7- Confession


Nandu was sleeping and Manik is sitting beside her on the chair while placing his legs on the bed

Nandu sleep got disturbed by sunrise

She opened her slightly and her eyes popped out by seeing Manik beside her on the chair

She got scared ... She crawled back in the bed with a jerk by covering herself with the bedsheet

Manik got disturbed by a sudden moment of nandu.

"how your feeling now?” he asked in concern.

“f... F..fine s...s..sir ” she choked in a scared tone.

He got settled beside her while leaning towards her.

" I’m... Sorry plz don’t punish me! ” she choked in tears.

She started crying, Manik felt bad by seeing her condition. He liked that fear once upon a time, but now he is not feeling good by seeing her like this.

" I will not punish you. don’t be scared just take rest “. he mumbled in a calm tone.

She nodded silently,

" I’m going, you have tablets on time be fine we will talk later,” he said while Leaving her alone.

Morning her dad explained about Manik care for her. She was confused more after knowing that.

Nandu POV,

He himself hurt me, and took care of me and healed me.

Why he is behaving so weird?

Is he a monster or human like all 

Why he is hurting me?

What is going on in my life?

What does he want from me?


A week later,

Nandu was perfectly fine. she is peaceful and happy too as Manik haven’t met her or called her. She felt relieved but it’s not so easy as Manik is Manik


Manik came to her home. Nandu and her family are in the living room.

Nandu heart stopped beating when she found Manik near the door. Her family invited him with a smile.

"Good morning aunty, uncle, and nick!” he wished.

“Good morning Manik!

" How are you feeling nandu? ” he asked in a calm tone.

She nodded yes

" Actually, uncle! I want to talk something with her if u grand permission I will take her out,” he asked.

Nandu was spellbound with his request. She felt that she is gone today. They accepted happily

" Get ready, I will wait, ” he said in a cold tone.

She knows well he gonna hurt her if she does late it will hurt her more without making delay she got ready and he drove her to his mansion.

Throughout the journey, they are quite. nandu was silently praying God to save her. He stopped his car in front of his main door nandu seen his mansion.

It’s so beautiful and huge. He got down from his car and unlocked her door he got in his mansion whereas she followed him fearfully. He stopped her near his room.

" This is my room after marriage our room get in!" he said in a calm tone both left in and she followed.

" sit!"  he said.

She was hell scared she stood like a statue.

" I said sit!” he said in a serious tone.

She got seated on the bed she was almost in tears.

" I’m sorry nandu ” he choked while turning away which shocked nandu.

"See, I hate girls and I don’t want to trust!  I thought you as same but your different nandu so I wanted to marry you, I will give you everything you want in life and in return you should just do a favour” He said in a serious tone while seating beside her.

" What!” She asked doubtfully.

"You should just prove me, and make me feel that I owe you. I don’t believe in love and you don’t need to love,  just be in my life be my wife I will not hurt you,” He mumbled while holding her hand.

" Sir! If you don’t mind, can I please ask a question! ” she choked in tears.

" Haan"

" you want me just to sleep with you then why you’re thinking of marriage, sir? ( Manik got angrier by listening to this ) Why you’re planning to kill me every day? when you had a chance power position to kill me at once!

Why you’re hating me so much Sir? ” she asked in tears.

He gave her a tight slap.

" I’m trying to be good for you, but you wanted to me to treated you like a wh*r* ” he scowled in angry while pushing her on the bed.

" I’m sorry! ” she choked in tears. He removed his blazer and got on her.

" I want only you’re body not once I want it million times!  I just tried to make you comfortable and make it pleasurable but you always want pain. come on!  I will give it today it’s our first night,” he yelled in angry while tearing her shirt away.

" Please, leave me! ” she choked in tears.

He grabbed her hands and tied them together with his tie.

" Please, stop! I’m sorry! ” she pleaded in tears.

Being heartless, Manik just focused on his work, he came on top of her by crushing his weight on her tiny little body. She gasped for breath by his weight. He digs himself in her neck while giving bits all over her neck, she cried out in pain. He saw her condition. he got up from her and got seated beside the bed while folding his leg on the bed.

She opened her eyes by his move. His eyes are red mixed emotions are visible in his eyes. She crawled back on the bed by covering her front with the sheet with her bonded hands.

" I don’t know nandu! why I’m not able to do this?

I don’t know, why I’m attracted to you?

I don’t know, why I changed my decision from single to get married?

I don’t know, why I’m unable to see you’re tears?

I don’t know, why I’m caring for a girl?

"I know only one thing that is you, not any such cheap girl! Please, nandu be mine! please, I will not hurt you. I don’t know, what love is? I can’t love you, but I can keep you happy. I don’t want to leave you in life. I want you only for me this is why I wanted this marriage."

"On that night, you said me that you will gift your virginity only for your husband. That second, I got this desire to marry you. Even I want to break it only with you. I promise, I never saw any girl as I saw you. Maybe, it just lusts but for me, you’re my Desire, My passion. “He confessed which froze nandu.

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