Chapter 4 : Rein and Dayne's Friendship

Chapter 4 : Rein and Dayne's Friendship

Rein's Pov

"Oh you're going to be late,Young lady!"

I didn't have the chance to talk to him about that when he grab my hand and leads me Toward his Motorbike.

The feeling of his hand touching my's Kind of different.I never let any man touch me before.So maybe this is what it feels.

I finally have a friend again and this time It's The Hot Police officer in town.

Because of the fact that im going to be late I decided to accept his offer to give me a ride at first I dont know what am i supposed to do but when dayne Pointed the seat at his back My hands begin to tremble and I can feel nervousness embracing my whole system.

I closed my eyes before taking a deep breath,Ok there's nothing wrong with this! All I need to do is to Put my ass into his motorbike then I'll be in the school!

"Time is running"

He informed me,I can see him smirking while his left eyebrow is raised like he is waiting for me.

I was about to ride,when he took off his helmet and put it in my head.Its heavy! Damn!

"You need to be safe"

He said before guiding me to Take my ride.I felt like there is some pointed thing that has been remove in my stomach when im finally All set.

All he needs to do is to Turn on this motorbike and Bring me to the school,but when he is still not turning on the motorbike I became impatient.

What is with this Man!

"Put your hands in my waist,I dont want you to Fall"

My eyes wide open when he said those words.

"N-no Its better this way"

I said while im trying my best to calm my mind.

"I can see that you don't trust me,We're friends right? So you should learn to give some of your Trust for me"

I can feel a pang of guilt when I heard him say that,I accepted his offer but why do im acting like this!

We're just friends and nothing more special than it! Come on Rein just be cool dont embarrass yourself for this nonsense!

He chuckled and was about to say something when I cut him off by encircling my hands in his waist.

I bit my lower lip when I felt his masculine abdomen,My body pressed against him making me sniff his manly scent.

Oh god why is he smell like this! He smelled so intoxicating!

I can also feel his breathing.

"Tu-turn it on"

I commanded him while making myself cool,I dont want him to make fun of me!

"I will"

he said that before turning on the motorbike.The moment he started Driving it and we're already running at speed my hands is getting tighter encircling in his waist.

We're running at a high speed and because of that I might lose my sanity before I can even set my foot to the school.I can't even open my eyes!

"You're here"

I slowly opened my eyes when the motorbike stop.

Here? I didn't tell him where im studying but...

I was shock when I saw the university gate!

I was really in the school! How did he know!

I get off as fast as I could before removing his helmet and harshly giving it to him.

"How did you know that this is my school!"

I tried to lower my voice.

"I have connections that I can use when I want to find out something about someone"

He said using his as " a matter of fact voice"

Do I need to be annoyed because of what he did! He investigated me without my permission.I should be mad at him!

But he gave me a ride and besides there's nothing important in my life so...instead of scolding him I just nod.

"I'll fetch you later"

I narrowed my gaze at him


"Please rein let me do my job as yo-"

He didn't let his words finish when his phone rang,There is someone calling him and it's none of my business so turn my back to him and walk but I froze when I heard him saying something and uttering a familiar name.

"What is it Xaint! Did you messed again!"

His voice is different,It helds authority and bitterness.

But the only thing that got my attention is the name Xaint...Is he referring to Adam Xaint Dimitri?

I Faced Dayne again but when he saw me he instantly turn on his motorbike then Leave,Without saying anything.

What is his problem!

I rolled my eyes and Walk,This university has a lot of student,Rich and All fabulous---Except for me who doesn't have anything.

I can Study here because of my scholarship given by Adam Xaint company.One of the reason why I adore him so much!

Everyone is busy talking to their friends but I can feel that some is starring at me.

When I get closed to a group of Classy girls I heard them say something about dayne and me.

"That man with rein is so Damn hot!"

"Im sure its his Boyfriend!"

"I dont agree with that!"

"He's too Perfect to Be Rein's Boyfriend!"

Those bunch of classy girls that is talking about me are my classmates,Im really Shock I thought they didn't know me.

Im not famous and I always avoid them that is why I cant believe that they know me.

I didn't try to dig in,In their conversations I continued walking until I Reach the classroom.I sat to my favorite chair where I can see the university's gate.

This is my favorite spot in this classroom,I always want to be near in the Window where I can see the view outside.

That made me even more motivated!

Moments later my classmates begin to Enter this classroom and minutes pass the Lesson is already starting.

Professor Giovani finally announced

The upcoming Program for Graduating college students,As a requirement we need to work for some company that is Connected to this University.

