After her night with James, her sexual frustration had almost disappeared. A night with a young twenty-something, year-old, would do that to a woman of her age. She still masturbated regularly, but the urge to go out and have sex seemed to have diminished.

That was, until three weeks later when Karen once again asked her to go out at the weekend. She didn’t have to think too hard about it. It had been a while and whilst she wasn’t gagging for it, if the opportunity presented itself, then she might just take up the offer.

Things between her and Ian had been good recently. Whilst they were still being civil to each other, she knew more than ever that she’d made the right decision. She couldn’t possibly take him back. What he did, really hurt her, and she didn’t think that she could ever bring herself to forgive him. She certainly couldn’t ever trust him again. But she didn’t hate him any more. And what he did, had forced her to look at her life and herself. And she had experienced so much in the weeks since they’d split, she knew she would never have done any of it had she not been pushed into it.

She had seen her son a few times recently. He’d visited with his wife and they'd talked about her new-found freedom. It was a little embarrassing at first, but he understood that she was exploring her new life and she promised him that she would ‘be careful’, when he, like his sister, began to talk to her about using protection.

She’d noticed during her last shower, that her pubic hair had started to grow back and was quite stubbly. She paid another visit to the store and returned with another ‘hair-removal’ treatment. An hour later she admired herself in the full-length mirror in her bedroom and smiled at her perfectly smooth pussy. She stroked her fingers softly over the smooth sensitive skin and shivered, as tiny electrical pulses shot through her body. She realised that she was quite aroused, maybe she did need sex after all she wondered.

Saturday arrived, and as she got dressed she noticed that she was already a little wet, and as she slipped on her panties, she could see that her clit had started to push out of its hood and was hard. She looked at herself in the mirror. ‘I think you need to get laid Sally, don’t you?’ She smiled at her reflection as she nodded.

“Mother’s, lock up your sons,” she said to herself as she left her bedroom.

They followed their usual routine and met up at the restaurant. They enjoyed a lovely meal and chatted throughout about everything from the state of the world, to the table full of guys who checked them out. After they’d eaten they headed into what was now their favourite bar.

As they waited to get served, her eyes scanned the room. She was desperate to check out whether or not her son was out. She didn’t want to see him and face another call from her daughter. Karen noticed and tugged on her arm.

“Forget Robert. If he’s here then he’s here. Don’t worry about him, we are here to have fun.” Karen smiled and with a cheeky grin said.

“And to get laid.

She smiled back at her friend. She was right and she looked around the room and saw that there were a lot of hot guys in.

It turned into a weird night for them. They’d had two drinks and no-one had yet approached them or even caught their attention. It seemed that either they weren’t what the guys were looking for, or they were all in couples.

Things didn’t improve much in the next bar. And after another couple of drinks, Sally had decided that she’d had enough and was about to tell Karen that she wanted to call it a night when a couple of young guys approached and asked if they could buy them a drink. Before she could answer, Karen had accepted, and whilst they were away getting their drinks she told her that she wanted to leave.

“Oh come on. Give these two a chance Sally. What have we got to lose?

She rolled her eyes at her.

“Oh come on Karen. They’re hardly out of short pants.” Sally moaned.

And they were. They only looked just old enough to be able to drink. She didn’t have a good feeling about it, but Karen persuaded her to give them a chance, and when they returned she smiled and accepted her drink.

Kevin and Steve were both nineteen, and students at the local college. Both were quite good looking, Steve, who had stood beside Sally, looked to be around five-ten, short brown hair and looked to be quite fit. She relaxed and decided to give them a chance, as Karen had asked.

A little later, she found herself on the small dance-floor with Steve, as she slowly warmed to him. He was young, for sure, but he seemed to be quite mature. The left the dance-floor and stood with Karen and Kevin. Steve had slipped his arm around her waist as they left the dance-floor, and she let herself be pulled towards him as she watched Karen and Kevin get closer acquainted.

Suddenly she felt Steve's hand slide down her bum, lifted her dress and he slipped his fingers between her thighs as he moved them up her legs. She turned, pulled away from him and stared at him.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked.

He stared at her and smiled.

“Oh come on. Don’t tell me that you’re shy. We both know why you have come out tonight. You want to get fucked.

She glared at him.

“Admit it, Sally. Let’s face it. At your age, you have to take whatever you can get.

She was shocked and angry. She stared at Karen who had stopped making out with Kevin and looked at her. She turned to Karen.

“I’m sorry Karen. But I’m done. I won’t take that from the likes of him.

Steve didn’t give up.

“For fuck’s sake. What’s wrong with you? You came out to get fucked, and me and Kevin want to fuck you both, so stop messing about and let’s just get on with it.

She was raging. She wanted to slap his face but knew that she couldn’t, or didn’t have the bottle. She turned away and walked out of the bar. As the cool night air hit her she trembled, she was so angry at him, and at herself. ‘What are you thinking? At your age!’ She thought.

She was brought from her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around quickly, expecting to see Steve and was glad when she saw Karen.

