Chapter 7


"How are you?" I asked Primrose when she joins my sisters and me at the gazebo.

"I am fine. Please don't concern yourself with me." She smiled. I don't think I can ignore someone like her if she's hurt. I mean, just ... just ... she's just too divine to ignore.

"Earth to Eloise! Just what are you thinking while staring at Primrose like that?" Shut up, Viola.

"Come on, let's get serious. I'm sure her mother and brothers are on their way here." Viola seems genuinely worried. Let me think for a minute or two. I'm sure there's a solution.

"Just let them come here," I said. After saying that, both my sisters gave me such dangerous glare.

"If you want to dig your own grave, by all means, do continue." VIOLA WAS SERIOUS! I cleared my throat before elaborate the meaning behind my suggestion.

"Relax will you! Anyway, let them come and I will talk to them. Easy." I turned to Primrose.

"What do you wish to do?" I asked. She seems confused but I'm sure she knows what I want to hear.

"I ... don't know. I want to have my own life but I don't want to be an insolent child towards my parents." That's tough. She wants to be herself but her family normally decide how she brings her image in front the public eye.

"Maybe you should be an insolent child once in a while. Your parents allowed this man entered your bedroom while you were asleep. You were injured while running away from your own house. Your parents allowed this man to hurt you so. Do you still wish to obey your parents?" I asked.

This question earned me a glare from both my sisters.

"What they did was wrong but, they gave birth to me. I am nothing without them." Ugh, this woman, need to think about herself more!

"Alright, obviously this will never get us anywhere." Maybe I should ask a different question.

"Do you wish to find yourself a woman who care and love you for the way you are?" That's right! Blush baby, I wanna see your blush in a deep shade of red.

She nodded.

"If so, it's time for you to stand on your own ground and make a point to them. Yes they will hate you, and yes, they will probably disown you but at least you get your facts right for them." Either way, both question sound terrible.

"Lady Viola, Lady Blois wish to meet you and her daughter. She's waiting for you in the living room." Speak of the devil.

Both Viola and Primrose went to meet Lady Blois while I enjoying my tea with Luna.

"Eloise, come on," Viola called me like a mother would when her child did something wrong.

"Good luck, El." Luna chuckled. I shove food in my mouth before I followed Viola and Primrose to see Lady Blois.

"Primrose? Let's go home." Lady Blois stood up from the couch when she saw us walking in.

"Lady Blois, we need to talk," Viola announced.

"There's no need to talk. She's my daughter and I can do whatever I want to her." Lady Blois forcefully pulled Primrose and dragged her out towards the door.

I simply walked passed them and close the door shut with my hand before they could get out. Lady Blois doesn't look like she likes me at all.

"Please move your filthy hand from my daughter. You're tainting her purity." Ouch! Does everyone see people like me as dirt?

"Whats filthy is your mind, Lady Blois. Let go of Primrose and sit down so we can have our talk, or else." Viola threatened her.

She may not look like it but Viola's the only one who followed our father's footstep. She can be an evilly minded politician if she wants to be and right now, she's exactly like all those useless politicians I've met!

Lady Blois let go of Primrose and went to hide behind me. I could feel her hands shaking as she grabbed my shirt, holding for her dear life.

"I know what you did to her. That's wrong and you know it. I've known you since I'm a little girl, Lady Blois, you're like a mother to me and I just don't believe it when I heard you asked a man to slept with Primrose while she's asleep. Have you gone mad?" Straight to the point! Boom!

"I don't want my only daughter to be in a relationship with another woman. I know she won't be happy with it since the relationship will never have its seed." She wanted to say that people like me don't have a penis for it.

"May I?" I asked for permission. Viola nodded.

"Fuck you and your traditional mind." Lady Blois was astounded by my outburst.

"So what the person she loves doesn't have a penis. With today's technology, if you wish to have an heir from her own blood, there's a way to do so. Don't you worry your little mind about those little things! It's insignificant you bitch! Get your sorry ass up and apologize to her!" I force.

"What is this outrageous demand? She's my daughter and I can do anything I want to her."

"She's an adult and you're just an old fart who wants to keep your family boring. So what she likes vagina and not a penis. Maybe a penis never treat her good before!" I said in front of her face.

"Eloise? Did you just called Lady Blois the B word?" Damn it! I thought he's gone to work! My father walked towards us.

"Yes father, I did." He was shaking his head.

"I'm sorry for her rudeness, Willow. Are you here to bring back Primrose?" Lady Blois nodded.

"I'm afraid that's not possible. You did something cruel to her, Willow. I can't let her go back to your home. She's a woman for God sake, and your daughter. You shouldn't let it happened." You go old man!

"I only want what best for her. That's it." I walked up to Lady Blois and smirked.

