Chapter 5


"What did Thomas do to you?" I asked Claire when we're alone.

"He wanted his name to be in my parents will but he doesn't want my parents to know about it at all. El, he wants everything that I have. You think I'll just stand there, do nothing?" I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Now that's a man this world has nowadays. What will you do about it? Should I talk to him?" I offered.

"Nah, I'll handle it myself, don't worry. I have to go now, there's a client waiting for me." I grabbed on Claire's wrist before she turned her heels.

"What is it?" She asked before I pointed at my cheek. She blushed immediately when she realized what I want.

"You do realize that she's going to be married off to Thomas right?" Luna asked the obvious question.

"So? I don't mind being her mistress." Claire pushed me away.

"I don't plan on having a mistress. Don't get your hopes up, Eloise. You know, sometimes I just think that we're only your go-to lady when things don't get your way." That's a mean thing to say!

I let go of her hand and watched her hips sway left to right as she walks away.

"Please stop drooling. She may be your ex but that doesn't mean you can do all those couple stuff with her again. Anyway, I have a message from mother." I froze when I heard the word mother.

Knowing that it's not going to be a good news. I stood up from the couch and went to the whiskey decanter at the mini bar and pour myself a hefty amount of whiskey.

"She wants us to go home tomorrow night. Well, I'll be going with my husband and daughter of course. It's our usual family dinner. You know the drill." Of course, I do, she always wanted me to bring my significant other.

I chug my whiskey to every last drop. God! That was horrible but it gets the stress out.

"What did she say this year?" I asked. Luna cleared her throat.

"Tell that daughter of mine that she needs to bring her significant other tomorrow or I'll find a suitable match for the many daughters my friend has." We both laughed when she's done impersonating our mother.

"Serious now, do you wish for our mother to find you, someone, to marry? You know her taste, it's going to be someone so high maintenance that even your wallet can't keep up with it." I sighed.

Honestly, I don't know what to do.

"She can do whatever she wants. I owe her that much after all." I remembered something important.

"Will she be there as well?" I asked Luna about our older sister. She nodded. Damn it! I thought she's going to be busy!

"She's probably going with her husband as well. Why? Don't you want to meet her?" I looked away.

"Not really. I rather die than meeting her." Luna chuckled.

"Oh come on, don't be such a baby. She's just acting like a sister. I'm sure she's not going to be like she was before." But this is Viola we're talking about here.

She will always be that way! I sighed.

"She doesn't mean any harm. You know how she acts, she's the type of person who easily feels pity for others." Yea, she's right, but still.

We both heard the office phone ringing. Luna went to get it while I pour another glass of whiskey. When Luna came back, she seems happy for some reason.

"Change of plan. We're going home right now." Huh? I didn't even get to drink my whiskey when Luna pulled me out of the room.

"But my drink! My phone, my keys, my everything in the office!" Luna pushed my body towards the elevator.

"The maids will help you with that. This is important, let's go home." I sighed when she literally kick my butt so I would get inside the elevator. That's convenient, she took the liberty of packing her stuff before dragging me out!

"You do know we have a meeting later on. And there's a lot of work on my desk." I reason.

"Ugh, work, it keeps on coming even if you work your asses off. Trust me, this will make you forget about work." She chuckled while texting on her phone. She's probably informed her husband about this sudden trip back home.

"Will Terry be there as well?" I asked about her husband.

"He's already there, together with Francesca." Is he? That was quick. I wonder what's going on? Hold on, I smell something fishy.

Why was she whispering when she answered her phone just now?! Before I get to ask her, the elevator door opens and once again Luna dragged me out towards her car.

"What's the rush? I'm sure their mansion will still be there when we arrive." I asked when we both inside her car.

I was waiting for her to drive but she just looked at the road, without doing anything. When I turned to her, she was glaring at me with the most intense death glare I've ever seen.

"Seatbelt, now." Jesus! She was staring because of the seatbelt?!

"I'm sorry." I buckled my seatbelt and then she finally drives towards our parents' house. On the way, I don't know why but I feel as if she's been stealing glances at me. Whenever I try to turn to her, she would pretend to be looking at the road.

