Unfortunate Fate

Chapter 1 : Rein Roan's Life

Chapter 1 : Rein Roan's life

Rein met the strong puff of wind when she opened the door,it was late in the evening when she decided to take her dinner,She doesn't have any stock of food in her refrigerator that's why she needs to visit the eatery located few kilometers away from her old and desolated apartment.

When she finally locked her door she gave herself a tight hug and started to walk,

She was too strong enough to walk like it was not too dangerous in their place.

Lately there was a news that had awaken their fear, four young teenagers had been executed in their place and the most intriguing part is that the victims doesn't have any traces of blood in their body.

It was like someone had took their blood as the result of their death,there was many conclusions regarding the intriguing crime but the most said is that " the young teenagers had died in the hands of a cruel vampire"

She doesn't believe in it,Vampires aren't real,They are just the product of human imagination created to scare children's.

Even though she pursue her belief that creatures like that doesn't exist still there is fear punching her heart.

If its not a monster it will be someone who has some mental disability,It's too dangerous especially it can also kill people.

As she explores her surroundings she was captivated by the moon who's helping her to lighten up her fear.

Rein was an orphan her parents died when she was a young and innocent kid,It was the hardest stage of her life she thought.She was bought to an orphanage which she considered as her new home.

Her parents died due to a fatal car accident which involves three car and a 12 wheeler truck.Leaving no traces of life...

She have relatives but declined to have her.Her parents leave no money nor property,She's homeless and


It was not that easy to live without her parents,She been through a lot and she experienced hardships at a young age, but A Nun named Elizabeth enter the scene---she keeps on inspiring her and taking care of her.

They were like mother and daughter who's been through thick and thin,Rein never disobey Elizabeth for she was too Gratified for what she is.

Her parents died but Elizabeth replaced them,The remaining reason why she wants to reach her goal and live like it was all great.

But unfortunately things aren't permanent even people,They'll stay but eventually leave.

The nun died because of a serious disease named leukemia.The poor nun doesn't gave a right treatment till her weak body can't take it anymore.

at the age of 34 Elizabeth died, leaving her in the state of catastrophe.

Rein decided to depart in the orphanage,The one who became her home and gave another chance for her to live.

The place where she met her second mother Elizabeth.

She was a high school student back then and she doesn't know anything about how life runs.She been through a lot but she face all the challenges with Elizabeth memories and words.

It was so hard to the point that she tried to give up,But as what she learned in the orphanage.

"Never surrender till your world stop turning up and down"

She was too persistent and determined,as time passed by she was used to it.To the pain and Hardships.

She was now a college student who knows everything about life and she never give a damn about how it saddle her.

"Looks like there's a riot..."

Rein whispered while she was looking at the post lamp where a bunch of people is gathering.

Its already late in the evening but what does those bunch of people doing out there? She thought.

Its either trouble or another trouble,that's the only thing running in rein's head.

The moon is in good shape thats why it's not too dark,Due to curiosity Rein decided to walk towards the commotion only to find out a dead body of a woman.

She instantly cover her mouth to stop herself from throwing up,The expression in her face is full of sympathy as she once again glance at the body.

It looks like it was tortured before it died,there was mark in the neck then in the chest...

The body is now grayish and there's no even a single drop of blood...no there is a stain of blood in the victims neck.

Is this some kind of vampire murder case again? Rein ask herself before coming near the body.

The people around her is too afraid and shock of what they're currently seeing,She does too but she was now used to it.

"Oh my god I know who did that! It was the monster!"

"We should make an action regarding this crime!"

"Quick call the police!"

"They're coming!"

Those words are coming out from others mouth but rein didn't even try to bother it.She was too focused to the scene in front of her.

She came closer and closer until inch only separated her face to the poor womans pale face.

"Hey miss don't touch her!"

She heard that but she didn't mind it.She can smell something from the womans body.

She can't be mistaken,it smells like lavander...this shouldn't smell like that! This is a corpse for pete sake! This should smell like rotten and unpleasant!

But its different because it really smells like lavander,then slowly rein's gaze where pointed to the corpse neck.

It has a lot of holes...

Two holes,like something had sink to its flesh.Like a Vampire fangs.

No,She doesn't believe in such a thing! Those are for dimwits!

She continued lowering her gaze and she became embarrassed when she realize that the corpse was completely naked,She is now looking to victims bare breast.

Theres a lot of hickeys in it she cannot be mistaken,there's also some wounds and black marks proving that the victim tried to fight for her unfortunate life.

It looks like this woman had been raped before being executed by a merciless creature.


