5 Dummy, wash my socks

**Elizabeth' s POV**
I' m not a docile sheep, but I know that now is not a good time to fight back.

I can' t expose my fangs and claws early until I become strong enough, or I might risk losing them.

And the moment I become strong enough is the day I get my wolf.

Usually, werewolves get their wolves at age 16.
But I was two months away from my 18th birthday, and my wolf didn' t appear.
They all laugh at me for being one of those unlucky guys who was born without a wolf, but I know I' m not.

I have read some books.
In one book it was written that some werewolves who suffered misfortune at an early age and it caused their wolf to awaken late.
The latest example on record was 18 years old.

I have faith in myself.
I will get my wolf and get strong power on my birthday. Then, I will take revenge.
I never forgot that it was the Black River Pack Alpha who killed my father.

I never forget-An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

And, a life for a life.

But until then, I' ll try to pretend to be a tame dog with a wagging tail.

"Hey, Elizabeth, Miss Abby wants you to make a bowl of Pumpkin Custard and bring it into her room right away.
" An omega said to me.
I gestured to the barrel in front of me and the mountain of clothes piled up, signaling that I was busy.

"Miss Abby says she knows you' re busy, but she doesn' t care.
Anyway, she wants Pumpkin Custard in ten minutes."
The response was expected.

I could only sigh and make an ok gesture.

From the day I witnessed my father' s death, I stopped talking.

Everyone else thought I was dumb from the shock of it all and even called me dummy, but I knew I wasn' t dumb.

I can talk, I just don' t want to talk anymore.
Because I called out, my mom was killed by rogue. Because I asked for help, daddy was killed by Alpha.
My mouth, my words, led to misfortune.

Keep Silent, this is the punishment I give myself and the measure I take to protect myself.

I washed my hands and went to the kitchen to cut off a small piece of pumpkin.
After peeling them, I put them in boiling water to cook.
After ten minutes I pick up the pumpkins and use a spoon to crush them into a puree.

Then, I add cream, honey, milk, a little water and flour.
Stir a few times. Pour them into a small pot and cook them for 5 minutes. Done!
Oh I forgot, there' s one last step.

I grabbed Abby' s sock from the barrel.
Squeeze a few drops of water from the sock into the bowl.
Now a perfect bowl of Pumpkin Custard is complete.

Don' t blame me, I know it' s disgusting.
But disgusting Pumpkin Custard and disgusting Abby are a perfect match.
At one point I didn' t put my socks in the Pumpkin Custard and Abby scolded me for not cooking with care.
It didn' t taste as good as it usually does.
In short, she deserved it.

So never mess with someone who is in charge of cooking your food for you.
You' ll never know what horrible things she' s put in your food.
I went upstairs with the Pumpkin Custard.
I could hear Abby and her friends in the room laughing loudly at me from the stairway.
"Do you guys think that Dummy looks like a horse?
Look at her big fat ass and bloated boobs. God, she' s so ugly!"
Especially her long hair, which flips around like a horse' s tail when she walks."
"And her legs.
Thin, long and straight, exactly like a horse."
"And her teeth.
As ridiculously neat and orderly as a horse' s. And her outward turning lips."
"No wonder she doesn' t even have a wolf now.
She' s probably werehorse hahahaha ..."
I couldn' t help but roll my eyes.

They were jealous of my soft, silky long hair, my slender legs, my ample breasts and hips, my neat teeth, and they tried everything to discredit me.
They even changed my species.
Well, let them be.

I hope their hearts are as honest as their mouths and they don' t sneak cotton into their bra and panties or steal the kitchen chili to smear their lips.

Come on.
Chili has no lip plumping effect.
When I showed up at the door, they weren' t embarrassed by the sight of me.

They laughed even louder.
I could even see Abby' s cavities.
"Welcome our horse girl!
There were three other girls in the room besides Abby.
They were Abby' s classmates, and Abby was only friends with girls who were uglier than her at school. They were always gathering together to bully and denigrate the girls who were prettier than them.
Now all eyes were on my face.
They all wanted to see me embarrassed.
But I just calmly brought the Pumpkin Custard to Abby and turned away.

"Boring dummy.
" They were very unsatisfied that I wasn' t playing along with their game of ridicule.
" Abby suddenly spoke from behind me.
I pretended not to hear and kept walking.

"I said, stop, Elizabeth!
Are you deaf?"
I turned around, holding back my anger.

"Make another bowl of Pumpkin Custard and bring it to Austin.
don' t forget to bring the silver spoon. He' ll probably need it."
Looking at Abby' s evil smile, I couldn' t help but curse in my mind: Damn bitch!

She' s so mean.

No one wanted to mess with Austin because everyone knew he was a psycho who liked to gouge people' s eyes with a spoon.

Since he went blind in one eye, he' s gone crazy.

Before he went blind in his left eye, he was a proud wolf.
After he went blind, he became a mad dog.
Oh no.
Even a rabid dog would stay away from Austin if it saw him.
I definitely don' t want to meet Austin, but I have no choice.


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