"What is it? Just tell me. Why are we going home a day early? And you even told me to ignore work." This is weird, really, really weird. She usually stresses me out to complete my work.

When we finally arrived at the mansion, I noticed something awkward. There's a lot of guest coming to our home. Wait, don't tell me she just ...

"Luna, don't tell me this is one of those speed dating things you and mother invented?! You promised you won't do anything like that anymore!" I half yelled.

She ignored me and got out of the car and went to the passenger seat. She opened the door for me but I decided to stay inside.

"Eloise, don't be such baby. Get out, now." I can't believe her. She should know better than to do this.

"Eloise, dear, come out. You're embarrassing yourself in front of all these lovely ladies." Luna begged while giving me her famous death glares.

"Do you think these ladies act truthfully? They only came since the Clemonte doesn't have any male heir. They only want our parents' wealth." Luna chuckled.

"Basically, it's your wealth." Before I get to counter her answer, someone whom I really wanted to avoid came to view.

"What now? Stop making such commotion and come in! The ladies are waiting for you, El." She took the liberty of unbuckling my seatbelt and literally pulled me out off the car.

"Oh El, I miss you so much! Please, give me a hug and lot of kisses." Viola, our older sister really likes to cling herself to me. I tried to avoid her but she's just too persistent.

Can this day get any worse!


"So that makes it the 10th woman who introduced herself to you, anyone who peak your interest?" Mother asked. Honestly, I rather go up to my room and lock myself in.

But that's not an option.

"Mother, you do know they only want me so that they could be a member of the House of Clemonte." I whispered into her ear.

"Yea, so? The family of the man your sisters' married also after their wealth, what's the big deal?" Seriously mother?

"There's still a lot of women I would like you to meet, please Eloise, please let me see you get married before I die. We understand that you have the hots for women, we don't mind at all but still, we want to see you get married." I sighed.

"Fine. Alright, I'll do it." She smiled as wide as ever before Viola, my clingy older sister introduced a marquis's daughter from France. I have to say, her accent was one of the sexiest I've heard today.

They maybe can put a facade in front of my mother but they can't lie in front of me. I know how disgusted they were when I touch their hands.

I often show off my wallet in front of them, pretending to take out something important and their eyes always popped when they saw the amount of credit card I owned. That's when they suddenly getting closer to me, offering the food my mother prepared to my mouth.

Sad, truly sad.

"Well, I saw a bunch of them look into your wallet. Why keep on doing that?" Luna asked.

"So that I know which one is a woman and which one is a bitch," I said nonchalantly. Luna laughed at my response.

"Eloise, please, let me introduced you to Primrose from the House of Blois." Now, this is a looker. Her beautiful wavy blonde hair flows freely down her shoulder, a smile that sincere and true with that sweet scent of ... rose.

"Primrose huh." I breathe out. She smiled when she heard I said her name.

"Why, hello there, Eloise." She chuckled. Oh dear God, what a sweet chuckle she has. Did my heart just stop beating for a second there?! I literally can't keep my eyes off of her cleavage though. Is that her way to seduce me?

She should know better than showing off those huge knockers of hers in front of me like that. I am a breast lover after all.

"Seems like someone liking a particular woman that I choose." Viola suddenly whispered to me. Wait, she chooses her? I turned to my sister and gave her a thumbs up.

"Now, go have fun in the garden. Be good, sister." Viola pushed us both with that smile of hers. This is awkward.

"Tell me, Primrose, what do you do for a living?" I asked when we're in the garden.

"I am a clothing designer. I am wearing one of my own design now." Wow, she does have the talent.

"But I mostly do wedding dresses. I like weddings, do you?" Ah, not a fan actually. I smiled.

"If you meant the food, yes, I do love weddings." She chuckled. What a poise human being she is. I don't think I ever met someone so ... gentle before.

"So, you're the chairwoman of Clemonte Corporation huh? It must be stressful for you, dealing with such a huge corporation like that." Oh, she doesn't know the half of it.

"It does get stressful from time to time but, I like it, no, I love it actually." My hands automatically grabbed her hand before I pulled her towards me. That's when I saw that little gremlin I called my niece running towards us.

Francesca almost threw ... I don't know what that is and it almost hit her beautiful dress.