And I already choose one...

I saw Professor Giovani look at me like he's waiting an answer from me.

I rolled my eyes before raising my right hand.


I stood up and look at him with coldness in Every words I let out.

"I chose X Dimitri Corporation"

I heard my classmates gasped before they give their own feedback based on what I said.Im not Annoyed because of what their acting.

They are shock because I want to have my On the job training on X Dimitri Corporation---The biggest and successful Company in the whole world.

"Ms.Salvador there are qualifications before you become one of their trainees,Are you sure you can Pass all those qualifications?"

My professor said

"I will not be one of their scholars if im not qualified.I dont want to Say this but I believe my Skills and Intelligence can help me to pass their qualifications"

There will be a big opportunity that will come to my life if I'll chose to be trained by the X Dimitri Corporation

And also I want to work for them so that I will have the chance to see my Adam Xaint!

My professor holds my paper and read it before looking at me.He fake his cough before he speak.

"Let me Discuss this to our Dean"

I just give him a nod before I sit but I was shock when my butt landed on the Hard Tiles of our Classroom---someone just pulled my chair so that I will fall.

My butt hurts same with my waist,The whole class is laughing their ass off while shouting "Rein wimp!"

They keep on shouting that while pointing me and laughing so hard while me I just remained silent---looking at their Faces...

They are all happy because I got hurt.

I bow my head before I help myself to get up.Rein you dont have to fight if you will try to stand for yourself you will make the situation harder.

I snatch my Chair from my classmate before I Sat quietly.Im still bending my head so that no one can see what I really feel.

No one can see the pain in my eyes and the tears who wants to fall.

Time flies so Fast,It's already Evening and class is already dismiss.I gathered my things before I walk Out from that classroom.

The hallway is surrounded by many students from this University.There was couple who is shameless enough to kiss their partners,There are groups having a commotion and Nerds who sitting on the floor discussing something.

I dont know where I belong...and I dont want to be with them that is why I stayed alone.

I curse in my head when I saw Tiffany---one of my classy classmates who always make fun of me.

She's at the End of this hallway and it looks like he is waiting for me...

"Hey Rein Wimp!"

I hear her shout when I Turn around

I didn't stop from walking.

I know there is another way to come out from this building.I dont want to face Tiffany.She will only bring trouble!

I can feel someone is following me that is why I decided to run---There is no students in this part of building.

It's so dark here and I can feel that someone is following me! I should make it fast.

I ran as fast as I could I didn't mind if I get hurt or something,All I want to do is to Get out of this Building!

I was about to set my feet on the School ground when someone grab my Arms---Making me stop and Shout because of nervousness.

"Ple-please who are you!"

I ask before I turn my gaze and look who is it.

My eyes wide open and my lips parted because of shock.

"Why are you running bitch?"

Its Franz,The university Basket ball star player!

What is he doing here! I harshly removed his hands in my arms before I step back.

"What are you doing here?"

I ask hiding my horrified Expression,He narrowed his gaze at me before stepping closer.

"This is my place"

He said

"So-sorry I need to go"

His place! Damn I forgot that this is his territory.I need to get out of here before everything becomes a mess!

I know this man and I don't want his Attitude---Yep,Dayne is boastful and crazy but this man is More than that.He is A Fvcking machine! He always take woman whom he wants to Fuck!

I was about to walk away from him when he hold my hand tightly.

"Don't leave me here,its kinda boring I need someone to talk to or..."

My spine shiver and my fist clench when I felt his hand touch my nape.

I didn't feel electrified rather I feel disgusted!

"Maybe you can share this night with me in this dark corridor,Releasing my heat and plea-"

"Please let me go!"

I pleaded to him

"Aren't you happy? I am the one who is Giving you the pleasure might as well enjoy it!"

I shake my head before I tried to free myself to his Tight hold.but he harshly pulled me closer to him before bending his head and Kissing my neck.

"Oh I love your smell,I never thought that you smelled so Aro-"

He didn't have the chance to finish his words when a Fist landed on his Shameless face!

I Faced who is the one who punch him and I was So Amaze when I saw The man who gave me a lot of headache this past few Hours.

He is wearing his Police uniform and his fist is clenching.There are traces of disgust and A lot of Anger in his blue tantalizing eyes.

He looks so furious but hot...

"Never do anything stupid to this woman if you don't want me to Cut your dick and Burn it in front of your unfortunate face!"

He growled at him before giving franz a hard kick in the stomach.The Poor man Cried in pain before running away from Dayne.