2 Twins, Austin and Brandon

**Elizabeth' s POV**
Run for help...
Run for help..."
I repeated the words, crying and running out of the room.

The blinding sunlight shone into my hazy, teary eyes.
I was dizzy for a few seconds. When I looked up, I was struck by what was before me.
The screaming, the blood, the killing, the chase...
I don' t know what words to describe what I saw.
All I can say is that there were corpses, corpses everywhere.
There were corpses lying on the ground.
Those who died were people I knew well.
They were all members of the Blue Moon Pack. Each one of them was dressed in beautiful new clothes, which were ready for my birthday party at night.
However, now their clothes were pierced with several holes.
A steady stream of blood was pouring out of the holes.
It was the last dress of their lives.

I saw many rogues laughing and killing.
They cut off the heads of the men and threw them around. They gathered all the women together and forced them to take off their clothes.
I saw my father and his Beta fighting together.
A dozen rogues were surrounding them. Their bodies had been cut with many wounds from the knives.
Seeing all this, I knew that the Blue Moon Pack had been completely overrun by the Rogues.

Suddenly, one of the rogues saw me.

There' s a girl there!" The rogue pointed at me and shouted.
" My father noticed me and he yelled.
I rushed to escape.

My mother and father both told me to run.

But I didn' t know where I was going to run, I just knew I should run forward.
Run forward...
Run for help...
There were several rogues behind me.
They were adults. They were running fast.
The distance between me and them was getting smaller and smaller, and I would soon be caught up with by them.

I feel like my lungs are going to explode.
Would I die? Would someone come to save me?
Suddenly, I tripped over a rock in the road.
I fell hard to the ground, bruising my palms and cheeks.
Looking at my sand-covered palm full of blood, my heart was full of despair.

Tears blurred my eyes, and I didn' t see two arrows fly past the top of my head.

Two screams came from behind me, followed by the sound of two bodies collapsing.

My eyes widened at the sudden change of events.

I looked up and saw two boys about my age walking toward me.
They looked identical and appeared to be twins, each holding a bow and arrow in their hands.
I saw them take out an arrow again, draw their bows, and shoot.
A few seconds later, two screams came from behind me once again.
I turned around and saw all the rogues chasing me fall to the ground with arrows sticking out of their necks.
They were all dead.
I turned my head again and saw that the two twin boys had already reached me.
Their blond hair shone brighter than the sun.
They looked exactly alike, and yet, their characters seemed completely different.

The boy on the left drew his bow and pointed an arrow at me, asking sternly, "Who are you?
Why are those rouges chasing you?"
The boy on the right, however, bent down, smiled, held out his hand to me, and said in a gentle voice, " It is all right now.
Don' t be afraid."
"I, I am the Alpha' s daughter from Blue Moon Pack.
We are under attack by rogues. Please, please help us! I beg you!"
I fell to my knees and pressed my forehead to the ground.
I cried and begged them.
I didn' t know if two boys around 10 years old could save Blue Moon Pack, but they were my only hope.

"What' s happening Austin, Brandon," a majestic voice said from behind the two boys.

They turned around and called, "Dad!
The boy on the left ran over to his father and said, "We met a strange girl.
She says she' s the Alpha' s daughter from the Blue Moon Pack."
The boy on the right picked me up and said gently, "Our father is the Alpha of the Black River Pack, and we came to the Blue Moon Pack to attend your birthday party.
Don' t worry, my father will help you."
I looked up and saw the Alpha of the Black River Pack with many warriors by his side, and at that moment I felt I had found my savior.

“Please help!Please!”
I ran towards the Alpha of the Black River Pack.

"Little dirty girl, stay away from my father and me.
" The mean looking boy blocked me from getting any closer with his bow.
"Please save my parents and our members.
We are being attacked by rogues.Please!"
Lead the way!"
Fortunately, the Alpha of the Black River Pack seemed to be a very righteous person.
He immediately summoned all the warriors to go forward and help.
"Everyone, get your weapons!
There' s a tough battle to be fought!"
I ran ahead and led the way, as if I couldn' t feel the fatigue at all.

Dad, mom, wait for me!

I' ve found a savior to save you all!

By the time we reached it, it seemed to be too late.

All the members were almost killed.
The women did not escape the fate of death either. Their beautiful bodies were piled up naked. Their faces still held the expressions of horror and despair.
The rogues destroyed the flowers that had been prepared for my birthday party.
Countless petals and balloons fell on top of the bodies lying on the ground. The image was cruel and beautiful.
I saw my mother' s face in the pile of corpses, her eyes were open, but she had lost her life.

I couldn' t help but cry out loud.

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