Chapter 8


We are waiting for you Mr Dante Elle said, i clear my throat. Um! Please just call me Dante, alright. I then told her everything "WHAT! What do you mean it a mistake " no! no! no! it can't be.

I bought it with my own money, calm down miss Elle i said. No! you can't tell me to calm down, you made the mistake not me. Calm down Elle her friend said, let hear him first.

Um! Dante right, yeah, i'm Jessica Elle's friend. Okay, please explain it well to us. So you mean, your friend sperm was mistakenly sold out to my friend. Yes Jessica, we made a big mistake.

So my friend want to meet Elle, to solve the problem. He want to be in the child's life, No! way Dante, no way. Elle please, we have been searching for you for a long time.

Elle i think we should meet his friend, Jessica said. OK when can we meet your friend Elle said, i can take you there, are you OK with that, Yes she said.

Okay let go, i drove them to Lucas company. What are we doing at L&D company, oh sorry we are meeting my friend here. We walked inside and took the elevator.

Then we reach at the top floor, i asked the lady at the front desk. Is your boss in, "No Sir, he is at a meeting right now. I called him i will be coming, oh yes sir, he told me. Please follow me.

We got to Lucas office, please sit down. What can i offer you, it OK i said.

Lucas P.O.V

Dante will pass by my office today, gosh! I'm s tired. Today i have hold 3 meetings God! I need to get some rest, i walk out of the meeting room. I lose my tie on my neck, i roll my selves up toy my elbow.

I walk to the front desk, Anna did anyone came looking for me. Yes boss, your friend Mr Dante is in your office. Oh ok thanks Anna, i turned the knob, sorry man. I'm a little bit late.

But i was shock to see two ladies with him in my office. It OK Lucas, i went and sat down in my chair. I look at the two ladies, the other one is calm but the beautiful one look pissed by someone before coming here.

Dante i hope everything is okay here, Yes man, um Lucas. It is Jessica and Elle Dickson, Elle Dickson. Yeah the mask lady, i nodded my head. She look at my face, i know you some were Elle said.

Yeah, we met at the club yesterday. "Yes", so you were that's guy. Yes i said, OK Dante, when is your friend coming, um Lucas is the friend I'm talking about.

" Are you kidding me, No Elle Lucas is the own of the sperm. I mean your child father, "unbelievable" I'm Lucas Dimitri, i stretch my hands to greet them. I'm Jessica, i move next to Elle.

I'm Elle, she refuse to greet me, i hope my friend here have told you everything already. Yes he has but they are my children not yours, what do you mean children.

Dante and i asked her, never mind she said, um miss Elle please behavior yourself, we are all here because of the child. I just want to in his or her life.

No! you are not their father she said, what do you mean their. Is non of your business they are my children not you. I stood up from my chair, what do you mean your children.

"What the fuck say something, answer me now i scream loud. She step back a little, calm down Lucas Dante said. How can i fucking calm down, when she is been rude here.

I didn't meant this to happen, do you hear me Elle. I'm waiting answer me " Now!, um! they are

Twins "WHAT! TWINS Dante said. I was shocked, i step back and fall down on my chair.

TWINS, yes they are twins, 2 lovely girls Jessica said. No wonder they takes their looks from you Mr Lucas Jessica said. I'm speechless so do Dante.

I can't belived this, I'm a father of two lovely twins. You are the man Lucas, twins straight. Can't believe it, you are now a father of twins. They look a lot her you said Jessica.

They took only the colour of their mother's hair, they are a photo copy of you. They are so beautiful, when you meet them.

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