“Hey. Are you okay?” She asked.

She shook her head. She wasn’t. And she also had to fight back tears as she felt so ashamed, and angry. Karen hugged her and told her not to fret over two jerks like them. As they walked to the taxi stand Sally apologised for ruining their evening. Karen told her not to be so silly, and that she hadn’t ruined anything.

“I’ve had a great night with you. Now come on, I’ll take you home.

They got out of the taxi at home and Sally opened the door. She put the kettle on and they stood in the kitchen and waited for it to boil. Karen slipped her hands around Sally’s waist and held her as she leaned her head against her friend’s shoulder.

“Oh, Karen. What was I thinking? I can’t do this. It’s not me.

Karen stroked her hair as she held her.

“Rubbish. Of course, you can. Okay, maybe we need to be more selective on the guys we talk to. But I won't let you slip back to be the timid, downtrodden woman that you were.

She lifted her face and smiled at her. Their faces almost touched. Their lips were so close. Sally looked into Karen’s eyes, and before she knew it, they kissed. It took her a few seconds to realise what had happened. And when she did Karen had her in her arms and held her close as her tongue pushed at Sally’s lips.

She resisted for a few more seconds then let out a sigh as she parted her lips and let Karen’s tongue into her mouth. She felt guided backwards until her bum rested against the counter and she pressed her body against hers as they continued their kiss.

When they eventually broke for air, they stared at each other. Both of them breathed hard and their eyes were locked on each other. Neither of them spoke for a few moments, then she opened her mouth to talk and Karen stopped her with another kiss.

This time she slid her hands up her back and held her, then she pulled her into an embrace as they kissed each other passionately. She couldn’t believe what we were doing, She had never had any thoughts towards a woman before, yet here she was locked in a passionate embrace with her friend. They parted again. Sally stood and panted as she looked at her friend.

“What are we doing Karen?” She asked.

She smiled and took her hand.

“Stop thinking Sally. Just let yourself go.

Karen turned and led her from the kitchen, through the lounge and towards the stairs. Sally stopped her and as she turned she asked her.

“Is this a good idea?

Karen smiled.

“It’s the best idea that I’ve had for a long time, Sally.

Sally was nervous and shy. She bit her lower lip.

“I’ve never. Well, you know.

Karen smiled and squeezed her hand.

“Relax. I have. It’ll be great, come on.

Karen started up the stairs and Sally followed behind her. her legs trembled as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

Inside her bedroom, Karen closed the door and turned to face her friend. Sally physically trembled as Karen walked towards her and took Sally in her arms. She stared into her eyes.

“I’ve imagined this for years, Sally. You have no idea.

Sally smiled nervously as Karen leaned forward and kissed her. Sally moaned softly as she felt Karen’s soft lips on hers, and her hands stroked across her back. When they broke, Karen stroked her fingers across her face and brushed a few hairs from her cheek. Then she reached behind and slid the zip down on Sally’s dress as her breathing increased and she felt her pulse quicken.

Sally felt her dress slide from her body and land at her feet. She shuffled and stepped out of it and stood before her friend in her underwear.

“Take my dress off Sally.” She whispered into her ear.

As Karen’s dress slid down her body, her hands cupped Sally’s breasts over her bra and her fingers teased her friend’s hard nipples. Another moan escaped Sally’s lips and they soon had each other’s bras off and then Karen guided her towards the bed and they lay down together.

Sally felt Karen’s hands slide all over her body as she lay back and let her friend kiss and caress her. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she was so nervous, but also so excited at what was about to happen. Sex with a woman had never been on her radar, until now.

She moaned as her friend started to kiss and lick her way down her body. Sally slid her fingers through Karen’s hair as she sucked gently on her nipple and let her tongue flick across it. At the same time, her fingers tugged and rolled her other nipple causing Sally to moan louder.

As Karen knelt at her feet she slid her fingers under the hem of her knickers and slid them down. Karen moaned as she exposed Sally’s smooth pussy as her knickers were rolled down her legs and off over her feet. Karen pushed her friend’s legs apart as she crawled between them and kissed her inner thighs as she closed in on her pussy.

Sally cried out as her friend’s lips made contact with her pussy and she thrust her hips up at her mouth.

“Oh god, Karen. What are you doing to me?” She cried out as her body responded to her friend's lips.

Karen nibbled on her clit and tugged it gently before rolling it between her lips as Sally rocked her head from side to side, as her body felt sensations more powerful than she had ever done before. Karen knew just exactly where to lick and touch, and just how to do it. Sally bucked her hips up at her as she probed her pussy with her tongue and she grabbed at her hair as she felt her orgasm close in.

“OH Fuck! Karen! I’m going to come! Oh Jeez.

She bucked and thrashed about as she gripped her friend’s head between her thighs and pulled at her hair as she screamed out and squealed, as the first throes of her orgasm hit her body. She was engulfed by an enormous orgasm that caused her to lift her bum off the bed and thrust up hard at Karen’s mouth. Karen did her best to hold onto her as she bucked and thrashed about until eventually, she slowed down as her orgasm slowly subsided and she began to calm down.

