4 Keep silent to survive

**Elizabeth' s POV**
"I' ll let go later, and remember, do not scream.
You have to keep silent. From now on, whoever asks about today, you will answer-you' ve been hiding behind the tree with me, and you don' t know anything."
My tears fell and landed on Brandon' s hand.

He stressed to me once again, "You must take what I just said to heart.
I know you hate my father, and maybe you hate me too. I' m sorry, I don' t know why it turned out this way. Anyway, you are the only survivor of Blue Moon Pack.
You have to live with the expectations of your parents and members.
Keep silent. keep silent to survive."
Keep silent.

Keep silent to survive.

It wasn' t until I nodded that Brandon let go of the hand covering my mouth.

He took a deep breath, then pulled me toward Austin, who was moaning in pain.

"Austin, what happened?
Austin covered his left eye and howled in pain like a wild beast.
Blood spilled out from his fingers.
"My eye...
My eye..."
Black River Pack' s Alpha was distressed to see his most beloved son injured as if it was his own injury.

"What the fuck is going on?
" Alpha growled.
"There was a rogue pretending to be a corpse just now.
When Austin was passing by, he launched a surprise sneak attack. He, he, he hurt Austin' s left eye..." A warrior said hesitantly.
That arrogant boy is now crying and wailing.
Tears mixed with blood were sliding down his handsome face.
He looked so pitiful, but instead of sympathy, I felt the thrill of revenge.

I hated them.
Not only do I hate the Alpha of the Black River Pack, I hate his sons too.
I hate everyone here.

I needed to bite my lower lip hard and clench my fists to keep from revealing the hatred inside me.

"I' m going to kill that rogue!
I' m going to kill him!" Alpha growled, standing up, still holding the dagger that was used to kill my father in his hand.
The warrior who spoke before continued, "Alpha, that rogue has been killed.
"I killed it.
" The warrior said it to take credit.
" the Alpha asked in a low voice, then he suddenly stabbed the dagger into the warrior' s heart. Stabbing again and again.
"Why didn' t you kill that rogue sooner?
Why? Why did you allow that rouge to hurt my son? You deserve to die! You deserve to die!"
My whole body shuddered uncontrollably.
I realized that Black River Pack' s Alpha was a complete despot.
That warrior could not imagine that he saved the Alpha' s son' s life, but will be killed by the Alpha to vent his anger until the time of his death.

Just like me, I could not imagine that I brought the Alpha to save my father, but he killed my father.

The first time we met I was deceived by the illusion of his integrity.
I thought he was the savior.
I was the one who brought the Alpha of the Black River Pack in.
I was the one who led the way.
The flames of hatred and guilt wrapped my entire body.
I swore to the sun above my head and the moon goddess in my heart that I would definitely get my revenge.
I closed my mouth into a tight line, but strove to open my eyes to the maximum.

I want to remember the faces of everyone present.
Every single person here, none of them is innocent.
One day, I want them to pay the price.

***** eight years later *****
"Dummy, wash my socks.
Abby' s annoying voice came, and with it the socks she threw at me.

I was washing all the warriors'  clothes and I didn' t have the hands to catch Abby' s smelly socks.
She must have known that so she threw her socks at my head on purpose.
I couldn' t help but let out a dry heave as I smelled the socks like a rotting corpse.

How could a girl' s socks smell so bad?
Was her wolf a stinky wolf?
I hurriedly took Abby' s socks off my head and threw them into the barrel.

Abby is the luna' s niece of Black River Pack.
She' s a year younger than me, but she' s an experienced bitch who likes to torture others.
Her goal is to become the next Luna.

Whichever of them, Austin or Brandon, becomes the next Alpha, Abby wants to be Luna.

Therefore, she had to make sure that she was the only girl around Austin and Brandon who was fit to be Luna.

Ever since she moved into the pack house, she has made me her imaginary enemy.
She tries to bully me every day. She wants to get me out of the Black River Pack.
But I won' t leave.

Eight years ago, the hypocritical Alpha declared that my father was killed by rogues.
He publicly announced that he would treat me like his daughter and would take care of me instead of his old friend.
After that, he took possession of the Blue Moon Pack territory as a matter of course, even though he said he was only managing it temporarily.

At first he pretended to be kind to me, but when the members of the Black River Pack had completely taken over all of the Blue Moon Pack' s land, he began to stop pretending.

He started to ignore me, let others bully me, and made me move in with the omega on the grounds that there wasn' t enough room.
Gradually, I was forced to work with the omegas.
By now, everyone treats me as a slave who can be driven around at will.

They asked me to cook for all the warriors, wash clothes, wash shoes.
In addition, I have to sweep and mop the floor and make the beds for the Alpha family in advance.
Also, I had to do other disgusting tasks that they asked me to do at any time, such as washing Abby' s smelly socks.


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