Strike The Brave


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28 chapters



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Liam was hovering right above her, holding her hands. She didn't saw him for weeks and nothing changed except for his stubbles, that made him more handsome.

"Breath, Jenny."

Liam whispered and leaned down to kiss on her forehead. That moment, she totally forgot about her headache. As soon as his lips touched her forehead, she released her breath.


People always strike the one who is brave. They can't seem to tolerate someone brave, different from them and everything else that they wish to become but never can.

Jennifer Wilson is hated by others because of her dedication towards her work, bluntness and straightforward attitude. She often argue with her seniors something that her fellow people only can dream. A harmless girl become a threat.

Among all her problems she find herself stuck in much more grave things. Something political in which she has no business. The one who is responsible for her miseries becomes her savior.



Michaela Eva Gorduiz


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ambigous, editing issues

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a must read

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good story

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nice story

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