When she released the pressure on Karen’s head she gulped in a huge lung-full of air and stared at her friend who lay back on the bed, her body limp as her chest rose and fell as she too tried to fill her lungs with air.

Karen slid up the bed and lay beside Sally and slid her arm under her and hugged her close. They kissed and Karen stroked her fingers across her friend’s face and smiled.

“Did you enjoy that?

Sally. She stared deep into her eyes. |She’d never felt anything like it before. That orgasm was so much more intense than anything that Ian had ever given her, of the guys she’d met since.

“Oh god, Karen. I never imagined that it could be that good.

Karen hugged her again and lay her head against Sally’s as they lay in each other’s arms. Sally moaned as Karen stroked her neck and lifted her face to look at her.


Karen looked at Sally. “Yes?

Sally bit her lip, “You want me to do it to you now?

Karen smiled and stroked her face as she stared into her eyes.

“Only if you want to Sally.

Sally lowered her eyes, then slowly lifted them again.

“I’d like to try.

Sally trembled as she leaned over her friend and lowered her lips over her nipple and began to suck gently on it. Mimicking what Karen had done to her, she rolled it between her lips and then let her tongue flick over her nipple. She heard her friend moan softly and when Karen slid her fingers through Sally’s hair, she knew that what she was doing was working.

Sally slid down her friend’s body, as she had done to her, and she licked and kissed her way down to her feet, where she knelt and looked up at her friend. Karen moaned and her breath came in short shallow bursts. Sally took hold of her panties and slid them down her legs and gazed on her friend’s pussy, which was perfectly trimmed, with a light covering of hair.

Sally slid her trembling fingers gently across her lips, they were so wet, and Karen shivered as Sally let her finger caress across her clit and trace small circles around it. Karen grabbed her hair and tugged at it as she thrust her hips up at Sally’s mouth and cried out.

“Oh, Sally! My God! Don’t stop!

Sally pressed her lips onto her friend’s clit, and for the first time in her life, she tasted another woman’s pussy. Karen groaned and thrust her hips up at her mouth as she ground her pussy against Sally’s mouth. Sally licked and sucked her clit, she tried to remember what Karen had done to her, and what she enjoyed. She probed her pussy with her tongue, and as she began to thrust her hips up at Sally, she felt the start of her orgasm and she clamped her legs around Sally’s head.

Sally struggled to keep her mouth on Karen’s pussy as she began to buck and lift her hips as she cried out and squealed as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. Sally held onto her thighs as Karen rolled around on the bed as she cried out and screamed her name as she rode the waves of her orgasm, and coated her friend’s face with the juices that flowed from her.

Regaining control, Sally held onto Karen’s thighs as she kept licking and sucking on her clit as her friend moaned, cried and squealed throughout her orgasm.

“OH Fuck Sally! That’s it! I’m coming!

Sally had never experienced anything like it before. This whole experience was unlike anything that she had ever done or could imagine doing. Eventually, Karen’s orgasm subsided and she flopped back onto the bed and her legs relaxed and Sally was once again able to breathe. Sally lay between her legs until she felt her friend’s breathing slow, and her fingers slid from her hair. She lifted her head and looked at Karen who smiled back at her.

“Wow, Sally. Where did that come from? For someone who hadn’t done it before, that was awesome.

Sally knelt up and crawled up the bed and lay beside Karen. She slid her arm under her and the two friends hugged each other.

“Karen. I never imagined that it would be like that.” She sighed.

Karen kissed her cheek.

“Sally. You were like an old hand at that. That was an amazing orgasm that you just gave me.

Sally lay her head on Karen’s shoulder as she turned to face her. She asked Karen when she first did it with a woman. Karen explained that it started at university and she had dipped in and out of it over the years.

“I haven’t done it for a couple of years now, but I have always held a torch for you.

Sally looked at her.


Karen nodded.

“Always. I thought that Ian was the luckiest son-of-a-bitch when he married you.

Sally stroked her fingers over Karen’s soft flesh on her stomach.

“What does this mean now Karen?

Karen hugged her.

“Well. We could get married.

Sally stared at her.

Karen laughed.

“I’m kidding! Nothing has changed Sally. Only now, if we don’t find any guys, and you’re up for it, we can always repeat this, whenever you want to.

Sally smiled and laid her head across Karen’s breast.

“I’d like that.

Karen stayed the night, and they made love again in the morning, and it was as exciting and beautiful as the first time.

Sally sat out in the garden and reflected on the previous night. ‘You’ve just slept with a woman. You’ve had sex with a woman!’ She couldn’t shake the image of Karen out of her head, and the intensity of the orgasms that she’d had. Of course, who knows better how to give a woman an orgasm than another woman? But she had never expected to get such pleasure from her. She licked her lips as she recalled tasting pussy for the first time. It didn’t taste weird, it tasted delicious, and it felt so normal. Did it mean that she was gay? She shook her head.

‘Too many questions for this time of the morning Sally’. She told herself.

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