3 He covered my mouth

**Elizabeth' s POV**
They had ruined everything.
If those rogues hadn' t shown up, I would have had a perfect birthday party.
I couldn' t see my dad.
I didn' t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I wanted to ran over to find my dad, but the Alpha of the Black River Pack stopped me.
Don' t come any closer."
"Brandon, take care of the little girl.
"Austin, this fight is dangerous.
You stay here and stick with Brandon. Don' t barge into the battle area."
" Others, follow me!
With a command, the Alpha of Black River Pack led the warriors to rush up and fight with the rogues.

Brandon, the gentle boy of the twins, pulled me away from the battlefield and hid behind a tree.

He reassured me, who was trembling all over, by saying, "Don' t worry.
My father will beat those rogues."
Austin, the arrogant and stern boy, glanced at us and said disdainfully, " Just stay here, you two cowards.
A brave man always steps into battle."
"Austin, Father told you to stay with me.
" Brandon tried to dissuade him.
"No way.
I will not miss this precious opportunity to fight. Come after me if you can."
As we watched Austin picked up a sword and strutted into battle.

Brandon didn' t lie to me, his father could really beat those rogues.

The rogues were already celebrating.
They thought they had won big. They were sitting at the table that was supposed to be for my birthday party, eating the food that was supposed to be for me.
The sudden intrusion of the Black River Pack' s Alpha had all the rogues panicking.
They had no time to fight back before the warriors led by the Alpha cut off their heads, just like they did to our members.
Maybe ten minutes or more have passed.
I saw the Alpha of the Black River Pack enter the pack house.
I thought the fight might be over.

I was going to follow, but Brandon stopped me.

"Wait a little longer.
If it' s safe, my father will let us know to go in. Just to be safe, let' s hold on for a while."
I held my anxiety in check and remained behind the tree to wait.

After a few more minutes, I suddenly heard my father' s voice coming from the pack house.

I could no longer control myself and ran towards the pack house.

" Brandon grabbed my wrist and tried to drag me back.
"Let go of me!
I heard my father' s voice!" I cried, "I' ve already lost my mom, I can' t lose my dad again!"
Brandon' s grip on my wrist tightened, his voice filled with sympathy, "Okay, I' ll accompany you there.
He took my hand, walked ahead, and picked up a bloody knife on the ground, just as Austin had done earlier.

As we got closer to the pack house, my father' s voice became clearer and clearer.

Through the open door, I could even see my father' s face.

He was still alive!

Although he had been bleeding, he looked healthy.

He embraced the Alpha of the Black River Pack and said excitedly, "Thank you, my old friend!
It' s thanks to you that the Blue Moon Pack was saved!"
A smile came to my face.
I couldn' t wait to rush in and throw myself into my father' s arms.
Suddenly, I saw the Alpha of Black River Pack pull out a dagger from his back.
He quickly thrust the dagger into my father' s chest.
I tried to call out for my father, but Brandon covered my mouth tightly.

He held me firmly and ducked to the door with me.

I could hear his rapid breathing.
His eyes were wide. He seemed shocked, too. He didn' t know why his father had killed my father.
I didn' t know either.

My father didn' t know either.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and pointed incredulously at the Black River Pack Alpha and asked, "Why?
Why did you kill me?"
"All the members of the Blue Moon Pack are dead, so why are you still alive?
My Black River Pack needs more territory to accommodate my members. My old friend, give me your Blue Moon Pack."
Alpha drew the dagger from his chest, then stabbed my father' s neck again.

My father died completely.

Until the moment of his death, his face still had an unbelievable expression.

He did not die at the hands of brutal rogues, but at the hands of an old friend whom he had invited.

But Black River Pack' s Alpha didn' t stop there.
As if to make sure he could definitely kill my father, he once again plunged his dagger into my father' s heart.
" Ummmm-" I couldn' t help but make a sound.

The Alpha of the Black River Pack seemed to hear something, and he slowly turned his head toward the door.

Brandon' s hands were shaking.
His whole body was trembling.
I could feel that he seemed as scared as I was.
He may have seen another cruel side of his father for the first time today.
Just as I thought I was going to be found and killed by the Alpha, Austin' s harsh, painful howls came from the distance.

"Ahhhhhhhh - my eyes - my eyes -"
The Black River Pack Alpha quickly rushed out of the pack like lightning and ran towards Austin.

I don' t know if he noticed Brandon and me hiding by the door.
But I' m guessing he was fully focused on what was happening to his son at the moment.
I wanted to rush into the pack house to check on my dad, but Brandon wouldn' t let me do that.

He covered my mouth and dragged me forcibly behind a tree to hide.

"Listen, listen, forget what you just saw, if you want to live.
" Brandon whispered in my ear in a shaky voice.

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