A new week began and she woke with a smile on her face. She’d had a wonderful dream, in which she re-lived the events of Saturday night and Gary. She slipped her hand under the duvet and brushed it between her legs. She was wet. She glanced at her bedside cabinet, and reached over and took her vibrator from the top drawer, which was its new home.

She turned it on, and the low buzz confirmed that the batteries still worked. She spread her legs and slid the vibrator under the duvet and slid it along her wet slit. She let out a moan as she opened her legs further and began to slide it slowly up and down between her lips. With her other hand she slid it under her nightie and cupped her breast, she let her fingers caress over her soft flesh and find her nipple. She rolled it between her finger and thumb as she circled the tip of the vibrator around her clit, then pressed the vibrating tip directly onto her sensitive button. She gasped as a wave of pleasure swept through her and she pushed her pussy up against the plastic cock.

Her moans filled the bedroom as she slowly pushed the vibrator into her soaking wet pussy and began to fuck herself with it. It wasn’t the real thing, but it was still damn good. She pushed it inside of her until she felt the vibrations on her cervix, she gasped and cried out as jolts of electricity shot through her body. Her legs twitched and she clamped them around her hand as she rocked her hips from side to side. She worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy as she pinched her nipple and moaned out loud.

It came upon her suddenly and violently. She shook and cried out as her orgasm swept over her and she pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy as she clasped her legs around it. She let go of it and with both of her hands, she pinched her nipples and squealed as she came hard. She lay there, her breasts heaved as she gulped in air, her body twitched and jerked as she enjoyed the intense pleasure of her orgasm. Her thighs clenched tightly together and held the vibrator between them as it stuck out of her pussy. The vibrations seemed to filter through her whole body as she moaned and rolled her head from side to side.

Eventually, her orgasm passed and she relaxed her legs and they parted. She reached down and slowly withdrew the buzzing plastic cock, and as she did the noise level increased as it came out of her pussy. She turned it off and placed it on the bed. She looked at the ceiling. Her breathing began to slow down and she stroked her fingers softly over her tingling skin.

“Hmm. That was good.” She moaned.

Later that day she was in town. She had decided that she needed to do something about finding some work, just part-time. She didn’t want to rely totally on Ian, and she knew that as time passed, they would eventually divorce and that would mean lawyers, so she thought a little extra cash wouldn’t go amiss.

She’d just left an employment agency where she’d registered for work when her mobile rang. She checked the screen, it was her daughter Jenny. Almost as soon as she answered she sensed that something was up. Jenny asked where she was, and when she told her she asked her to call her when she got home.

“What is it, Jenny? Is something wrong? Are you okay?

“I’m fine mum, it’s not me.

Sally became worried.

“What is it? I know something is wrong.

Jenny sighed.

“It’s you, mum.

Sally’s heart pounded in her chest.

“What about me? I’m fine.

“Mum. Robert saw you out on Saturday night.

Sally froze. She hadn’t thought for one moment that she might be seen out. And as she began to explain and try to deflect attention from her, Jenny stopped her.

“Call me when you get home mum.

It wasn’t the most relaxed drive home. She wondered what Robert had seen. Then she began to panic. Had he followed her home? Or had her followed home? By the time she got home and was sat on the sofa, her fingers trembled as she held her mobile. She stared at the screen and she could feel her heartbeat inside her chest as she pressed dial.

“Hi Jenny, I’m home.” She tried to sound relaxed and cheery.

Jenny sighed and told her that her son had seen her out with Karen on Saturday and that she’d chatted with the two guys in the pub.

“Mum. He said that you left with them. Did you go back to their place with them?

“No honey, we didn’t.


“Well, mum?

Sally sighed.

“Okay. Yes, I went out with Karen. And yes, we met the two guys.

She paused.

“And yes, we came back here.” She waited for her to explode.

“Mum? Did you have sex with him?

She blushed as she heard the words.

“Honey. I don’t want to have this conversation with you. I’m sorry if you’re upset.

“Mum, you don’t understand. I'm not upset. I’m surprised, but I'm not upset.

“Oh!” Sally replied. “I expected you to be disgusted.