"Too bad, what you're doing is wrong and I love to tell you that your daughter, hates penis. Especially the one you choose." I winked.


"Are you mental?" After Primrose's Mother went home, Viola decided to nagged at me for doing what I did. I was just being true to myself and being true to our dear little Primrose.

What's so wrong about that?

"Oh wait, she'll be staying here for the meantime right?" I asked my sister.

"Eh, I thought she's going to stay with you in the city. Your home is empty after all since you stayed in the office for like weeks." Staying in my home? We're not even going out yet.

"But if she stayed in the city, it would be easier for her to commute to work," Luna suggested. So what, they gang up on me now?

"Lady Eloise, Lady Maya is here for you." Oh, perfect. Before I could turn around, Maya wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Did you miss me?" She presses her breast against my back and I don't know ... it gave me ... such a feeling.

"Seems like everyone having fun here." Primrose walked in on us being all cozy up.

"Primrose, meet Maya Abbot, she's my friend." Maya looked up to Primrose.

"You must be Lady Blois's daughter. Eloise told me what your mother wants to do to you. I'm here to help you escape from her. Is that what you want me to do, El?" She asked before letting go of my neck.

"Well, if you can do so. I don't mind how you do it, as long as the one who wishes it comfortable with your way." If Primrose wishes to let the situation at hands be the way it is, then let it be.

I don't have to interfere with this matter if she wishes it to be like this but, if she wishes for her life to be free, then Maya's the only one who's capable of doing so. The scariest thing about Maya is ... well ... she knows a lot of ways to make everything possible.

"So, Primrose ... Tell me ... do you wish to abandon your title for your freedom? I mean, that's the only gamble here so I don't think it meant much to you." Ouch, that's quite harsh of her to say.

"My title?" Maya nodded.

"Yes, your title. The House of Blois is one of the prominent family, correct? Just like the Clemonte, and myself of course. We all have our own title and I'm sure you don't care about it since you wish to disobey your parents." I forgot how straightforward Maya can be.

I am regretting my own plan asking for her help. Primrose seems like she's going to cry at any moment now.

"Maya, that's too much." Maya raised her hand at me.

"You were the one who asked for my help here, El. I'm only making her rethink her own decision here. If she wishes for freedom from such a traditional family like the Blois, she should know better. But, if she wishes for freedom that badly, I can help her, don't worry." Maya turned to Primrose.

"So, tell me, what do you wish for? Wish for it and you'll be blessed with it." Maya smiled.

"I wish for freedom. If my freedom cost me my own title and my family, so be it." Now I feel sorry for her.

"Are you sure?" Primrose nodded.

"I've never been so sure in my life. Please do help me, Lady Abbot." Maya chuckled before she reached for her phone and make some calls. I watched as Maya walked out from the room towards the balcony. I sighed heavily before looking up at Primrose.

"Are you completely sure? God knows what she'll do from now on. Why did you ask for her help anyway? We could just ask father to deal with it." Primrose shake her head when Viola asked her.

"It's time for me to just get myself out from their belief. I can't live in a lie any longer. I can't pretend to like being around the guys my parents choose to be my groom. I had enough of that nonsense." Oh, that's interesting.

Maya came back in and informed us that she had planned something fun for Primrose.

"Tomorrow I'll be giving you your new passport. You'll be going away from this country until further notice. My sister agreed to help you once you arrive at one of our private island getaways. Just tell Viola when you're ready to go." She works her magic that fast?!

"Are you being serious?" Primrose asked just to make sure she's not hearing things.

Even I am surprised by this. Maya explained to her about some of the details before she turned her attention to me.

"We need to talk. Alone, now." I nodded before shoving my mouth with food again. Honestly, today just wasn't my day to relax. I lead her towards my room and I let her in before closing the door behind me.

"What is it?" I asked when I sat on my bed, turning on the television. Maya jumped on my bed before she lay on her front, facing the television as well.

"Ayame and I went to Claudette's house yesterday and we witness something we shouldn't have." What for?

"First of all, why were you two there? Second, why tell me?" Seriously though, what's the point of telling me about it?

"Can you just let me finish! Anyway, where was I? Oh, her husband! He's having an affair, WITH AMBER! You remember Amber right? The CEO of Monolith Group, the place where Claudette works for before coming to work for us." Hold the fucking phone! That's news indeed!

"Wait a minute! How did you know?"

"We went to her house to have her something she left at my home. She asked us to stay for dinner and her husband went out to buy some things for his trip. After dinner, we talk for a little bit and then, we went home, duh." Where is this going?! The point, to the point!

"And that's when we saw Amber, in her BMW, sending that fucker home! They kiss each other before that man got out from her car and walked towards his home. He even asked Amber to park her car further from his home so no one would notice it." Now that's some juicy gossip.

"And? Why telling me?" I asked.

