Breaking Free


125.83k words

46 chapters



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“What surprised me was that you had sex with someone just to spite me!”
She hung her head. It wasn’t meant to be like this. She wasn't the bad guy.

Sally James is forty-three, married with two grown up children. Robert who is twenty-two and married to Hannah, and Jenny, who is nineteen and at university. Sally is married to Ian and they have been together for twenty-five years and married for twenty-three. And he is a pig.
Over the years her husband Ian had slowly taken control of every aspect of her life. Slowly, and without her realising it, her friends began to drift away and she stopped receiving the invites for coffee, or for drinks.
He was never violent towards her. But he controlled her emotionally and psychologically. When she finally realised what he had done, her first thought was to take the kids and leave. But he made it clear that he would never allow that, and he would do everything in his power to show that she was a bad mother.
Like so many women in her situation, she lacked the confidence

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