Jenny sighed.

“Why mum? You’re a woman, and you have needs.” Her daughter said.

“That’s very understanding of you Jenny. I thought that you’d think I’d acted like a slut.

“I don’t mum.

Sally rolled her eyes, unseen to Jenny.

“I bet Robert was disgusted.

“He wasn’t mum. He was surprised too, but he said that you looked so happy. Happier than he'd seen you for a long time, he said.

Jenny asked her if she was seeing him again and was shocked when Sally said that she wasn’t.

“Oh, mum! You had a one-night-stand!” She giggled.

Sally laughed, “Yes I did,”

“I hope that you were careful?” Jenny inquired.

Sally hesitated, then told her that she had been.

“Good. Because there’s a lot of stuff around out there mum, and it’s been a while. Did you enjoy it?

Sally screwed her face up. She didn’t want to have this conversation with her daughter.

“Oh, Jenny. I can't discuss that with you, honey.

Jenny laughed.

“Oh come on mum! We’re both adults. It’s only sex. Robert said that the guy you left with was quite good looking, and tall.

Sally realised that she was blushing.

“Gary. Yes, he was.

Jenny giggled again.

“Oh, Gary is it?

Sally had to laugh.

“Yes. That's his name.

They chatted a little longer, then after they’d hung up Sally sat back on the sofa and sighed.

‘Well, that went a lot better than I had envisaged. But I really must be more careful when we go out in future.’ She sighed with relief.

A couple of days later she received a phone call from the agency, they had an interview for her if she wanted it. It was for a ‘call-centre’, working for an energy company, in the customer service department. She had requested that, as she didn’t think that she was cut out for a sales job. She was pleasantly surprised to receive a call so quickly. She accepted the offer of an interview and was even more surprised to find that it was the following day.

She nervously fidgeted with her fingers as she waited to be called into her interview. And when her name was called it seemed to surprise her, the assistant had to call it twice. It was a successful interview. After a nervous start, she quickly settled and although she had no experience of the role, full training would be given. She was only in about half-an-hour and soon found herself walking around the town as the adrenaline slowly left her body and she began to calm.

She received confirmation that she had got the job the following day and when she rang them to accept they finalised her hours. She had requested part-time and agreed to work three days, and one weekend day a month. It wasn’t a huge amount of money, but she immediately felt better about herself, that she was earning a wage and not solely reliant on Ian.

He was surprised, and happy for her when she told him. She asked him how he was holding up and it was clear that he was struggling. She had to focus on why they were in the situation that they were as her sympathy towards him grew. She asked him if he had thought about getting a solicitor.

“No. I haven’t. Have you?” He asked.

“Well. No, not exactly. But we will have to at some point Ian.

She could almost feel his slump on the other end of the phone. She was sure that he thought that they could work it out. She knew that he regretted what he’d done, but she couldn’t see her ever forgiving him, or forgetting. He never mentioned Gary during their conversation, and she breathed a sigh of relief, as she had been worried that Robert might have said something to him about it.

She woke up on Friday and had made herself a plan of action for almost the whole day. She had allocated the morning for clothes shopping. She felt that she needed some casual, comfortable clothes to wear at work. She'd allowed most of the afternoon to be taken up with an appointment at the hair salon.

Her day got off to a disastrous start. Her car struggled to start, and when she eventually got it going it sounded rough. She left it on the drive and took a taxi into town. She stopped for a coffee before she started her shopping, she needed to de-stress. She called her son and told him about her car. She asked him if he could recommend a garage to get it repaired. He told her to hang fire and said that he’d get his mate to call around and have a look at it for her.

“You’ve met him, mum. He checked out your car before you bought it. James, he’s a really good mechanic. And he owes me a favour.

Robert called her back while she was trying on a skirt and told her that James would be at her house around six that evening.

“Just buy him a pizza and give him a bottle of beer and he’ll be fine mum.

She had a good day out. She bought plenty of clothes, and she was delighted with her hair. They’d only really tidied it up, it hadn’t been that long since she’d had the re-style, but she enjoyed being pampered, and she felt a lot better when she left.

