Chapter 9

              ELLE  P.O.V

I can't believe that jerk i meet in the club is my children father, i mean the Greek God. No wonder they took after him, but how could they make a big mistake like this.

I don't want to share my children, "what are their names the Greek God asked unexpected, Maya and Dorcas they are 1 year old. He sat there and nod his heard.

And their surnames he asked, what do you think, i give them my surnames. Change their surnames, i can't do this. What do you mean you can't do this Elle,  they are my children too.

They are mine, mine only. " why are you making this issue so complicated Elle, i don't need your help Lucas. What the fuck is wrong with you Elle.

"Enough both of you Dante said, we are here to solve the problem not to fight. Jessica whisper in my ear your children took after their father, gosh! i whisper back i know jess.

OK what proved do you have Lucas, prove of what. Prove that they are your children, " What" you know what enough is enough. Dante this meeting is over, Elle you will hear from my lawyer Lucas said.

What have i done, he is powerful in this city and a billionaire has well. Calm down Elle, if not he will take away my children away from me i said it in my mind.

Elle what are you thinking about, she snapped me from my thought. Um! Mr Lucas it has not come to that Jessica said,  Lucas please calm down. Why should i come down, she said she want prove.

I will prove to her in court, Do something Elle Jessica said. Um! I'm sorry i over reacted, you better be he said. I only want to be in their life, nothing else.

OK, my lawyer will bring you some papers to sign, then their surname will be change to mine. Are you ok with that, Yes I'm ok with that. So when can i meet them.

I don't know it depends on you, OK i will travel to Canada to visit my parents. When i come back i will call you, but Dante is here anything you want you can asked him.

And here is my card, you can call my personal line. OK i said then my phone ring oh God, Jessica Mrs Beth is calling me, i think the children are up. Put it on loud speaker Jessica said.

"Hello Mrs Beth are they up, but i did not finished when i knew the answer. I heard them crying at the background, why are they crying Mrs Beth. I think they are looking for you.

Please we are on our way, please put it on loud speaker, ok she said. Maya! Dorcas! i call their names " Mama! Mama! they said.

          Lucas P.O.V

I was shock when i heard their voice, "Mama! Immediately i fell weak that i can't move, she hang up the call. Is that their voice, Yes she said. Please we need to go she said.

Ok , i said. She left with her friend, i notice her friend was checking Dante up. Dante smirked looking at her, who are you looking at, nothing man. " Really! okay we shall see about that.

Did you hear your children's voice, yeah i heard them. I'm not sure if I'm ready to meet them, chill man they are only babies they don't know anything.

You think so, i know so Lucas. They are twins and girls. "Wow! Man you are blessed, i know. I have to informed my parents and siblings, and Eva too.

She will be so happy, Dante please help Lawyer Ben to process the papers fast. No worries Lucas, he hug me. I got home early, i have to pack my things.

I walked inside, good evening sir, Evening Irina. Were is Eva? She is in her room, ok  i will go to her room. Irina is the new maid Eva choose to work with, she has been working here for a year now.

I knock on her door, come in she said. Hi Lucas hi Eva, so are you ready for tomorrow. Yeah Eva, um i have some good news for you, really Lucas. What is it, i found the lady who bought the sperm.

"What, where is she and how is the child. Easy Eva, please tell me, the children are fine. What do you mean children, i laugh looking at her. They are twins Eva, she cover her mouth with her hand.

Then tears drop from her eyes, why are you crying Eva. Son is tears of joy anything else, it OK Eva you are now a grand mom. She immediately hug me, I'm proud of you son. They are two girls, wonderful she said.

We settled everything with her, so when are you meeting them. I want to informed my parents first, you have to son. So when i come back, i will meet them.

Son, are you ready to meet them. I don't know Eva, I'm not ready. Son whether you like it or not they are now your children, you have to be there for them, i nod my head.

You go and informed your parents, when you are back, we will know what to do next OK. She kiss my cheeks, Eva huh! Please come with me. I wish i can, buy son I'm tired of traveling.

OK i kiss her cheeks too, bye. I went inside my room to packed my things for tomorrow. I finished packing and went to shower, i came back lying on my bed. I picked my phone trying to call Elle, i want to know if she got home early.

The phone ring's, she picked it up on the fourth ring

Elle : Elle speaking

Lucas : Hi, it me Lucas

Elle : hi

Lucas : um did you got home early.

Elle : yeah, we got home early

Lucas : OK, what are they doing, or are they sleeping.

Ell : No, they are not sleeping, they just finished bathing, they are on the bed with me.

Lucas :  ok, i just call to check on you people, please kiss them for me.

Elle : OK bye

Lucas : bye

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