Chapter 8


"Hey sis, can I have some money?" My brother, Philip suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked for money when I arrived home from work. I noticed he's sniffing his hand, obviously taking something illegal again.

"No." I walked past him but he grabbed my shoulder and turned my body around.

"Come on! Just give me money!" He shouted. He needs help but he refuses to get it. I just don't know what to do with him anymore.

"You should find a decent job. How can you let your pregnant wife do all the working? She's about to go into labor! How inconsiderate can you be Philip? You think I don't know what the kind of things you will buy when I give you the money?" He scoffed.

"I don't need lecturing from you." He pushed me back before stormed out from the house.

"I'm sorry." I heard Ruth apologized for my brother's rudeness. I turned with a smile on my face when I noticed she practically waddles towards me.

"Mom's with Nia in your room, dad, well, he's probably out at the garage, working on his car again. I already cook dinner for everyone. I'm going to rest for a little bit." I thanked her before she went to sit on the couch. I feel sorry for her.

"Mom?" I walked into my room and noticed my daughter on my bed with my mom.

"Oh, you're home? She's been a good girl all day. Anyway, I heard the commotion outside. I don't know how he can be a father if he still continues being this way. Your father even searches for a job for him but he bailed on the first day. I wish he could be like Roger at this point. He got a decent job and all." Like Roger? No way, no way.

"I know he should be responsible but, Ruth deserves someone better than him even if he's my brother." Mom sighed.

"Enough about your brother, how's your life now? Do they treat you good at your new workplace?" I nodded.

"Only God knows how happy I was when I landed myself a decent job for once. I don't have to worry about the money with the job I have now." I smiled.

"That's good. You never smile after married to Roger but now, it's a regular thing you do." Mom chuckled.

We continued to talk about what's going on in the house until we heard the doorbell. I assume that Ruth's the one who opened the door until we heard she's yelling for me. I came running towards her just to see a couple of policeman at our doorstep.

"It's Philip. He's at the station." I went to Ruth's side when I noticed she's about to faint.

The officer explained to us about Philip and why he was arrested. He was trying to steal a car but the owner came back and saw Philip tinkering with the keyhole. I can't believe he's doing it again.

When the police went away, Ruth decided to go but I forbid her since she's going to put a lot of stress on herself. But, knowing Ruth I won't be able to stop her so, in the end, we both went to the station.

"Do you think the owner will let him go? He's a bad man but I still want him to hold this baby. He's the father after all." Oh, Ruth, I feel really sorry for you for choosing my brother. I sighed mentally.

When we arrived at the station, we went to the counter and asked about Philip. The officer informed us about his charges and how much would it cost to bail him. Once again I sighed mentally so Ruth wouldn't know it's actually a burden for me.

I asked the officer if I can meet the owner of the car. The officer pointed at a woman sitting on the bench.

"Excuse me." The woman turned but bow my head down before I could even look at her face. I don't think I can handle it.

"Please ma'am. Could you please take back those charges for my brother. As you can see, his wife, she's about to give birth and she really needs his presence when the baby is born. Maybe we could settle this outside the station, without any police involved. I'll do anything so please, consider it."

"Claudette?" That voice! When I looked up I was taken aback.

"Chairwoman?! Oh, God ..." Philip ... tried to steal her car?! THE CHAIRWOMAN'S CAR?! I'm going to lose my job! No! I need to beg, grovel even!

"Claudette, hey!" The chairwoman snapped her fingers and brought me back to reality.

"Miss Eloise, please, forgive me for my selfish request but, my sister in law, she's .." the chairwoman raised her hand.

"I will take back the charges, don't worry. I am a human, I do have a heart." she will? Oh, thank God. I heard Ruth thanked the chairwoman for her kindness.

"He has a problem if he's willing to steal a car. Have you consider rehabilitation?" Miss Eloise asked me.

"He refuses to get help. He has an addiction. He went to rehab before but something happens to him while he's in there so ... he escapes. He's only 19 years old, but as you can see ..." I know she understands from the looks of things here.

Again Ruth apologized for Philip's doing.

"It's fine. You shouldn't be worried too much. It's not good for your baby." The chairwoman smiled.

"Officer, release him." The police nodded his head and went to get Philip. That was easy! Well, he just received an order from a Clemonte after all.

"Thank you." I heard the chairwoman said to me. I should be the one who said that her though.

"Because of your help, I manage to get what I want. The matter in Japan miraculously resolves after I took back what's mine." She meant the hacking huh.

I only did it because I was ordered to.

"Philip Pascal." I looked up to my badly beaten brother. Just what happened to him?!

"I'm sorry for that. He was touching my daughter." Did she just refer to her car?

"It just got a new paint job." Philip seems scared of the chairwoman when they see eye to eye. He even hides behind Ruth! I never saw him this ... cowardly before.

