Leave Me If You Dare


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10 chapters



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"Let me borrow your husband for one night and I spare your dad's life." Trishia Meyer, the only daughter of Senator Meyer demanded.
To save her father's company, Arabella had agreed to marry the evil billionaire, Bill Sky.
She dared to kiss him to show off her ex-boyfriend that night, but she never expected the kiss would deepen and he didn’t want to let go.
That night was just a mistake, but they were bound to meet again.
They agreed to sign a non-disclosure contract and they swore not to love each other.
Sacrificing herself to be with the domineering cold man and turning a blind eye to his sexual affairs with other women were just some of the things she needed to endure every day.
Now that she conceived his baby, he wanted it to be aborted instantly.
Arabella Jones then made a promise to herself that she would do everything to live a happy life with her baby far away from him. Little did she know, it's not for her to decide, that if the billionaire's wrath would allow her.



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i rhinks rhis story makes me freeze

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this bill is crazy he should just ask her what happen that six yrs ago if she was the one that did it

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Can read for bricks ir

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Why it stop 8 chapter

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Interesting description.

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very nice

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more chapters

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next chapter

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