Chapter 6


"Do you need my help for packing?" I asked my husband while I'm breastfeeding Herminia.

"There's no need. Just take care of her. I can do this myself." He said with his back facing me. Hmm, that's a lot of casual clothes rather than work clothes, I am beginning to feel suspicious.

"How long will you be gone?" I asked, just to make sure.

"2 weeks. There's a few of us. Will you be staying at your parent's house?" I don't know though. I think I'll be okay alone but then, living alone can be quite ... frightening.

"I think I'm going to live with my parents. Dad can send me to my office as well." That way I don't need any money for Uber.

"I'll send you to their house tomorrow before going to the airport then. Maybe your dad can send me to the airport and I'll leave my car at his home." That's a good idea.

I nodded while smiling at him.

He smiled back at me before packing again. Wow, I never thought I'll ever see those smiles again. I heard his phone ringing but he ignores it after seeing who's calling. He ended up turning his phone off before he walked towards me.

I was weirded out when he kneeled in front of me, rubbing Herminia's head as she breastfeeds.

"I'm sorry, for what I've done to you. I was such a horrible husband, I hurt you, I even made you cry countless of times. I'm sorry for ever yelling at you, I'm sorry for everything. I want to apologize before going on this trip since my parents told me how bad I was found to you. I just can't go to my trip with this ache in me." Oh dear God, this is so not my husband.

"What you did with the bank, the store, I know it's my fault. If I just gave you enough money for Herminia's need, you wouldn't be targeted by the police everywhere you go now." That was a dumb move I made myself.

Yes, it's partly his fault but, it's too late now.

After making sure Herminia has fallen asleep, I went to her crib and carefully place her inside. I don't know if I should just forgive him for what he had done to me But whatever happens, he's still my husband and I am his wife.

"You're forgiven," I said before packing my own stuff and Herminia's as well. He chuckled before hugging me from behind.

"Thank you. I love you, Claudette." Those words ... it's been so long since he said those words to me.

"Whats wrong Roger? You're not yourself. You know you can always talk to me about it. I'm all ears." He sighed heavily before giving me a peck on my cheek.

"It's my own fault and I want to solve it myself. You have your own work to worry about. Besides, Herminia needs our attention, right? Let's raise her to be a wonderful person in the future." He's slowly back to his old self again.

This is the man I married years ago, the loving, kind-hearted man I have fallen for in high school.

"Claudette, after I'm back from my trip, let's go for a short getaway. Just us both, okay?" Huh? He let go of me before facing me again.

"Can I borrow some money?" Huh?


"May I borrow some money? You just had your first paycheck right, may I?" What the?! HE JUST RUINS THE MOMENT!

"How much?" I asked while puffing my cheek.

"Few hundred? If you have any now." Few hundreds?! What am I? Made of money?! I sighed heavily.

"What happened to your paycheck?" I asked. He didn't answer me. I took that as an answer that he's never gonna tell me. I sighed when I gave him $200.

"Also, can you pay this month bills. That's why I love you, Claudette. You never said no." Roger smiled while I stood there, not knowing what just happen. So now I have to pay the bills?

I even gave him $200 for his own business trip! What is this?! When I got back to my senses, I reached for my phone and call my mother, telling her that I'm going to live with her for two whole weeks. She was excited knowing that she would be taking care of Herminia.

"Hey Claudette, there's someone outside asking for you. She's driving a Range Rover." Roger informed me while I was packing my daughter's things.

"She seems shady to me. Are you involving yourself in something you shouldn't have again?" When did he become such a worrywart? Anyway, who is his person?

I went out together with him and was surprised to see Bianca sitting in my living room.

"Eh, Bianca? What are you doing here?" Bianca smiled.

"Have you forgotten? You said you'll need a hand doing your part of the job. So I'm here, with my laptop." Oh yeah, I did say that. Oh, I almost forgot.

"This is my husband, Roger. Roger, this is Bianca, my colleague." Roger nodded his head.

"It's fine if you need to do your job. I'll take care of Herminia for the time being. What's so hard watching a sleeping baby, right?" He left us alone in the living room and entered our room before closing the door.

"So, did you manage to finish part of the job?" I asked.

"I did, but, there's something weird whenever I tried to look it up. Even though I hacked it but, it's not readable." Is it not readable?

"Wait, hold on, do you think what we're doing here is not against the law?" I asked.

"What do you mean? We are doing something illegal here. Hacking into someone's personal info is against the law." Somehow I feel reluctant to continue this.

"What if the police or the FBI capture us?" Now I'm beginning to feel uneasy.

"Miss Ayame said that if we ever caught, just told them this ... hold on ... what is it again ..." She was thinking hard.

"Oh ... 'We are working under the orders of Maya Abbot' ... I think that's it." Saying her name will let us off the hook?

"I don't think that'll work." I sighed heavily.

Why did I even agree to do this? I am an accountant, not a hacker. I only did it once!

ONCE! And I was lucky.


"Are you sure this is a house?" I asked Bianca.

"Yea. Miss Maya said we should enter using the side gate since she's going to be bathing in the pool." Bathing?! Now? But we're coming to see her.