When she offered her hand to the officer, that's when I noticed the marks on her hands. She's the one who beat my brother, I'm sure of it.

Just what did the chairwoman did to him?!


I don't know how it happens but the chairwoman ended up having dinner with us. My parents were groveling, apologizing for what Philip tried to do. Philip on the other hand, he still hides behind his wife even when she's helping me with dinner.

Thank God I don't have to add more food since Ruth already prepared most of the meal earlier.

But still, he should just help us instead of fearing for his life. I wonder if Bianca will believe me when I tell her that the chairwoman, the person who owned Clemonte Corporation sitting in my parent's living room, watching the news with my father.

"Say, Claudette, if he's a man, she's even perfect than Philip huh. She has a decent job and successful. A full package hottie." Did Ruth just ...

"You're married and pregnant." I pointed out.

"Yea but ... it's just admiring. I mean, look at the person I'm stuck with. He's such a troublemaker." She's right. The chairwoman would be a perfect spouse for any girl.

"Well, I heard she's gay," I whispered.

"Philip, stop pulling my dress down or everyone would see my breast." I chuckled. Seeing Philip like this is amazing! Maybe the chairwoman should be here every day until the baby's born.

"You can go and rest now. I'll handle the rest." Ruth nodded and brought Philip with her towards the living room. After I'm done preparing dessert for everyone, I went to the dining table and placed it down.

That's when I heard the chairwoman's phone ringing.


"Hmm ... I'll be home soon enough. You don't have to prepare dinner for me since I'll be having it in my friend's home."

Friends? I am her lowly worker. I don't think I am qualified to be her friend.

"Sure, I can pick Jonathan from his friend's house. Just text me the address." She hung up and apologized.

"It's my maid. She was wondering if I'll be home for dinner." The chairwoman informed us.

"A maid? You must be rich." Of course she is, dad! I shake my head before telling them that dinner's ready.

I watched as the chairwoman stood up from the couch and went to the dining table. Dad offered her his usual seat at the end of the table but the chairwoman refuse.

I took my usual seat and I was surprised when she took the empty seat next to mine.

"I get to taste your cooking. You know I was jealous when Maya told me that she get to taste your cooking." I blushed.

Oh God, Why does my heart feel so happy when she said that? I'm a married woman for God sake.

Honestly, I never saw someone eat with such poise and elegance before. She surely did grew up in such environment where etiquette is important. Everything that she does, tells me she's bringing herself and her family's reputation everywhere she goes.

The ringing of her phone made me realized that I was staring at her. She looked at her phone before she placed it on the table and continue to eat. Did she just ignore whoever just called her?

"Why didn't you pick it up ... ma'am." I almost talk to her casually!

"It's from work. I am enjoying my dinner now. Work can wait." Well, at least she's not a complete workaholic.

"Philip, you didn't touch your food, what's wrong?" I asked my brother. He didn't say anything but staring at the chairwoman.

"It's rude to stare," Ruth said while feeding her husband. I can't believe he's being such baby. Maybe I should beat him myself if he's going to be this obedient! Why didn't I think of that?

"He's probably having a traumatic experience. I did beat him up." The chairwoman chuckled.

"Well, he needs to be beaten once in a while. For that we thanked you!" Dad, what the hell are you saying?

"Philip, I have a job for you if you wish to work for a living." We were surprised when the chairwoman said something about a job and Philip in the same sentences.

"Pardon?" Ruth was as shocked as I am. Who in the right mind would hire someone who tried to steal her car right? This must be a joke or something!

"I am asking that man if he wants a job. Rather than stealing for a living why not work for me. I think my home needs a ... Umm ... hmmm ... since I'm living in a penthouse, I don't need a gardener. Perhaps a secondary driver? You do know how to drive, right?"

She was being serious?!

"All you have to do is pick my maid's son from school, pick me up when I ask you to and drive around my maid if she needs to do some shopping. What say you?" The chairwoman asked for my brother's confirmation.

"Think about your child's future for once. If you refuse this offer, I don't think you'll ever have a job of your own." The chairwoman continues to eat the dessert.

"Well, Philip?" I asked him. He could only give us a modded.

"He said he'll do it." Ruth seems happy when she interpret what my brother trying to say.

"Great. Come to my penthouse first thing in the morning and just tell the doorman that you have an errand for Eloise Clemonte. They will let you in." The chairwoman smiled at my family.

The rumors were true after all. The chairwoman always helps anyone who's in need despite their status and what they did. She used to have a hard life herself and she understands how people like us trying to get by.

Now that's she's successful and had her future set, she wants to use the power she has to help others who are in need. She wants to be there for someone who's never been there for her when she needed someone the most.

