She Is My Desire


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A STRUGGLE TO FIND TRUE LOVE IN THE PATH OF THRONES OF LUST AND PAIN ... "I hate you...! " She choked in broken tone yet acting as strong.

" You will hate me more, I promise I will make your every day hell! " he warned in a dangerous tone.

" What the hell I did for you?" she yelled.

" You should pay back for insulting me, miss... Nandini Sharma! " he whispered in a husky tone while tearing her shirt she gasped with his act.

Before she could resist, he claimed her lips as his hands started touching her inch by inch shamelessly.
Nandini Sharma .. 20yrs old doing her graduation final yr cool and sweet girl kind at heart... Loves her family especially her brother Nick

Manik Malhotra: 25yrs businessman and a spoiled human. he will do anything to satisfy his ego. he likes to dominate, He don't have any feelings towards human, Money minded he destroy anyone but he is a virgin still, but For the first time he wanted to break it with Nandu.



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