Bianca pushed the side gate opened and it revealed an outdoor sitting area. While walking towards the house, we both noticed a person diving down into the pool. We stood by the edge of the pool and waited for Miss Maya to be done.

"Oh, did I kept you waiting?" Miss Maya asked when she appeared from under the pool. I looked away when I noticed she went skinny dipping.

"We just got here, Miss," Bianca said. Miss Maya smiled before she pulled herself out from the pool and walked towards the outdoor lounge chair. She picked up the towel and dry herself up.

"So, any news? There must be if you decided to come to my home, right?" She offered us a seat but ... I don't know if I could focus on the task at hands since she's not wearing the towel to cover herself up!

She was drying up her hair with the towel while Bianca handed her the file we manage organized in time.

"Maya, you're out of beer." We were surprised when we saw Miss Ayame walked out wearing only her lace robe! I can perfectly see her privates even though she's covering herself up!

"Oh, you guys have done with your task already? That was fast." Wait, hold on, they're going out together?!

"Let me see, let me see." Miss Ayame sat next to miss Maya and they act like it's normal to see each other naked body like that! Is it just me? Is it that weird to see my boss naked like that?!

"Hmmm." Miss Maya hummed while reading parts of the report. Did we mess up?

"I think we can ask Luna to deal with it. I'm sure the chairwoman would be happy to be even richer than she already is." Miss Ayame seems satisfied with our work.

"What do you mean it's unreadable?" Miss Maya asked. It's hard to look at her seriously this way but from her tone, she's not one bit satisfied.

"I'm sorry ma'am. We're accountants, we don't have any skills to hacked its program. We did try we're both sorry." Bianca kept her head low as we apologized.

"Well, that I know and we're sorry to use your dark past to trick you into helping us. I hope this matter will not be informed to anyone other than us, alright? If you do mention this to anyone, I'm sure Luna will know what to do." Somehow I think it's a warning to keep our mouth shut.

"Like promise, we will clear your name in the police system. I'm sure I can do something about it." Miss Maya smiled.

"Since you've done the job, we have a little token of gratitude for you." Miss Ayame went inside and came back with two white envelopes.

"It's nothing much but we thought you'll benefit from it." We both took the envelope from Miss Ayame and wonder what's inside.

"You may open them." Miss Ayame smiled. We both looked at each other before did as told. It's an invitation card though.

"You are invited to the city most extravagant party of the entire year." Miss Ayame explained. My eyes widen.

"What's with that reaction? It's just meeting Luna's parents before he's taking the presidency chair." Miss Maya chuckled.

This is a huge matter! Even Bianca was lost on words when she heard what Miss Maya just said.

"There will be a lot of people from the cabinet office though. And those bureaucrats, I just hate to deal with this politic craze human beings." Miss Maya sighed.

But her father works at the ministry of defense. How could she say those things when her father also a politician. Miss Maya stood up before excusing herself.

"You just have to watch those hips swaying like that. It's such a divine, God I want it!" Whoa! Did Miss Ayame said something I never thought she would?!

Gotta admit, Miss Maya does have a thick figure and it's all in such good proportion but still, I thought she's not one of those.

"Did I said something? You two seems uncomfortable. Ahh, you're one those people huh, homophobe. Sorry girls, I'm gay. I like girls, vagina." She got the wrong idea! Well, I don't know about Bianca but I don't mind at all.

"No miss, I don't mind. I am an open-minded person." I said.

"Me too, I don't mind. I have a few friends who like girls as well." Bianca added.

"Good, I don't know how you guys would act in front of the chairwoman since she's gay as well. Well, it doesn't matter if you guys know it, she's the one who signs our paychecks. I bet you guys won't be gossiping about her much. Unless you had a crush on the chairwoman." Miss Ayame laughed.

"You guys are welcome to have lunch with us." We heard Miss Maya said when she's standing at the door that leads to her home, wearing a silky robe.

"But you have to wait until I'm done with the cooking. I hope you guys in the mood for rice and curry." Wait ... OUR BOSS IS GOING TO COOK FOR US?! I thought she has a maid for that. Come to think of it, we don't see any maids.

"Surprising right? Born with a silver spoon, yet, she still has the time to learn how to cook." Miss Ayame said.

"Ayame, if you're going to babbling your mouth, I suggest you let them inside the house while I preparing the food." Miss Maya turned around and walked I to her home.

"You heard the boss." We don't have a choice but to comply. I was afraid that if we decline the offer, we might end up jobless. Well, that's what I thought.

"Welcome to Maya's sanctuary. Also, if you found any used condom, just ignore it." Miss Ayame winked.

"There's no such thing! Don't listen to her." We heard Miss Maya shouted from the kitchen.

"Whiskey anyone?" Miss Ayame offered. I politely decline since I'm breastfeeding.

Bianca didn't think twice when Miss Ayame offered her a drink. Seems like I need to remind her that she's driving later on. But still, I never would've guessed that I would be inside my superior's home.

This never happens, ever.


