Seized 2

Adelayn's POV

"Are you sure you're going to walk alone?" Diana asked worriedly.

I sighed and smiled at him again.

"That's seven more questions"

"I'm just worried about you---"

"Diana Faith Ellis, am I going to let myself be ruined?" I laughed at this.

"Can you come with me? My driver will arrive soon."

"I'll go to Brother Mads, I'll just return the comics I borrowed and then I'll go straight home." And I plastered an assurance smile.

Later he stopped arguing with me and his driver arrived.

I called Tim to pick me up and ask him not to pick me up because I want to be alone first and feel the city on my way home.

When they find out, Mama will definitely scold me and especially Kuya Tim, but I won't let that happen.

I stretched out my hands and tasted the air before starting to walk.

It's a bit dark but the road is clear because of the streetlights. The condo I'm staying at is also not far away.

I also forced Mom and Dad to let me live in an apartment but they didn't want to. They say it's safer in the condo but they're still not sure because I'll still be far away from them.

Because I've been with them for a few years, I'm also changing and don't want to be away from them.

I go home every weekend, but it is difficult depending on the projects and activities we are doing.

I have to admit that college is hard, with this lifestyle. This is what it feels like to be away from your parents. That's why it's my first time and I'm in my 4th year and I want to see the real world. How to live as a normal college student.

Many people don't know that I live in a condo because of my safety. Only Diana knows this. My parents are also really cool.

I sighed and noticed that I was close to Brother Madison's bookstore.

I stopped and looked around. I was surprised that there were only a few people passing by.

But I stopped and couldn't move when my chest suddenly pounded. I grabbed it quickly. The unfamiliar feelings grow in my chest like someone is following me or keeping an eye on me.

Suddenly it winds lightly making my hair fly away. I fixed it and was surprised when I opened it to see a human figure in the distance facing me. The built of that person is masculine and is tall, it's a man.

He is wearing a black tuxedo and a green tie. I couldn't see his face because the reflection of the light only hit his body and not his face.

I reflect the man. I want to confirm. I'm not sure if he is facing me or maybe I'm not and maybe he's just waiting there.

I took two steps and then stopped when I saw him take a step back.

So I stepped back and then again I was surprised and stopped when he stepped forward!

No, I'm just missing it.

I stopped and simply looked at the people passing by. So that if I can confirm that I am the target of that man, I can immediately ask for help.

Brilliant idea!

I looked at the place where the man was and he was still there.

A plan came to my mind.

I tried to step forward and looked at him in shock when he stepped back.

As if I am playing with him or...he is playing with me.

And I stepped back and he stepped forward.

I just keep doing it slowly. Even though I have a horrible feeling.

I want to see him. I want to see his face. Who he is.

The light was hitting his neck. A little more steps and I can see his face.

Then I stopped when I saw his lips. Even though it is far away my eyes are clear.

Then I take the risk more step back.

When I retreated, he didn't move. I pulled back again but he wasn't moving forward.

Ha! I told you so!

That man is playing with me! what is his problem?

But then I saw him grinning.

My fear rose from the way he grinned. The fear grew more mixed with nervousness and my heart was pounding as if it would come out any minute.

I didn't realize I was running and ended up entering the bookstore.

I caught up with Brother Mads who was reading and wearing earphones.

I breathlessly approached him. He stood up in shock.

"ADELAYN!" He wondered.

"Are you alright?!" Noticed my shortness of breath.

I nodded and sat in front of him.

"It's like you're being chased by a wolf." And shook his head.

"I'll stay here first." I said while removing my bag.

"B-but I'm going to close."

"Please, Brother Madison!" And made puppy eyes even though I didn't want to do it.

"My bookstore is not 7/11, Adelayn."

I smile because I know he agrees.

I lay down on the sofa upstairs still panting and thought about what happened earlier.

My mind can't forget his look, his grin and what we did earlier as if playing. I shook my head.

I held my chest, it was beating very fast.

"Did you eat already?!" Brother Mads yelled from below.

I got up and stood up. "I want spaghetti and rice. You take care of the dish!" I screamed.

I heard his tantrums. I just giggled.

I looked at this rather large room. I've been here since I moved. I find this place cozy. I'm at ease whenever I'm here.

I'm not fond of reading books, but I'm fond of this place.

correct and with a comfortable bed here. Brother Mads was embarrassed because I was always here and always sitting or lying on the sofa. I know he's annoyed.