True to his word, James arrived a minute after six. As she watched him unload his tools from his car she couldn’t help notice how fit he looked. Robert had said that he played rugby, and as she looked at him, she knew that under his t-shirt would be a mass of firm muscles.

She shook her head. ‘Be serious Sally. He's your son’s friend. Besides, you’re old enough to be his mum, he wouldn’t be interested in someone like you.’ She thought as she continued to stare.

She joined him at the front of her car as he dropped his toolbox on the floor and smiled at her.

“Nice to see you again Sally.

She felt a shiver as he said her name and hoped that she hadn’t blushed.

“You too James. Though it could be under better circumstances.

‘Oh, God. What will he think I meant by that?’ She berated herself as he got into her car and tried to start it. It spluttered into life, then stopped. He nodded and explained what it might be, and the top of his list was a fuel supply problem. She asked him if he wanted a drink and left to get him a coke as he lifted the bonnet and began to work on her car.

For the next hour and a half, he worked on it. She kept an eye on him from the lounge and she found it incredibly hard not to stare. Especially when he removed his t-shirt as he got quite sweaty whilst bent over the bonnet of her car. Eventually, she heard the car start up and he revved it and it sounded perfect. She went outside just in time to see him slip his t-shirt back on.

“That should be it, Sally.

As he packed his tools away, the car engine ticked over and appeared to run smoothly. He explained that it had been a problem with the dirty fuel filter, but she wasn’t listening. Her eyes were glued to his muscles as he picked up his heavy toolbox and put it back inside his car.

“I’ll take it for a spin for you, just to check it out.

She nodded. He glanced at her.

“Would you like to come with me?

She hesitated, ‘why was he asking? Would it be weird if I went?’ She wondered. She nodded and turned and locked the front door and climbed into the passenger seat as he slipped into the driver’s seat.

They soon sped along the narrow country lanes just outside of town. He was a good driver, and as they sped along, she leaned back into the seat as the wind blew through her hair, and the evening sun shone on her face. She felt so relaxed. He gave the engine a real work-out. She hadn’t driven the car that fast since she had bought it, and he was right, it was a great little car, especially with the roof down. When they got back, he parked it back on her drive and turned off the engine. She straightened her hair and smiled at him.

“Well thank you, James. How much do I owe you?” She asked.

He shook his head.

“Nothing. You’re Robert's mum, I can't charge you.

She smiled and found herself with her hand on his arm.

“Okay. But at least let me buy you some supper. And maybe give you a beer.

He smiled and nodded.

“That’d be great Sally. Maybe, if you don’t mind, I could have a shower. It got quite hot out there.

She nodded and they went inside. She ordered pizza, then showed him the bathroom and as she looked at him she saw that his t-shirt was covered in oil and grease.

“I’ve still got Ian’s stuff here. I’ll get you a t-shirt, or something to change into James.

As she searched through her husband's t-shirts, she heard the shower turn on, and she glanced at the bathroom door. She stared and found herself wondering just what was on the other side of the door. Again, she shook her head. ‘Get a grip Sally!

He came down the stairs. His hair was wet and as he dried it she looked at his naked torso. He looked gorgeous. He was, as they say, ripped. He worked out, and his muscles were so well defined, and his stomach was flat, and like a washboard. She felt her pulse quicken and prayed that she could stop blushing. She pointed to the sofa and the t-shirt that was laid across the back. He picked it up and slid it over his head. It was too big for him, but he was grateful to her.

She handed him a bottle of beer.

“The pizza will be five minutes.

They ‘clinked’ bottles and she once again thanked him for fixing her car. They made small-talk whilst waiting for the pizza.

When it arrived they sat out in the garden and ate it. She felt quite relaxed and found James very easy to talk to. She asked him if he was going out at the weekend. He said that he wasn’t sure, then she asked about his girlfriend, and was surprised to find that he was single. He sipped his beer and looked at her.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this Sally. But your husband has got to be some kind of fool for cheating on you.

She smiled at him, it was very flattering to be told that and she thanked him. She said that she found it surprising that he didn’t have a girlfriend, thankfully she managed to avoid telling him that it was because he was so hot.

