Quest for Bendoh

"Among the people in medieval Europe, the Ardenians have a culture that revolves around mythical creatures. They believed that these creatures evolved from humans and possess human characteristics."

"Just another boring lecture," Annika commented, raising his right eye brow in discontent. “I have already read this before.

"I don't think so," replied John. "It sounds interesting."

"Mr. John Andersen is there a problem?" the professor asked after noticing the discussion between the two.

"Nothing important, sir," John answered.

"Really-? John, there is nothing important? Do you mean to say my subject is not significant for you!"

"No sir! I was just commenting about our discussion a while ago."

"We'll see who's not important…"

Professor Vladimir Azhcov is a scientist who specializes in the study of mythical beings such as werewolves. In fact, he has written a book about it already. Just like John and Annika, he is obsessed with these beasts.

"Sorry sir… didn't mean to offend you, “John apologized.

Dr. Vladimir stared at John and said," Alright John, can you please tell your classmates why do Ardenians have such a belief? "

John was surprised for a moment but soon gathered his wits. He stood up and sauntered towards the front of the classroom.

"TheArdenians are a race who is proud of being descendants of werewolves and other creatures. Their ancestors were thought to have come from a land known as Ulkrania. Ulkrania was then the seat of a kingdom whose ruler is a half man and a half wolf."

"Legend has it that Bendoh, the werewolf ruler was a vindictive leader. He killed anyone who did not follow his rules."

"When the Ardenians could no longer stand the tyrannical rule of Bendoh, they hatched a plan to overthrow him. Led by Celesto, they were successful and thus Bendoh was exiled and imprisoned in the dungeons of an unknown Castle."

All his classmates were in awe. They were all amazed by how much knowledge John knew about the Ardenians. Even Dr. Vladimir was speechless.

The class stood up and applauded, including Dr. Vladimir.

John sat down on his seat not knowing what to feel. Annika looked at her and whispered, "That was great… I never knew you know a lot about werewolves." He stared back at her and gave a smile.

Dr. Vladimir continued his lecture on the Ardenians. He even showed some pictures that he said were evidence about the existence of Bendoh the werewolf ruler.

" Rrrriiinnnggg… rrriiinnnggg!" The bell announced that class is over.

"Going home?" Annika asked John.

"Yeah! I need to go to the library for some research. “John muttered.

"Do that later. It's still early. Let's go grab a bite. I'm hungry. My treat…" Annika remarked

John just nodded in approval.

"Wait a minute John and Annika!" shouted Dr. Vladimir. "Don't go anywhere just yet. I need to show you something."

He motioned the two to follow him to his office.

Dr. Vladimir’s office is located near the Archaeological Museum of the university. As you enter the door, you can immediately smell the formaldehyde used in preserving the remains of the dead animals displayed there.

John opened the door gingerly and Annika followed suit. The professor signalled for the two to take their seat.

“I was amazed at how much you know about werewolves John,” the professor said.

“How did you gain such knowledge about this mysterious creature?” he continued.

John took a deep breath and started answering the doctor’s question.

“When I was young I gained interest in these creatures. At first, my parents, especially mom, did not approved. She said it was dangerous and might cause me my life one day.

In spite of this sir, I still continued and pursued my passion.

Dr.Vladimir nodded his head.

John continued his explanation, “In high school, I bought many books about werewolves and that was how I discovered the existence of a kingdom known as Ulkrania and its leader King Bendoh.

“How about you Annika? What made you interested in werewolves? The professor queried.

Annika looked at the professor as she narrated her own story. “My interest in werewolves started because I was intrigued by a dream - It was a nice night to play outside, there were lots of stars in the sky and the moon was full, its light shining brightly on the grassy meadow beside our house, making a bright patch of white light on the ground. My playmates, who were also our neighbors, and I were playing touch and go when we heard a strange noise from the nearby thicket. At first, we just let it go not even giving it our full attention. It was when one of my friends ran towards the direction of the thicket did we see a pair of red bloody eyes hungrily staring at us. My friend shouted and started crying when she was grabbed by the beast. It was a big ugly one with sharp fangs!

I know dream is not true, but it is that real and keeps lingering in my mind for years. I want to find out why.

“Now I know the reason why you two are so passionate about this creature. Well, I have got some good news for you, that is if you are interested,” the professor narrated.

“What’s it about sir? We’re all ears,” answered John and Annika.

“I’m currently forming a team who would go with me to a university in Europe. They have invited me to conduct my research there and they allowed me to tag along a team of students who are willing to assist me. I have only two remaining slots remaining, are you both interested to join my team?” he asked them.

John and Annika thought for a while, and nodded their heads in approval.

“Well then, prepare your documents. We will be leaving three days from today. Make sure to have your clearance sign by the dean so you would be excuse from your classes. We will be in Europe for a month.

Elated by what they heard, John and Annika stood up and shook the hands of the professor. Then they bid him goodbye so they can start preparing for their journey to Europe.

Although John have learned so much about werewolves and Annika has encountered one, so it seems, the two are still thirsty to prove their existence.

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