"It's about time you came home. She's probably hungry." Roger said while pointing at Herminia who's laying in front of the television, watching ... wrestling match.

He actually wants his daughter to know how to fight? And the worse part is, she seems to like it!

"Did you miss mommy? I miss you.." I coo my baby while picking her up. She immediately turned her head to my breast. I chuckled as I give her what she wants.

"Oh, Roger, on the 24th, please let your schedule be free. We're invited to a party." He took a seat next to me after changing the channel.

"What party? If it's a reunion, count me out. Our friends are the worse." I shake my head no.

"Not a reunion. We're going to the chairwoman's family home. If I recall correctly, it's a congratulatory party for the next president of this country." Roger spit out his drink and face me.

Gosh! I really hope he cleaned it up later on.

"Whoa whoa whoa! That's news! How did that happen?! We're going to the future president's private home?! You mean to say we're going to meet several people who actually run this country?! Are you serious?!" He seems excited.

"Yes, the invitation is in my handbag. You can take it out if you want." He immediately went to my handbag and whip out the card.

"My God. This is legit. We're going to the Vice President Clemonte residence!" He half yelled.

"Wait, does that mean you're currently working for the Clemonte's?" I nodded.

"But from the stories I heard, the chairwoman was not blood-related. She's an orphan then the Clemonte power couple took her in. She's some sort of a genius and it peaks the couple's interests." I explained.

Herminia let go and I placed her back on the mattress Roger had prepared earlier. She seems to like watching tv. At her age, everything is fun.

"Hey, do you think the company still searching for a new worker? I would like to try my luck. I mean, working for a startup company that's own by a Clemonte, it's bound to get you somewhere." True.

Most of the department chief came from such a powerful family, to begin with. I still wonder, why did the chairwoman choose those particular people to work for her. I heard rumors saying she's 'dangerous' to deal with but, I just don't understand that part of her.

What's so dangerous?

I was back to reality when Roger's camera phone flashes were on as he took a picture of the card.

"I should show off to my friends." I should get dinner ready while he's here looking after our daughter.

"Any idea what to eat? I want to start making dinner." He looked up to me.

"There's no need. We'll be eating out tonight. Let's try eating at that fancy restaurant that just opens up. You don't mind, right?" I don't mind? With what?

"I mean, you're obviously paying for it. Right?" Dear mother of God! I just paid the bills for this month, now he wants to eat at a fancy restaurant?!

I really ... really want to strangle him but then again, I do want to eat at that new fancy restaurant.

I sighed heavily.

"I take that as a yes. Herminia honey, mommy's going to bring us out to eat tonight, yay." What a crappy day I'm having.

But at least I get to eat one of the delicious curry I ever tasted. Never knew miss Maya could even cook like that before.

She's talented!

"Hey, there's someone calling you by the name Ayame, Hatsu on the phone. You're friends with Japanese now?" Huh? Miss Ayame? I took my phone from him and answer the call.

"Hello... What?" I can't believe this. I hang up the phone and I went to the door to open it.

There she was, smiling, waving at me while I had my mouth hanging open. What the hell is she doing here with Miss Maya?!

"Miss Ayame, Miss Maya?! What are you doing here? How did you know my address? Wait, that's a silly question, I wrote my address on the employee form." Both my bosses chuckled at me.

"You forgot this on my couch. We thought that we might just send it to you since we're going for a grocery shopping." Miss Maya handed me my asthma spray. She could just give me the spray at work though.

"Oh! I'm sorry, please, come in." I opened the door wide enough for them both to enter. It's a good thing I cleaned the house this morning!

"Who's here?" Roger asked before he turned to the guest.

"Roger, meet my bosses. This is Miss Hatsu Ayame and Miss Maya Abbot." Roger stood up from the couch and offered his hand.

"I remember you. The one who slapped his wife in public." Miss Maya was being hostile when she took Roger's hand.

"It's the woman who offered Claudette her job." Roger looked away when he realized who's she was.

"Please, have a seat." They both took the offer and sat on the couch. Miss Maya noticed Herminia laying on the floor before poking on her cheek. That daughter of mine actually loving the attention she received from her.

"May I hold her?" Miss Maya asked for permission.

"Yes of course," I said while making some refreshment for them.

It made me wonder why Herminia sound so excited though. When I walked back towards the living room with refreshment, I find it hard to control my laughter when my daughter wishes to breastfeed from Miss Maya.

"Seems like she's hungry." Miss Maya find it amusing. I think she's just excited to see something bigger than her own mother though.

"I have a niece myself. But she's a junior high student now ... and only knows how to ask for something. She's not cute anymore. To think little baby like her going to be an adult, it just breaks your heart." She placed Herminia down and took the cup of tea that I prepared.

"This is fun. We should pay Bianca a visit too." Miss Ayame said. I don't think Bianca would like that though.

"Yes, we should! My God, this tea is delicious! Please, tell me the name." Miss Maya said. I just gave her a smile.

How did I end up serving my bosses a cup of tea that I won from a convenient store lucky draw?

I don't think they need to know where the tea bag came from though. Right?

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