“Oh, I date Sally. But to be honest, girls my age bore me.

He looked into her eyes.

“They are just that, girls.

Her heart fluttered.

‘He’s flirting with me, I’m sure of it.’ She turned her eyes away, she couldn’t look at him, she was so turned on at that moment. She smiled and asked him if he wanted another beer, she had to get away for a few seconds, she knew that her nipples would be hard and poking through her blouse.

He followed her into the kitchen and as she got another beer from the fridge he stood close to her. She turned and their faces almost touched. She could feel his breath on her cheek. She lowered her eyes, she thought that if she looked into his eyes there would be no stopping her. She trembled as she felt his fingers cup her chin and slowly lift her face to look at him. She breathed heavily as they stared at each other.

“Oh, Sally. You’re so beautiful.

Her lips trembled as she looked into his eyes. She knew that she should stop him, but she was defenceless.

“James, we shouldn’t.” She muttered as he ignored her and lowered his head and gently kissed her.

She felt her legs weaken and she had to hold onto his arms as she feared that she would fall. He held her and pulled her to him as he kissed her passionately. His tongue slipped past her lips and probed inside of her mouth. She couldn’t stop a moan as any resistance, or reticence left her and she was completely at his mercy. They stood in the kitchen and he held her in his arms as they kissed. She felt so weak, her legs hardly supported her as his strong arms engulfed her and held her against his body.

They broke their kiss and she panted. He stared into her eyes and smiled.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, Sally.

She struggled to talk and just stared into his deep blue eyes. She managed a few words.

“But Robert?

He smiled and stroked his fingers across her cheek.

“He doesn’t have to know Sally.” He stared into her eyes.

Her heart pounded inside her chest as if it was trying to get out. His hands pressed into her back and pulled her against him, she felt his bulge press into her belly as he kissed her again. It was no use, she couldn’t say no to him. The fact was, she didn’t want to say no to him.

He sighed as he held onto her almost limp body. She moaned as they separated.

“What are we doing James? This is wrong.” She sighed as she held onto him.

He kissed her again.

“Do you want me to go, Sally?

She couldn’t take her eyes from his as she bit her lower lip.

“No. I don’t.

He smiled and hugged her.

“Sally. I’ve wanted you since I first met you at Robert’s engagement party.

She was breathing faster as she stared into his eyes. She slid her hands behind his back and laid her head on his chest.

“Oh, God. This is crazy.” She moaned.

He smiled, he couldn’t believe that it was going to happen. He took her hand and led her from the kitchen and towards the stairs.

He closed the bedroom door behind him, and when he turned around he took her in his arms and kissed her again. She moaned, she couldn’t believe how he made her feel. He was the same age as her son, yet she didn’t care.

He unbuttoned her blouse, and at the same time her fingers tugged at his t-shirt and pulled it up. She stared at his chest as she began to expose it, and he let go of her blouse and allowed her to lift his shirt over his head. She threw it onto the floor as he finished unbuttoning her blouse and pushed it open. He smiled as he gazed on her breasts, enclosed by her bra. He pushed it from her shoulders and onto the floor as she started on his jeans.

Soon they faced each other in their underwear. She took in his beauty and let her fingers trace over his chest and neck. She stared at his chest and her eyes dropped onto his tight shorts, and his bulge, he was hard. She licked her lips and raised her eyes and looked at him. He leaned in and kissed her again, and he reached behind and unhooked her bra and let it fall, and released her breasts.

“Oh wow, Sally. You’re beautiful.

She smiled. She loved hearing that. She moaned as his fingers cupped her breasts and started to caress and stroke across her sensitive nipples. She felt herself guided back and when her legs hit the bed he gently laid her down and then he lay down beside her and let his hands stroke over her body as they kissed.

Her hand slid down between their bodies and her fingers slid across his shorts and she felt his hard cock underneath. He groaned as she slipped her hand inside of his shorts and her fingers found his shaft. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it gently and moaned.

“Fuck me.” She moaned into his ear as he nuzzled on her breast.