"FRANCESCA!" I heard Luna's voice yelling at her daughter.

"Don't disturb your aunt! She's on a date!" Curse you and your big mouth Luna!

"I'm sorry for that. My family, they can be quite a hassle." I said without knowing that I am legit hugging her with both my arms right now.

When I realized what I had done, I released her body and looked away. I apologized immediately.

"That's fine. You save me." She said lowly but I heard her clearly.

"Primrose..." we both turned to a middle age woman who's walking towards us.

"Oh, this is my mother, Laurier." I know her. She's one of the mother's friends from the country club.

"Nice meeting you, Lady Laurier." She left me hanging. I should've never offered my hand to her.

"A woman should be curtsy as their form of greeting. You should know that by now." Wah ... this moment is getting on my nerves.

"Mother, that was rude of you," Primrose said to her mother. Her mother hummed her respond.

"So, Eloise, how do you expect to give my daughter the ultimate happiness of being a married woman? You clearly don't have the power to grant me, grandchildren." We're not even going out yet! What is wrong with this hag?

"Mother! That was rude of you! She's a Clemonte, be careful with what you have to say." Primrose pulled her mother away from me.

"Primrose, she's adopted. The mistress and master of the House of Clemonte took her in from the street. The one who is rude now is you! Why would even go to these events? There's a lot of rich young men out there! I understand Viola is your best friend but at least she's Clemonte, flesh, and blood." Ouch.

But mother and father didn't pick me up from the streets though. I was hanging out with Luna when they saw me and watched me doing a work that Viola left on a desk.

Turns out it's an important report about a project they were having trouble dealing with. They are my potential and they took me in, as a Clemonte.

"Mother, that enough! I want to be here because you never listen to what I have to say! I want to have my own life. I think you have enough heir since my brothers married to someone you choose for them! Let me have my life!" Oh wow!

Now that's a woman of my dream, right there!

"How dare you disobey me, Primrose. Your the youngest of my children, you'll have all the money in the world once you marry a marquis's son! Why choose somebody who doesn't have any future." Doesn't have a future?

She should watch her mouth.

"Lady Laurier, that's enough!" Viola?!

"I beg your pardon?" Everyone's attention is now on us.

"You have no right to judge my sister like that. So what she's adopted to our family? She's still a Clemonte, on paper, legally! You think she's successful now because of our parents help?" Eh, Viola, stop embarrassing me!

"To tell you the truth, Lady, she works hard to get to where she stands now. She never asked for my parents help at all since she knows her place in the family! It was a gift from my parents that she managed to build her empire now but let me tell you, Lady, she paid it back twice the amount my parents gave her!" Viola should really stop now.

"You think, she busts her ass off in college for someone like you, judging her like that? She's the chairwoman of Clemonte Corporation. She fully owns that corporation without any help from our father. You should check your facts before judging her like that." Primrose bow her head to Viola.

"I'm sorry Viola, I should never come here. I'm sorry." Ugh, I hate this. I'm beginning to like her too. I went to her side and helped her up.

"Do not bow. You don't have to." I smiled at her. Primrose Huh ... I feel like I should be the one who apologies now.


I sigh while playing with my food. Yesterday was a messed and I really don't want to think about it. I can't believe that Primrose's Mother we're making so much fuss about it.

"I'm sorry. I know Primrose's sexual orientation, that's why I brought her with me yesterday. I didn't plan that her mother would find out sooner than expected." Viola apologized again.

That's getting old real quick.

"What's wrong? Why are you apologizing? I'm meeting her again today." Viola was taken aback.

"Why do you look so ... gloomy then?!" She asked. I sighed heavily.

"I have a meeting today, a very important one. I can't believe I let Claire handle it while I'm here, stuck with you people." I looked at Luna and Thomas who's enjoying their breakfast, my father who seems to be missing yesterday are reading the newspaper, indulging in his own world.

My mother still upstairs, getting ready while Viola and her husband feeding each other food like usual.

"I told you that you shouldn't go against Lady Laurier but did you listened to me? Of course, you didn't." Viola's husband said.

"Alright, I get it, it's my fault I ruin yesterday's party. Where were you when I was yelling at Lady Laurier?" Viola asked.

