At the dining hall later that night, John and Annika excitedly recounted what they found out from the villagers. Once again, the rest of the team showed skepticism about what they reported and were disinterested.

Angered by their reaction, John stood up and remarked, “If you’re not interested in our information then Annika and I will just pursue it on our own. Just don’t try to stop us. All we ask is for you to let us be.

The professor talked to both of them after the incident.

“John, your reaction at the dining hall was uncalled for. It definitely arouses suspicion amongst your team mates as to the true mission of our stay here.

“I am sorry sir. I got carried away by my rage.

“Okay then. Do not do it again.

John nodded his head in approval. Then he bade the professor goodbye.

Inside their room, Annika and John planned their next move.

“Tomorrow, we will leave early and go back to the village of the Hekkenah people. I have a strong intuition that the villagers there know about Bendoh and where he was imprisoned. This discovery would help us a lot in our quest to prove the existence of werewolves.

The two set out early the next morning back to the village. John wrote a letter to the professor to notify him of their whereabouts.

John and Annika hired a taxi to take them to the foot of the mountain since they can't use the shuttle van of the university.

"Take us to the foot of the mountain, near the village of the Hekkenah people," John told the driver. The driver obliged and they were on their way.

It took half an hour before they reached their destination. John went down from the taxi and unloaded all their stuff while Annika paid the driver.

Both trekked back to the village and quickly searched for the elder who told them where to find the werewolves yesterday. They saw him by his hut sitting on the porch sipping a cup of hot concoction.

"Good morning old man," John said.

The elder acknowledge his greeting with a smile.

"Can you take us to the cluster caves you were talking about yesterday?"

The elder suddenly stared at John with fear in his eyes. "No... No... I can't! They might kill me!"

He was trembling as he said this.

"You said you would help us?"

"That was last time. Last night, I realized that it is dangerous for me to go there with you. The werewolves are monsters. They do not have a sense of compassion. They just murder people for blood."

Sensing that he can't win, John asked, "Do you know somebody else who can take us there?"

The old man thought for a while then muttered, "Gio, he is a brave warrior and he knows his way among the woods, he can take you there."

"Where can we find this Gio?"

"He lives near the river. You can get there by passing through that narrow passage."

Not wasting any time, John and Annika bade the elder goodbye and went on their way to meet with Gio...

As the two were almost upon the river, they heard the splashing of the water. John followed the sound until he found Gio.

"Who are you?" Gio asked John, pointing a spear at him.

"I am John and this is Annika. We are American students who are searching for werewolves. The elder told us you can accompany us to the cluster of caves on the mountain."

Hearing this, Gio brought his spear down and started talking...

"Why do you want to go there? Didn't you know that werewolves are treacherous beasts."

"We are aware of the danger that this mission of ours has, but we really need to see these monsters to prove that they exist."

"How much are you gonna pay me?"

"We will pay whatever it takes for you to assist us in our mission. Money is not a problem. Right now what is important is for us to fulfil our quest."

Gio pondered for a moment then replied," Alright I'll take you there. However, I have only one rule if you want to survive."

"What's the rule?" John answered.

"My rule is the only rule. Break it and you take the risk of dying."

John and Annika moved their heads up and down to show approval.

"Come! Join me first and let's eat breakfast. We need all the energy to reach our destination."

The two followed Gio like two little children. The food was delicious. The fish was tasty and mouth-watering.

Moments later, John, Annika and Gio started their journey towards the cluster of hills.

The way to the werewolf territory was treacherous. They had to pass by a narrow mountain trail and wade across a small lake.

Finally the three got to their destination.

"Aaawwwooohhh... aaawwwooohhh... aaawwwooohhh!" The cries of death can be heard from afar.

Gio gradually crept atop a huge boulder and peek through a small opening on the side of the boulder. He was startled by what he witnessed. A young lady was tied on a pole with several werewolves dancing around her and howling.

He knew right then and there what is about to happen. The young lady will be the werewolves sacrifice to their leader.

Legend has it that the werewolves make a sacrifice to their leader on the first moon each month to appease him. They say that if their leader is angered, he can easily kill them all.

Gio motioned John and Annika to duck behind the boulders. Then he went near them and told them what he just saw.

"We have to save her," Annika begged Gio.

"There's too many of them. We cannot just walk in there and expect to kill of them." Gio replied.

"But if we don't act now, it might be too late for the young lady."

"I know that! That's why I am thinking of a good plan."

"Let's create some distraction. Once they move away from the young lady, it would be easier for us to rescue her." John suggested.

"I will be the bait. I will holler from that hill. Then when I get them to chase after me, the two you go down to the bottom of the hill and rescue her."

Annika didn't wanna agree at first, but John is already dead set on his plan. Right now what matters is for the young lady to live. Their mission can wait.

John went up the boulder and started shouting wildly until the werewolves noticed him. As soon as the beasts started climbing up the hill, he ran as fast as he could towards the woods. His plan was to run in circles to give ample time for Annika and Gio to rescue the girl.

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