The One She Needed


48.48k words

32 chapters



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Raquel Hughes, an acclaimed fashion designer had the world at her feet. Unfortunately the same can't be said about her relationship. She never felt satisfied with the cards Love dealt her. What happens when an awkward situation turns into a collision of two hearts never anticipating the feel of love to envelop them? Yes- he was younger than her... and he was her opposite in every sense of the word with his ivory to her melanin. Although they face judgement and ridicule from all angles, the desires pumping through their veins are too strong to wilt away. Thus will they beat the odds? And no longer allow the word to dictate the rhythm at which their hearts should beat when in each other they found the deep beauty of love and ecstasy...



Lexine Lalor

great book so far

2021/12/2 Reply

Madison Brooks

Hello, Your book is very intriguing. The interracial relationship that this book includes is a good aspect.

2021/10/7 Reply

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