"Terry and I were playing video games in Eloise's game room." They did what? I glared at both of them.

"You didn't?" I need to make sure.

"Yes, we did. We almost broke your high score but, we failed, miserably." They both sighed.

"What is this about playing games? Boys, did you entered Eloise's room without permission? She doesn't like that you know. I'm pretty sure she's ready to decapitate both you right now." Our father said while reading his paper.

Both Viola and Luna moved from their chair and sat further away from their husband while I simply putting butter on my bread.

"Yikes, She has a knife, I repeat, she has a knife. Goodbye, I don't mind being a widow." Viola smiled while waving at her husband.

"You know it pretty well by now that Eloise's room is off limit to everyone. Why do you think she constructed a whole top floor in the tower as her personal space? She's a privacy freak." Luna explained.

She doesn't have to use the word freak though.

"Whoa! Relax, El. We're sorry for doing such thing." I was playing with the knife after buttering my bread while glaring at them.

"By the way Eloise, what is this about Lady Laurier from the House of Blois saying nasty stuff about you?" Father asked when he finally let his newspaper down.

Did he try to convert my attention from my brother in laws?

"She said that Eloise became the person she is now because of your help, father. And she called her just an adopted daughter who gets sympathy from you." Viola should really stuff her mouth with food.

Wait, did Lady Laurier said that yesterday?

"Is that why you went berserk? Viola, honey, that's not wise. You know most of our business connection are with the House of Blois. But good job, I don't like how society looking down on Eloise just because she's adopted. They never see the hard work our Eloise put up with alone. That's sad, too sad." Father sighed.

"With the amount of money I gave you and Luna when you start that company, it's not even enough to pay the workers salary for a start-up company. When did you become so smart searching for an investor?" Father winked.

That's his way to make me feel better huh?

"Most of her investors was her ex-girlfriends and her ex's husband," Luna said casually while putting food in her mouth.

"Are you still going out with Primrose after everything her mother said to you?" Mother asked when she walked in the dining room.

"Yea. Why not? I think the words that I heard from Claire's parents are far much worse but we still date each other for few years, of course before Terry show up." I pushed my plate and placed my cup of tea in front of me.

I place a couple of sugar cubes inside before enjoying it together with my bread.

"Why did you even host that kind of party yesterday? Reputation is everything for a businesswoman." Father asked mother.

"Excuse me? With the rate she's going I don't think we get the chance to see her marry someone. All I want for her is endless happiness." Mother smiled.

Seriously though, what's the rush?

"Oh, I almost forgot. Eloise, Luna, what's the status in Japan? I heard something bad happen when I had high tea with Mr. Hatsu the other day." Father has tea with Ayame's father?!

Does that mean her father's in the country now?!

"Eloise, what kind of job did you ask Ayame to do?" I froze. He doesn't need to know that I asked her to be a spy in my own branch office though.

"Well, either way, he was impressed by how she grew after working for you. At first, he was worried to have her as the Chief Administration Officer since she's so young and inexperienced. Damn, he was wrong. He's really proud of his little girl." I'm glad.

Ayame deserves that at least.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion, but, Lady Viola, there's someone that wish to see you." A maid bows and informed my sister.


"It's Miss Primrose. Ma'am, she seems like in trouble." Viola stood up from her seat and followed the maid without excusing herself from the table. I was curious and followed them.

It was such a surprise for me when I saw Primrose with her ripped clothes, bruised face with blood running down her nose. She standing in the middle of the living, looking down on the floor.

All I could think about at the moment was, what the hell happened to her?!

"Primrose?! What happened to you?" Viola shakes her body since she seems losing it.

"Viola, my parents ... my brothers ... they said it was a mistake coming here. They said it was just a phase but, I don't know ... I don't think it's just a phase for me ... I like girls ... I love them, Viola. I don't know what to do ... they hit me ... they force a man I don't even know while I was asleep! Please ... help me, Viola!"

What?! Good, this she escaped though.

Primrose finally broke down as Viola hugged her body close to hers. The silent room was filled with Primrose's tears of betrayal. The family she knows who she thought love her so, turns their back on her and became a monster she never knew existed before.

Viola turned to me, telling me with her eyes that I should do something about it.

But, what should I do exactly?

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