched and bloodied by the encounter, still decided to follow the fleeing werewolf. He knew that this beast will lead him to their camp and bring him closer to capturing one.

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