Chapter 6

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You don't worry okay, then someone open the door. "Hello! Eva.

"Hello Dante", how are you my dear? She said and hug Dante.

I'm fine Eva, girl you look good and strong Dante said. She smile and hit Dante's arm to stop joking with her, we both laugh.

"Um... Lucas can we talk in your study."

"Okay, Eva can you please get us some coffee and cookies."

"Okay dear, i will do just that.

We will be in my study, let go Dante. Okay have a seat, "what that matter Dante?". It looks like you have not sleep in days, what wrong with you man?

"Lucas there is a big problem, i have not sleep for days now."

"What going on?" Tell me something.

"It about the sperm i took from you."

What about that, i hope you were able to used it for your research.

I did not used it Lucas.

"What do you mean you did not used it, i thought you said you need it for your research in the lab."

I did but, you know i travel to further my studies.

Yeah, i year now.

I kept your sperm in our special storage and left for Canada, so when i came back, i was told that they

"What do you mean, i can't get you?"


"WHAT!" You told me you are going to used it in the lab only?"

"I did man, but i don't know what happen."

"Don't tell me bullshit, what do you mean? You fucking promise me they will not sold it but what happen.

I'm sorry man, i failed you. I don't know they will sell your sperm. Then we heard a voice "WHAT!" We both turned our heads, it was Eva. Shit! she drop the coffee on the ground, we quickly rush to her and hold her.

Easy Eva, please have a seat, i said.

"What i'm i hearing Lucas, you sold your sperm. Someone had your child somewhere, you must find the person now Lucas. Eva said.

I slowly nod my head, what are we going to do now? Okay, do you know who bought the sperm i asked him.

"Yeah, i have every information about her here."

Is she a married woman or a single person. You better speak up Dante!, what were you thinking before you make that mistake.

I'm sorry man, she is a single lady. She work!

"Speak up Dante!"

She work in a club as a...stri...stripper.

"WHAT!" Eva and i shout together. "A STRIPPER!". I can't believe this, Dante are you sure?


But how can a stripper go in for insemination, is impossible. Eva said.

I'm even shocked right now, a stripper unbelievable. Dante are you sure you have the right information about her.

Yes Lucas, i went to the club looking for her. But i was told she is no more working there Dante said.

"Do you have her picture i asked him."

"No Lucas, i was told she used masks on her face when she is performing.

"Wow she is very cleaver i said, so where are we going to start the search Dante.

I don't know man, I'm confused right now.

I'm really disappointed in you Dante, so how long have you been searching for her.

A year now.



Maya! come here, this girl is too sturborn. Where is she Maya!, "mama! Yes dear come let me carry you, Dorcas crawl over to me. Immediately Maya saw me she start running, poor baby how far can you run. I stretch my hand and catch her, got you.

She start to giggling and run to the bathroom, it been 2 years now i had the insemination. I got pregnant a month later, i refused to check the baby gender. Lena and Jessica forced me to check it but i still refused to do it.

I want it to be surprise when i give birth, so when the due date came. In the delivery room i was double surprise when i had two babies in my arm, two beautiful girls. I name them Maya and Dorcas, they have the colour of my hair.

Apart from that, i think their eyes everything resembles their father. This means their father is a Greek God, when i go out with them people want to carry them. I'm blessed to be their mother, i was a little bit sad because they took after their Dad.

They are one year old now, i placed Maya in the bathtub. Maya stop playing with the water, behavior young lady. I finished bathing both of them, i then brought them to the kitchen. I placed them on their high chair, it 6:00pm and i'm getting ready to go to work.

"Yes i'm still a stripper, i stop for a year then came back when the kids were a year old. I have a nanny who come and take care of them throughout the whole night, still i comes in the morning. I heard a knock, it must be the nanny.

"Yes! come in."

"Good evening miss Elle."

Evening Doris, you are early today.

Yes, miss Elle. Where are they?

They are in the kitchen, she walk to the kitchen.

"Hello girls!, immediately they saw her, they started jumping in their chair "Do...ris. I laugh, they are trying to learn how to talk now. "Okay girls time for me to go now, i went and kiss their forehead and left.

I walk in to the club and went and change, i told Jack to announce my arrival. I was on stage dancing when i notice a guy in armani suit fit his arms, he is so hot. They were starring at me, he stood up and start walking towards me.

When he got in front of me, he throw money all over. "Who is this guy", i said to myself, i have not seen him and his friend here before. He looks very familiar, God! my heart start to beat very fast. What wrong with me, i hurry walk out of the stage.

Are you alright Elle? Eric the manager asked me.

"I'm fine Eric."

"Okay here is your money."

Thanks! Eric, he was about to go when i called him back. "Eric!, who is that guy over there, the one in the suit.

"Oh, you mean Lucas Dimitri, he is the owner of L&D. He ownes the biggest hotels in town, a well knowned billionaire.

"Really!, okay thanks Eric.

I turned to leave when i notice he and his friend try walking towards me, i quickly walked out of the club and called a taxi. I sat inside fast, driver move the car fast, they started running towards the taxi. God! what do they want, who are this people. "Driver move the car now!".

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