An Unexpected Discovery

The team boarded the plane to Europe at 1900 GMT. There are 9 of them, eight students and their leader and professor Dr. Vladimir. At around, 2000 GMT, their flight left the Los Angeles Airport.

“What are you watching John?,” queried Greg.

“Werewolves… a documentary on werewolves,” he replied.

Greg shrugged his shoulders. “Do you really believe those creatures exist?” he commented.

John stared at Greg with sharp eyes. He didn’t appreciate what the latter said.

He was about to stand up and confront his classmate, when he felt a hand pull his shoulder back. It was Annika. She had just come out from the comfort room when she heard the two arguing.

“Don’t mind their comments. Just focus on what we’re about to do in Europe.

The plane landed on the Romanian airport after a 5 hour trip. The team was fetched by the University of Romania shuttle bus. They were brought to the hotel where they will be billeted their entire stay.

“Come on guys! Let’s check out the food court. I am hungry,” exclaimed Greg. Just like a troop of soldiers following their commander, the rest of the team went with him. John and Annika though went straight to their assigned rooms alongside Dr, Vladimir.

“Wake me up if you’re going to eat dinner,” the professor told John and Annika. Both of them smiled at him to signify that they understood what he just said.

Moments later… the three are strolling along the carpeted aisle leading to the Dining Hall.

“Sir, are we the only ones in this team who believes that werewolves exist?” inquired John.

Dr. Vladimir glanced at John and remarked, “Perhaps your team mates are just skeptical about these creatures.

“If they do not agree that these beasts exist then why are they here?

“Actually, they have no idea that I organized this research to gather information about werewolves. All they know is that we’re here to continue their own scientific studies which they have started back in L.A.

“Oooohh… “That’s all John can say.

The dinner served was mouth-watering and sumptuous. John, Annika and the professor ate a lot! After eating, the three went their separate ways. Dr.Vladimir proceeded to the bar to enjoy some Jazz music while John and Annika took a stroll at the magnificent garden of the hotel overlooking the ocean.

The night is cool. A sea breeze is blowing gently from the north, creating an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. John and Annika sat on the bench overlooking the sea.

“What do you think John? Will we be able to find what we are looking for here in Europe?

“I hope so Annika. I really have a strong feeling we will if we would only try hard.

“But how could we succeed if everyone in our team is against us. Only the professor believes in our mission.

“No worries Annika. Once they see the evidence, they will have faith in what we are doing.

“I know. But you can’t blame me for worrying too much.

“If they won’t help us, then we will do it on our own.

It was already midnight when the two decided to call it a night and went to their assigned rooms.

The sun was just about to rise from the horizon when John woke up. He quickly took a bath and got dressed, ready for their exploration.

Annika woke up early as well. She got dressed up and proceeded to the Dining Hall to eat breakfast.

John and Annika saw each other at the Hall. Dr. Vladimir was already there sipping coffee when they both arrived.

“Have a seat!” the professor pointed at the vacant seats on his table.

They both sat down. John gestured at the waiter and asked for a cup of coffee and some toast.

“Sir, where are we going today?” he asked the professor.

“We will pay the University a visit first. They have to know our itinerary so they can give us escorts for our protection.

“Okay sir. I understand.

After eating breakfast, the team boarded the shuttle van that will take them to the University.

The team arrived at the University around noon. Dr. Vladimir led the team as they visited the Office of the Dean for the College BioScience.

“Good noon professor!” greeted Dr. Anton Wokwitz.

“Good noon doctor!” replied the professor.

“How was your stay at the hotel?

“Ooohhh… my team and I had a nice time since we arrived. They have excellent accommodation and their staffs are friendly.

“That’s good to hear.

“Well then, where do you plan to go today?

“Doctor, we want to visit the villages so we could assess how we are gonna conduct our research.

“Okay professor. I will ask some of our security personnel to go along with you so we can ascertain that you will be safe.

“Thank you, Dr. Anton.” The shook hands and the team bade the dean goodbye.

Later that day, the shuttle van took them to village of the Amanza people. The team mingled with the tribe to interview them.

John talked to some of the villagers about the existence of werewolves.

“Have you ever seen any werewolves?” he asked.

“What? Werewolf? It only exit in fairy tales rather than in reality. Kids, wake up!” a loud laugher burst out.

John was not surprised by their reactions and chatted with them randomly to sniff out a single trace of werewolf, but failed. Instead of being defeated, John visited villagers from door to door. However, there was not much useful information after a whole day. Disappointed and exhausted, John sat on a rock and had some water to take a rest. At this time, an elder caught his attention.

The elderly approached John and sat next to him. Dressed in black, he looked like in his 70s but his eyes were bright like a young man. He just sat there idly without noticing John.

“Hi, I’m John, a student from SIMTech. Right now, I’m doing a field investigation here. May I ask a few questions?” John said politely.

The elderly turned his head towards John and stared at him skeptically “Go ahead”.

“Have you ever seen a werewolf?

“No, not a single one lately.

“Lately? You mean you have seen one long before?” John was totally intrigued by his words and furthered the question.

“Yes, however werewolves did not visit our village anymore.

“Do you know where I can find them?

“I believe they are hiding deep in the mountains.” The elder pointed at the nearby mountain visible in the west as he spoke. "It is said that werewolves come out of the woods every time the moon is full. You might have the luck to find one there.

John was elated with what he discovered. He thanked the elder for the information he gave then joined his team. He told Annika about what he found out.

The team spent an hour in the village. They next continued to the village of the Hekkenah tribe, who are tree settlers. Their houses are constructed atop big trees. They say the reason for this is spawned by the fear of beasts prowling their village during the night especially during a full moon.

Annika interviewed some of the villagers and she obtained information of what the beast look like. Based on their description, the image painted in the mind of Annika was that of a werewolf.

The day ended with John and Annika satisfied with the information they acquired.

Dr. Vladimir and his team departed the village as the sun is about to set. They got back to the hotel at around 7 in the evening. Tired from the activity that day, the team instantly went up to their rooms to rest for a while, refresh and be prepared for dinner.

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