That first week in the house on her own was a strange experience. She had spent time on her own in the past. He had gone away on business trips many times but it felt different. She knew that this wasn’t just for one or two nights, this was it for the foreseeable future.

Her son and daughter were happy that she had finally asked him to leave. She was quick to insist that they kept in touch with their father.

“He’s still your dad. And I don’t want you to take sides in this. You can be angry with him, but please don’t shut him out. He needs you more than ever.

She was surprised that it was her son Robert who had struggled most. Jenny had given him a really hard time and spoke her mind. But when she was done, she said that he could come to see her any time he wanted. All she asked was that he checked with her first and not go unannounced.

Sally called her son and they chatted about his dad.

“Mum. I don’t understand why you want me to be nice to him.

“Robert. He’s your dad. He loves you and Jenny very much. When you and Hannah have a family you will understand. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for you both. Please, give him a chance.” She pleaded with her son.

It took some doing, but she eventually got him to agree and he called his dad, and they agreed to meet for a drink later that evening.

Another surprise for Sally was how many of her friends suddenly began calling her. Word had spread amongst them and she had invites for dinner, for coffee and even Sunday lunch. She liked the idea of Sunday lunch and she agreed to meet a few of her old friends at a lovely pub outside of town that sat on the banks of the river.

During the week she cleaned out his stuff from the main bedroom and put it into the spare room and she returned to what was the marital bed and was now hers. She changed the bedding and gave the room a good clean and airing. She wanted to make a fresh start.

After her first night back in her bed, she realised that something didn’t feel right, and after a lot of thought she realised what it was. After a visit to town, she returned to await the delivery of her new bed and mattress for a new start.

A couple of days later she took delivery of the bed. She’d paid extra for them to assemble it for her and as soon as they had left she went upstairs and stared at her new bed. The whole room looked new, and it had a different feel. She looked around and nodded. It looked and felt like a woman’s room now.

She walked over to her chest of drawers and opened the top one, her underwear drawer. She didn’t know why she felt as if she was pulled there. Her hand slipped inside and searched around when she pulled her hand out, she had her vibrator clenched in her fingers. She turned it on, then remembered that the batteries were dead. She looked around the room and her eyes fell on a portable fan that sat on her drawers.

She picked up the fan and opened the back. She smiled as she removed the batteries and took the base off her vibrator and swapped them over. She replaced the base and turned it, she felt the vibrations and heard the familiar buzzing, ‘it works!

She glanced over to the bed. ‘I couldn’t. Could I?

She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. She stared at the buzzing vibrator, ‘what the hell!

In a matter of seconds, she had her skirt off and her knickers laid on the floor. She laid back on her new bed and spread her legs, then held the vibrator against her smooth pussy lips. She then slid it slowly up and down between her wet lips. She moaned immediately and cried out as she slid the pink vibrating cock along her wet slit and onto her clit. When she pressed the tip of the vibrator onto her clit she gasped and threw her head back.

“Oh god! That’s good!

She hadn’t masturbated in years but she loved it. And as she worked the vibrator over her clit her thoughts went back to the previous weekend and the young man who had fucked her so hard in the adjoining room. She cried out as she pushed the pink tool into her pussy and the vibrations seemed to go through her whole body as she slowly fucked herself. She bit her lower lip as she moved it in and out.

“Of fuck. Oh yes, fuck me.

She closed her eyes and imagined her young stud was ramming his hard cock into her pussy. She ground her pussy against her hand as she fucked herself. Her spare hand dropped and caressed and masturbated her clit as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

Suddenly she crossed her legs and clamped her hand, and the vibrator, between her thighs as she rolled onto her side and cried out as her body shuddered and she came. She felt her pussy clench and unclench around the pink cock as her fingers kept rubbing her clit as she orgasmed.

She was laid on her new bed, on her fresh bedding, her legs spread wide as the pink vibrator buzzed deep inside of her pussy. She panted and breathed hard as she slowly started to recover from her orgasm.