"I feel sorry though. I don't know if I should tell her about it or just let it be." Maya sighed.

"What did Ayame said?"

"She said to tell her but I don't know, this is their marriage." Honestly, I would tell her too since he's only abusing her but, it's her family, not mine.

"Just tell her. Don't mind her, just think about her daughter. She's better off without a father like that." I shrugged.

Suddenly, I thought of something. Maybe, Amber fired her so they could have the relationship in the office as well. My my, that bitch is something else.

What a whore.


I yawned when I walked through the hallways towards the elevator. I smiled each time I heard someone wish me 'good morning.'

"Oh, chairwoman, good morning." This scent. I turned to the person who greeted me and smiled when it's Claudette.

"Morning. Where's your child? She's not with you?" She shakes her head no.

"I'm staying at my parent's place for 2 weeks since my husband went away from his business trip." Business trip?

"Where does your husband work?" I asked.

"Monolith Group. We actually went to the same workplace and we both got the job. But, as you know, I was fired." Oh yes, Monolith. I don't think this is a business trip at all though.

"As a?"

"Auditor." Bingo.

"So he's working under Amber, the CEO?" Claudette nodded when we both entered the elevator. Poor woman, he's been lying to but I don't have proof, I need picture proof so I can tell her the truth.

"Say, I am curious, what's your husband's name? I am friends with amber, the CEO. We went to the same university after all. He constantly bragging about his most talented worker to us whenever we met." I need to lure her in.

"Oh, his name is Roger. He's been working for the CEO right after I was fired. He said he was given a promotion since his record is clean." Poor woman, he's being lied to for quite some time now.

"This is my floor. Good day, ma'am." She smiled before the door close. I sighed.

I pulled my phone out from my inner coat and called for someone I know so that I can ask for some information regarding Claudette's husband whereabout. If he went on a trip, I'm sure his name should be on a system or something.

"Yes, I would know this person whereabout ... Roger Lowe ... thank you." I hung up and walked out from the elevator towards my office.

"You seems distant, what's up?" Luna asked when I walked passed her.

"I don't know why ... did I call and request to search for her husband. I feel sorry for her when she seems so innocent earlier. She believed that her husband went on a trip. Well, maybe he did but we can't be sure since he's in a relationship with Amber." Luna sighed.

"You shouldn't butt in! What if she hates it when others interfere with her married life? That's a very delicate subject for a woman." Luna's right but, I just can't see her being lied to.

I went to sit in my chair behind the desk and sighed heavily. Luna was about to say something when she received an email on her iPad.

"The airport custom?" They have the info already?!

"Roger Lowe, he's in Paris. They sent me a list of passenger list as well. I'm checking it now. I'm sure you want me to search for Amber's name right?" I nodded. I really hope she's not...

"Yea her name on the list. Including Lady Selena." Even Amber's Mother?! What's going on?!

"Are you serious now? You only care this much if you want to help someone! You even let Maya do whatever she want to help Primrose." Luna fake a cry.

"My little sister all grown up! She doesn't have the heart of a robot anymore, I am glad." Seriously Luna?

"You do know I am a human being, right? Anyway, I think I should hire someone to spy on them and take pictures. What do you think?" She shrugged. I explained to Luna about my plan and she agreed to help me.

After she went out, I turned my chair to the windows and watched the morning view.

I witnessed it with my own eyes how he slapped her in public! God knows how he treated her in their home. That environment is not suitable for kids to grow up in.

I should know since I've been changing orphanage since I was a child before finding a suitable place for me to stay, and that's inside Luna's home. I've been through a lot more worse situation, facing my more darkest moment while I was growing up.

I decided to call Maya via FaceTime and explained to her about what's going on. She seems busy with Ayame when she answered my call.

"Can you two just ... focus on me for once." They both turn to me with a smile on their face.

"We decided to date each other. So butt off." Maya grabbed Ayame's thigh and pulled it closer to her body.

"I have information regarding Claudette's husband. He's in Paris ... and so does Amber and Selena. Same flight, same plane." Finally, their attention is on me.

"That's news indeed!" Ayame let go of Maya and went somewhere.

"Are you sure?" Maya asked. I nodded my answer. She should button up her blouse though.

"Well, What should we do?" I explained to her about my plan and she too was surprised like Luna did.

"Are you by any chance, fallen for Claudette?" Huh? Say what now? Where did she get the idea?!

"El, are you?" I don't know. Yes, whenever I'm with her I feel the need to protect her and the butterflies in the stomach burst into .. something I like to call ... happiness? Maybe.

It's different with Primrose. For Claudette, it's just ... magical I guess.

"For real? A married woman again?" Ayame joked.

"Oh shut up." I end the call and leaned back in my seat. Did I really fallen for Claudette? I don't even know myself.

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