I heard the front door being open and I'm guessing my little sister just came home from her after-school job.

"Becca, meet Claudette and Philip's boss, Miss Eloise." My Dad introduced. Becca seems surprised but smiled at the chairwoman. She took her usual seat beside Ruth and grabbed her dinner.

"This is my little sister, Rebecca. She's 16 years old." The chairwoman nodded. Something tells me that this woman obviously curious about something.

But what?


I noticed the chairwoman's eyes landed on my little sister before she leaves. That puzzles me! Why did she keep on looking at my sister like that? Don't tell me she's into her! That's just wrong, on every level!

"Hey Claudette, do you work for that person?" I nodded when Becca asked me about the chairwoman.

"Basically, I work at her company, not under her though. I work under another boss of mine. Why did you ask?" Becca seems restless.

"May I know your boss's name?" I nodded.

"It's Maya Abbot." She seems surprised upon hearing Miss Maya's name. What is up with her?

"What's wrong?" I asked. She shakes her head before she went to her room. Honestly, I just wish she would open up to me like she used to. I waved it off and decided to check up on my daughter before joining Ruth and my parents at the living room.

Honestly, today has been quite a day for us all. I was utterly surprised when my brother joining us as well.

"Not going to have fun like usual, Philip?" Our dad mocked him.

"I think he had enough for one day." Ruth backing him up.

"For real though, what did she did to you? You are behaving quite weird now." I asked. He looked up at me with fear on his face.

"It was ... not what I expected. She's a .. monster! She's a demon in human form!" Just what kind of nonsense is he spouting now?

"She seems quite nice to me. Well, except for the bruising she gave you. But I think you deserve it since you tried to steal her car." Ruth said. Philip suddenly looked down at his knees. He seems delirious.

"No ... She was acting like a murderous killer! She even licks the blood off her fist! She didn't stop until the police came and hold her off!" That must be what the workers are talking about.

How the chairwoman turn into somebody else when she's pissed off. She became a dangerous woman for reason of survival. I decided to change the subject and talk about something else. We were just reminiscing our childhood when someone ringing our doorbell.

I offered to open the door and was surprised to see a ... butler?

"Is this the home of Philip Pascal?" He asked.

"Yes, this is his house." The butler handed over a set of keys and a bag to me.

"Miss Eloise asked me to sent the keys and uniform for his job tomorrow. Please tell him that he needs to be at miss Eloise's penthouse by 7 am. If he's late, punishment will be given." Huh?

"I took the liberty to parked the limousine in the driveway. Have a good night." He bow before leaving me dumbfounded at what just happened. I watched him entered another car that's waiting for him and drove away.

I turned to face my family who as confused as I am. Philip stood up from the couch and took the keys and bag from me.

"This is legit uniform for a driver." I heard Philip said.

"Why did she gave me a job? She doesn't even know me and I even try to steal her car. Doesn't she care if I try to do bad things to her?" Philip asked us.

"I think she trusted you, Phil. I mean. I don't think you'll do anything bad to her after what she did to you, right?" Ruth making sure.

"And who knows, this job would open up more opportunities for you in the future. Today, you're a driver, maybe next time, you'll be working in an office or something far greater. Just have faith in yourself for once." Ruth smiled.

"And stop takings drugs. You're going to be a father for God sake." I added.

After wishing everyone good night, I entered my room and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. While under the showers, with the water pouring on to me, I took this chance to rethink what had been happening with my life.

It's been two days since Roger went on his trip but he hasn't even called or sent me a text, telling me he's alright. Should I call him instead? But knowing him, he probably gets angry for disturbing him.

After drying my hair with the hairdryer, I went out with my towel and put on my pajamas. Before going to bed, I check my phone if he send me a text but he didn't of course. I sighed before carefully lay on my bed. I hate to wake Herminia up since she's fast asleep now.

Looking around my room, I remembered every bit of memories I have in this room while growing up. My high school days, college, even before marrying my husband. I cry, I sleep, I even eat in this room.

It's nice to be able to relax in my own 'habitat' again.

I was about to close my eyes when I heard a text coming. At a speed of light, I grabbed my phone and wonder if it's Roger but unfortunately, it's just Miss Maya.

Pack your bags and necessary things. We're going overseas for a meeting the day after tomorrow. If you wish to bring your daughter along I don't mind at all.

PS - Bring your best formal attire.

Maya Abbot.

Huh? Overseas for a meeting? This is for work right? Wait, why did she choose me to travel with her? There's a lot more experienced worker working longer than I am in the office.

And what's this about bringing my best formal attire? Anyhow, I should replied my boss's text with an okay. I can't question her decision since she's my boss after all. But still, why did she ask me to go with her?

And I can bring Herminia along? That's just weird. Maybe I should clarify everything tomorrow.

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