There is also a rattan hammock and beautiful shelves around the wall. This is the second floor of his bookstore.

Maybe I like comics, but it depends on my taste. Sometimes my interest also depends on the cover of the book.

While looking for something to read, I heard someone fall downstairs.

"Brother Mads?" I call

How quickly did he buy?

But I remembered what happened earlier!

Suddenly, the nervousness rose again in my chest.

"BROTHER BIG MADS?" I call loudly.

I didn't hear his voice but I heard another crash.

Even though I was trembling, I was able to peek at the stairs.

It was quiet and I could hear something.

I made up my mind.

And the man's figure registered in my mind.

W-what if he followed me? I held on to the wooden railing and slowly went down but I retreated.

Not allowed.

What if he does something bad to me?

In the end of my argument with myself. I chose to stay here at the top while looking down.

So I know who will go up.

A few minutes ago I heard the door open because someone came in but---


I heard Brother Mads' voice shout.

I was suddenly alarmed!

"BROTHER MADS?!" I asked worriedly. I didn't hesitate to go down.

I saw him with his eyes closed.

I quickly approached him and asked.

He pointed to the place at the end of the shelf and that's how I covered my mouth!

"YOU KIDS! GO HOME! YOU'RE GOING TO LAST! IT'S STILL HERE IN MY SHOP!" Brother Mads shouted at her. Like he's really Mad!

The two high school sweethearts are getting dressed up!

Oh man! Don't tell me, are they the ones I've been hearing crashing?!

"If you're going to do a miracle, don't do it in my shop!" Brother Mads insisted that I would cry and cry, which made me laugh. I patted his fat stomach and stroked his shoulder-length curly hair.

"I bet! Brother Mads's eyes are no longer virgins!" I just looked at the two lovers who almost made a miracle.

"Oh there, that's yours!" At the same time, brother Mads handed me the plastic.

When the two students got out, Kuya Mads left me because he followed the two. I saw his expression that I shook my head.

Tsk tsk kids.

I opened the bag in my hand and sat down where Brother Mads's mini office was.

"Waaaah! Spaghetti! My favorite!" I enthusiastically ate and ate the food.

While sitting on Brother Mads' swivel chair, I turned it around and turned around when I saw his computer.

"Wooooah!" I'm amazed.

I can't believe that Brother Mads is making manga!

I heard the door open from behind because the door was just opposite Kuya Mads' desk.

I focused on wandering my eyes on the manga he made.

"I didn't know you knew how to make manga Kuya Mads---"

*knock knock*

I heard a knock. I turned around and a tall man in a red leather jacket was in front of the table.

"Y-yes?" I asked apprehensively while trying to see who it was because of his hoody covering his face.

He put down a comic book. I wondered.

He grabbed some money from his wallet and placed it on the table before entering the store.

I just followed it with my eyes.


I just shrugged my shoulders and continued with what I was eating.


Two hours later, Kuya Mads was with me and we were both staring at the man in the red leather jacket who was sitting on the couch on the edge of the shelf while reading.

Earlier, Brother Mads was still looking at his watch. Since he has closed, that man is still there.

"Go on, talk to him" I whispered.

"What do you think? Will he not going to uppercut me?"

I laughed weakly at what he said.

"He's scary." He added that I agreed.

Yeah, really intimidating. Just his presence makes me feel down.

It's like you're going to crash if you're with him.

I thought about going home to the condo. I'll just take a taxi.

"It's really late." I said while looking at my wristwatch.

I haven't been able to sleep here because I don't know either, I just feel different now. It doesn't seem safe anywhere I go. Maybe it's safer if I just go home.

I said goodbye to Mads and hailed a car.

I'm just standing here in front of the bookstore. While waiting, my eyes caught sight of the place where that weirdo man was earlier.

But he's scary. I put it out of my mind and suddenly a taxi stopped.

I gave the address.

When I got a little far from the bookstore, my cellphone suddenly rang.

I was surprised because Mads was the caller. I laughed because of his name on my screen 'Mads is Mad'.

I answered, "Oh? Do you miss me right away?" I joke.

A few seconds ago, I could only hear his deep breathing on their line.

"Brother Mads?" wrinkled when I called.

"A-adelayn." he said seriously and I'm not sure if it was fear in his voice.

Before I could speak he preceded me and the words he said made my fear grow.

"I-I saw Adelayn. I-I saw the man in the leather jacket follow you--"

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