She reached down between her legs and slowly withdrew the vibrator. As she did, the buzzing got louder, and her body trembled as she received ‘after-shocks’ as she pulled it out. She turned it off and let it fall onto the bed and she laid her head back and stared at the ceiling.

“Damn. I need to be fucked!

Later that evening, as she sat and watched TV, she couldn’t stop thinking about sex. Since she had masturbated she was desperate for it. She wondered what had happened to her. It had been ages since she and Ian had made love, yet after one night with her young stud, it was all she could think about.

She went online and searched for porn, but it didn’t satisfy her. She found a forum where people discussed no-strings sex and where to find it and how to do it. She read one account of a woman of a similar age to her who would go out on her own to a bar and always managed to leave with someone who would take her home and fuck her. As she read it her mind drifted, ‘I couldn’t do that. Could I?

She closed down the computer and stared at the clock. It was nine o’clock, ‘was it too late to go out?

She walked into the bar just after ten. She’d quickly changed and wore a knee-length skirt and a plain blouse, no tights, just pull-up stockings. When she walked in she looked around, it wasn’t that busy, lots of couples, a few groups of guys, and women, and the music was quite loud.

She trembled as she made her way to the bar and waited her turn. She felt tense and nervous and for a moment she wondered what she was doing there, and even considered turning and walking out.

She felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Do you mind if I get you that drink?

She turned and looked up into the eyes of a tall, gorgeous guy. Short-cropped hair, around six-three, well built, he filled out the shirt that he wore, his muscles defined by the tight material stretched across them. She smiled at him and nodded.

“Er. Yes sorry, thank you.

He slipped alongside her and got served almost immediately.

She stepped back and was stood a few yards away when he returned with their drinks. He handed her drink to her and introduced himself.

“I’m Alex.

She smiled and sipped her drink to buy some time.

“I’m Sally.

He smiled, “Pleased to meet you, Sally.

She took another drink. She hoped that he couldn’t see her trembling hands.

“If you don’t mind me saying. You look out of place here.

She smiled.

“I know. I’ve not been out on my own for years.

“So what brought you out tonight?

She looked into his eyes. ‘I was hoping to meet someone like you who would fuck me senseless’. Was what she thought, what she said was something completely different.

“I just needed to get out of the house.

They chatted, though later she'd have no memory of what they talked about. And as they talked they slowly moved closer and closer together. She could smell him, his scent was intoxicating, and his eyes captivating. She could feel how wet she had become, she was aroused by him. He bought another drink and it was now gone ten-thirty.

By this time they were stood very close and he had his hand on her arm and she was virtually throwing herself at him.

‘He must be gay if he can’t see how much I want him.’ She thought as she leaned against him and pressed her breast against his arm. He glanced around then leaned in close to her ear.

“Listen Sally. I get it. I want you too. But I can't go home.

She glanced at him.


He shook his head.

“No. My sister and her kid are staying with me, it’s a small flat.

She smiled. “It’s okay. We can go back to mine.

Again, he shook his head.

“I can’t. I promised her I’d be back before eleven-thirty.

She frowned and her heart sank. She was so disappointed that her hopes had been dashed. He noticed and whispered

“I know a place we could go.

She stared at him. ‘A place? What was he talking about?

He took her hand.

“Follow me.

He led her outside. It was dark, but it was a warm night and he turned right and she followed. A few yards later he turned again and led her down a narrow alley between the bar and the next building. It was dark and she wondered where he was taking her, and why she was following him. The alley opened up into a small area where the waste bins were stored behind locked gates. There was a lone light that illuminated the area. He stopped and turned.

Before she could speak he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She moaned as she felt his tongue push into her mouth and explore as she felt guided back until her back hit the brick wall.

He pressed his body against her and kissed her hard.

“Oh, Sally. I wanted you as soon as you walked in. You’re so fucking sexy.

