4- Domination


Nandu came out with a fake smile she nodded a yes'. Her family is happy.

Manik smirked by seeing nandu.

" I know nandu likes this ...I’m happy ” Manik chuckled.

" so we will make arrangements for marriage, After her final exams this month” Her dad announced.

" yah sure! Make it as fast as possible, I can’t wait more and uncle no need of high range marriage, I don’t believe on all the things. So simple marriage ” he said

All are happy except nandu.

"Now, I can call you jiju ” her brother yelled in excitement.

" yah sure! ” Manik chuckled while passing a wink towards nandu.

5days later ...

Manik came to nandu home...

Nandu avoided him fully which pissed up him. He made an excuse and stormed towards nandu room.

Before she understands he grabbed her by waist and pinned her on the wall with a force.

" what your doing, leave me!” she struggled.

" How dare you to avoid me? ” he scowled with anger.

“No, leave me it’s hurting leave my hand! ” she pleaded

He loosened his grip.

"How many days left for your exams? ” he asked.

“’ I will not get married until I get a job!” she said

" your job is only to please me, nothing else! ” he scowled

" My dad will not let me be a housewife! ” she said confidently.

He left his grip and left the house. He hasn’t disturbed her. she completed her exams. The very next day after exams he came back to her home.

" Uncle, I wanna ask something if u don’t mind?” he asked

" what Manik?

" uncle actually, I don’t know about nandu tastes likee likes and dislikes even she doesn’t know mine so I’m thinking we should each other ” he replied

" so ”

" Nandu said me that she likes to work after studies. so if ur ok from tomorrow nandu can join in my office than we can get more time to understand each other, ” he said in a convinced tone.

" But, is it ok! ”Her dad asked.

" Yes don’t worry, I will pick her and drop her daily. please uncle ” he requested.

Her dad said yes. Nandu got shocked by seeing the appointment letter which is given by her dad.

" Now, you will see hell for avoiding me! ” he whispered in her ear.

She gave an angry look at him.

" haha you got angry, but you will get only tears from tomorrow. ” I had a list to punish you tomorrow morning be ready in some sexy outfit by 9. If you’re late, I will punish you in the car itself ” he whispered in a naughty smirk and placed a secret kiss on her neck and left the house.

Nandu was unable to understand Manik, he is being good with all, but with her, he is a monster.

Nandu POV,

Is this marriage was for revenge or lust?

Why will a billionaire marry an ordinary girl if its only revenge or lust he got chance to destroy me on that day

Why this marriage plan and all?

My family is happy with this but why I’m unable to accept this, whatever, you should find out why he is marrying you maybe there may have some other reason behind this and don’t trust him nandu he is so bad.

Even after marriage, he will beat me like he did that night.

It hurts so much.

Think a way to escape from this devil.

In these thoughts, she had dozed off...

Manik mansion, He is drinking in his room.

Manik POV,

Just one more night from tomorrow you will be in my office.

In my cabin.

What the magic you have nandu? You have just locked me in your beauty. I just want to seal my lips on Yours forever it tastes like the honey.

Oh no, I should wait for more than 10hrs to met you, my sweetheart,

Mrg 8.45 am,

Nandu got ready to attend office. she is not interested but scared of his horrible punishment.

Manik reached her home after taking blessing from her parents. he dropped nick to his school and both left to his office. It’s a huge 10straied building. He just walked in with a bossy attitude nandu just followed him obediently. His staff wished him a good morning, but he hasn’t replied he just waved his hand for them.

His staff are shocked by seeing a girl with Manik, This was the First time ever he had a girl so close. Because he doesn’t trust girl he gives the least preference in acquiring any female staff. He just had 5 girls in his office among 150 staff. He stopped in between his path and turned towards his staff, who are having a confused expression.

" she is Nandini Sharma, my new assistant, I really want you all to treat her same as me with almost respect. so welcome her! ” he cheered up.

They wished her whereas, she gave a formal smile. She got nervous by seeing that many ppl focusing on her. she gripped Manik hand tight in nervousness. Manik understood that she is uncomfortable.

"guys everyone gets back to work and nandu follow me to my cabin I will explain your work, ” he said in a calm tone.

Nandu nodded and followed him. He held her hand with his and marched towards his cabin. He closed the door and made her sit on the couch in front of his desk.

He got comfortable on the desk like a king.

" So honey do you like my office ” he chuckled.

She nodded.

" haha, I think you’re busy in thinking that for what I got you here right ” he questioned with a smirk.

She nodded yes lightly.

" nothing more, I just created a new job for you that was my PB it means pleasuring boss.

It was your only duty, obey me all the time do whatever I say and trust me I will not make out until we get married still than we should have warmup right. ” he smirked.

She passed a disgusting look at him.

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