He rolled back and started to pull down his shorts, and as he did she lifted her bum off the bed and pulled her knickers down. He stared.

“Oh wow. That’s a fucking gorgeous pussy, Sally.

She glanced down at his cock, now released from his shorts, he was hard. He wasn’t huge, about seven inches she guessed, but he was iron-rod stiff, a benefit of youth. He knelt up and looked down at her as she stared up at him. Her breasts heaved as she breathed hard and her eyes begged him to fuck her.

“I haven’t got a condom, Sally.

She looked to her bedside cabinet.

“In there.

He leaned over and pulled a packet out of the draw. He quickly ripped it open and she watched as he slid it onto his rigid cock and rolled it down his shaft. She stared at him, her breasts rose and fell as he knelt between her legs and pushed them apart. She looked down as he guided his cock towards her bald pussy.

She closed her eyes and moaned as he pushed it between her lips and spread them, then, he searched for her hole and when he found it, he leaned on one arm and looked at her. She moaned when he pressed forward and after a little resistance, he stretched her and slipped inside. He pushed until he was all inside of her and he lay on her.

She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her legs around his thighs and locked her feet behind him as he began to move inside her. She moaned and pushed back at him as he started to fuck her. He thrust deep into her and she cried out as she clung onto him as he picked up his pace and started to fuck her in earnest.

She held onto his back as he pounded his cock into her. Her fingers dug into his back as he picked up the pace and he began to fuck her hard. She cried out and begged him to fuck her harder.

“Yes. Yes. Oh, fuck James. Fuck me! Harder James, harder.

Encouraged by her cries he began to slam into her so hard that the bed moved. The headboard banged off the wall with each thrust as she screamed out and shuddered as her body was engulfed by an orgasm. She gripped him with her thighs as she dug her fingers hard into his back and pressed her mouth into his neck. He grunted and groaned as he thrust hard and felt his cock twitch, and he began to fill the condom with his cum.

“Aghh.” He cried and fell on top of her. She held him as they both gasped for air as their orgasms swept over them and then slowly subsided. She stroked her fingers over his back as she felt him soften inside of her and they began to regain control over their breathing.

He rolled from her and lay beside her. She stared at the ceiling and tried to take in what had happened. She turned her head and let her finger stroke over his chest which now glistened with sweat. She smiled.

“Wow James. That was something.

He smiled at her.

“It sure was.

She watched him as he slid the full condom from his softening cock and tied it. She turned and faced him, her fingers stroked over his chest.

“Can you stay?

He looked at her.

“Do you think that is wise? What if Robert were to come over?

She slipped out of bed and walked downstairs. He listened as she called her son and told him that the car had been fixed, and she was having an early night. When she returned to the bedroom he was sat up and looked at her. She smiled.

“So. Will you stay?” She asked again.

He smiled and nodded.

The following morning she woke and looked across the bed. It was empty. She looked around and thought that he was gone, but then she realised that he was in the shower as she heard the familiar sound of splashing water.

When he came out he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled.

“Good morning.

She smiled and got out of bed, naked. He stared.

“Fuck Sally. You are gorgeous.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him. He sighed.

“Oh, Sally. I’d love to stay, but I have to get home to get changed for work. Sorry.

She rolled her eyes and pouted. But it was no use, he had to go. As she sat on the toilet she wondered what would happen next, or if she’d see him again. This wasn’t like the other guys she’d fucked, last night felt special to her. But she knew that the reality was, that there was no chance of them getting together.

When she came out he was dressed. He kissed her and hugged her.

“Thanks for last night, Sally.

She tried not to look disappointed as she hugged him.

“Yeah. It was fun James, thank you too.

Another kiss and he was gone. She sat on the bed and heard the front door close, then a minute later, she heard his car engine start and he drove away. She got up and walked around the bed. She glanced at the three used condoms on the floor beside the bed. She smiled as she picked them up. They were quite full, he did come a lot, ‘how I remember being young. Ian sometimes used to fuck me two or three times in a day.’ She sighed. And as she dropped them into the bin in the bathroom she smiled again, she knew that she had more memories to use when she next masturbated.

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