She loved how he spoke to her, and as her hands explored his back, his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them roughly. She moaned and wriggled as he pawed at her breasts, she was so turned on by his rough manner. He kissed her neck and pressed his fingers into her breasts.

“Fuck Sally. I want you now.

She gasped for air and panted. She was breathless and managed only one word,


He grunted that he had one and stepped back from her. He looked at her, she leaned against the wall. Her blouse was out of her skirt and the top buttons had come undone. Her face was flushed and her skirt partially up her thigh. He pulled a condom from his pocket and started to undo his pants.

“Take your knickers off.” He demanded.

She stared at him for a second then reached under her skirt and slipped her knickers off. He pulled out his cock and she gasped. He was huge, the biggest that she’d ever seen. He was tall, and everything was in proportion. She stared as he rolled the condom over the length of his cock, and as he smoothed it out she noticed that it fell an inch or so short of the base.

He told her to hitch her skirt up which she did. He moved forward and pinned her against the wall as he wrapped her arms around his neck. He bent his knees and slipped his hands under her skirt and her ass. He lifted her like she weighed nothing and she wrapped her legs around his waist. This was raw sex like she’d fantasised about, but it was happening.

With her legs tight around his waist and her arms around his neck, she was held in the air as he reached between them and guided his huge fat cock towards her pussy. He didn’t take it slow, he didn’t try to arouse her. He found his target then let go, then he held her up as he slammed forward and penetrated her hard with his cock.

She cried out as he slammed into her and pushed her hard against the brick wall. She screamed from the pain of the brick against her back and the pleasure of being opened up by his huge cock. He grunted with every thrust as he pinned her against the wall and fucked her hard. She held onto his neck as she was suspended in the air as he pounded into her pussy. She had never experienced anything like it before and it was mind-blowing. It was so pleasurable that she almost forgot about the pain of the wall scraping across her back with every thrust from his huge member.

She was soon crying out and screaming with pleasure as her whole body responded to his thrusting. She had been stretched like never before and she loved it. This hard, rough sex was the most pleasurable thing that she had ever experienced and she never wanted it to end. But it did. And it ended with a grunt and a groan. She felt his cock swell inside of her and she knew that he had filled that condom.

He leaned against her and as he held her up he pressed his face into her neck. He panted as she felt his cock jerk inside of her as he pumped his cum into the condom. She clung onto him as he tried to withdraw, she didn’t want to let go of him. He managed to pull out and set her down on the ground. She held onto him for a few seconds until her legs felt strong enough to hold her up.

He stepped back and smiled at her.

“Fuck. That was awesome Sally.

She smiled as she tried to regain control of her breathing. She watched as he pulled off the condom and tied the end then threw it into one of the bins. She smoothed down her skirt as he pulled up his pants. She looked down at her knickers which lay on the ground in a pool of rainwater. She shrugged, she wasn’t taking them back home.

He took her hand and kissed her.

“Thank you, Sally. That was amazing.

She smiled. She desperately wanted to ask him to meet again but wondered if it would be too much. She had no experience of this ‘one-night-stand’ business, and in the end, didn’t ask. He led her out of the alley and into the street. No-one seemed to notice them emerge from the alley and they walked hand-in-hand to the taxi stand.

He kissed her before she stepped into her taxi. And as she left she wondered if she would ever see him again. She lay back in the seat of the cab and closed her eyes.

‘I wonder what the person emptying the next bin would make of my knickers lying on the ground’ She thought as she replayed the events of the night in her head with a huge smile on her face.

At home, she showered and when she emerged from the bathroom she stood in front of her full mirror in the bedroom. She stared at her body. She could see that her pussy lips were a little swollen and red, they had been well used earlier. She turned slightly so that she could see her back and she winced as she saw scratches and marks made by the brick wall as she was pounded against it as he fucked her.

She slipped into bed, naked. She loved the feel of fresh linen on her body and as she lay on her back she smiled to herself. ‘If your daughter knew what you’d just done, she’d be horrified.”’

She fell asleep with a huge smile on her face.

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