"Bring them away from here!"

"We're in charge of this so back off"

Rein gasped when someone hold her wrist tightly.

"What the fuck!"

She said while trying to remove the strangers hand in her wrist.She faced who is it with pure anger in her face.

She was about to scold the rude stranger when she saw who it is.

It was a police officer...A Good looking police officer.

"Sorry but you need to make some distance to the body"

The police officer said using a cold tone voice,she was amaze by his blue eyes especially his Perfectly sculpted jaw.

Its like she was reading a hot male magazine featuring hot male models...but no this is actual!

"Miss can you hear me?"

The good looking officer ask while looking at the corpse behind her.

"Sir we need to clear this area"

One of the men said,The good looking police officer jaw tighten when rein doesn't even move.

"Miss we need to do our job so please stay away from this area!"

He shouted in frustration making rein jump in shock,She blink her eyes several times before moving her mouth to speak but she can't find words to say.So she stayed silent before pushing the Good looking officer out of her way.

What's happening to me! Am I drooling over him! Rein thought.

She take a big steps away from the officer before glancing again but that move makes her more embarrassed.

She saw the officer smirking...and it makes her even more fluster .

She inhaled deeply then exhale and she was about to continue walking when she heard the man's voice.

She inhaled deeply then exhale and she was about to continue walking when she heard the man's voice.

"I am officer Dayne Crux,nice to mee you Miss mute..."

Damn did he just called her mute!

What is he thinking!

She wants to scold Mr.Dayne the officer but she was afraid that she might attract attentions from people around them.she doesn't want that to happen.that is why she choose to remain silent.

She closed her fist before walking with so much frustration in her whole body.

All she wanna do is to buy some foods to eat but this is too much,the scene is too much and tiring.

She put her both hands in both side pocket of her jeans,she was now going to the mini market to buy some snack then she'll go home and sleep...

Just like what she planned to do before seeing that unpleasant scene and before the good looking officer named Dayne crux ruined her night.

She needs to eat and rest for tomorrow,She has class to attend and its the last semester for this year that's why she should make more efforts for a higher grade.

After this she'll graduate as the school valedictorian...just a few months she will finally make her dreams come true.

The one she promised to elizabeth her second mother...to live life in a beautiful and wealthy way.

Rein closed her eyes then breathe freely as she continued walking she opened her eyes and with a smile.

Just a few months...life will be easy to her.

Be wealthy,help other people,Do what you wanna do then be happy.

When she finally step her foot in the mini market she bought what she needed---though she wants more,she needs to be thrifty.

She doesn't have enough money to sustain her wants...

She was about to leave the mini market when a silhouette of a man had Catches her attention. It was standing outside the mini market and it's like the man does waiting for someone.

She can clearly see the man for only a wall made of glass can separate them.She's not like this,Being scared easily but the scenario earlier made her frightened except for the part whem he met that hot jaw dropping police officer.

Rein gathered a lot of strength in her whole system before walking out the mini market,she didn't gave the man a glance she just continued walking while she can almost hear her heartbeat.

When she created a long distance to the mini market she can feel someone's presence like it is following her.

There was a Voltage of electricity flowing to her whole body,while her heart keeps on beating faster and faster every time she'll hear the footsteps of someone following her.

There's no people in the area and there's only the mini market whom she can run to assure her safety.

But what if she run? Does this stalker will still follow her?

Rein decided to stop walking before taking a deep breath,She will run away from this stalker.She'll go home safe and nothing bad will happen to her!

She was praying silently in her head and was about to run when someone grabs her hand,The direct contact of their skin sends shock to rein so she faced whoever it was and her lips parted open when she realize it was the hot jaw dropping police officer.

He was wearing a black hoodie and he's really covering his face for an unknown reason!

"Yow sup"

Mr.Dayne greeted her before letting go of her wrist.Rein breathed like it was the best thing she did.

She was so Nervous back then because of this man! She was now massaging her Chest while she's trying to calm herself.

She thought it was the end of her life,She was just thinking that this Officer is a stalker that could kill her somewhere in this place.

"Oh god"

She state it in agitated manner

Dayne crux looks at her with confusion written all over in his face.He was looking at her like he was reading someone through their actions.

"What did I do?"

The clueless officer ask before trying to hold rein's arms but failed because rein quickly avoided his hands and it adds more confusion on his adorable face.

"Can you please don't do that again!"

She can't take it anymore she was so angry to this Officer for bringing so much bother in her system.She did almost had a heart attack lucky her because she doesn't have any heart disease problems that can kill her in an instant.

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