Seized 5

The Unknown's Pov

I let go of the cigarette smoke in the air and drank the full wine in the glass.

"Are you sure about your plan?"

I looked at her blankly.

I grinned and answered, "Yeah."

"What if she woke up and was startled at everything?"

"What do you mean?" I insisted coldly.

What if she hates you for everything? ---"

I slammed the table.

I threw the wine bottle at her and I could see the fear in her eyes. Yeah, I love seeing fear. I love them being afraid. That is what I am thrilled about.

Because I don't want somebody stupid to cross my line.

"Shut your mouth or I'll force you to eat that shuttered glass." I clenched.

And now I am pissed off.

"Don't you ever question me and my plans." I state, coldly but calmly.

She stood up and boldly faced me.

I smirked at the way she was showing me.

"Tough huh?" And I leaned my back and started to lick my upper lip.

"Then don't you ever approach me with your crazy, lunatic plans anymore!" And she left quickly.



I clenched my jaw.

I laugh nonstop while anger builds up on a hundred levels. "For once, you were right."

I balled my fist.

"Maybe I am."


Adelayn's Pov

"L-Let me.
" I shake the woman's hand.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but this is my job."

I closed my eyes tightly and said, "I don't want to be touched." I tried to keep the tone of my voice cool.

She walked away and seemed to be thinking as if she didn't know what to do.

"B-but ma'am---"

"Adelayn." I turned to her and looked down at her shaking hands, which made me frown.

"Call me Adelayn." I said calmly.

"Where am I?" I changed but she didn't answer.

Shee just helps me get things like soap, shampoo, and scrub. I'm not used to someone watching me while I'm taking a shower.

But she said it is her WORK, so I couldn't do anything and let her but not bathe me.

She bowed and didn't answer. That's why I really had no hope of getting out of this place.

When I finished, I was handed a robe and a towel.


"Adelayn." I corrected.

"MA'AM, I'll wait for you outside and I'll join you for dinner."

I just sighed and nodded in response. But the truth is that I want to cry.

I faced the mirror after getting dressed.

I was wearing a pair of sleepwear with a collar and pyjamas.

Am I ready to go out? I let out a breath because what I was doing was a big mess. I don't know why I still remain calm in the middle of the brink of my life.

I sat on the bed and thought.

But I didn't realize my eyes were wandering around this room. Just now it happened to shake the whole room.

I felt comfortable in this room. It's so warm and very easy to see and stay.

It's simple yet dignified. The walls are both crema and matte gray in color. The room is quite big, and there are some shelves that have this sliding door, and inside there are some books and what looks like documents.

I moved my hand to my side and felt the bed. The bedsheet is floral and old brown in color but clean.

I went around the whole room and noticed the black curtain that my eyes didn't like. I don't like dark things.

I haven't seen anything besides the sidetable with the lampshade is gone. It feels empty.


I left the room and for the first time I saw the cozy and shining chandelier in size. The stairs and the tiles make up the entire second floor in size. I also saw the first floor, but not in its entirety.

We started going down and I was just in front.

I never thought that my kidnapper would bring me here.

But eventually, I lost my mind about the beauty of this whole house as a plan was forming in my mind.

I just have to leave. I have to escape from this place.

"It's ready to eat." An old woman said. It has a strong stance and posture.

She looked at me and smiled sparingly. I didn't reciprocate because I didn't know them and I didn't know what they meant for me.

"I am the Lead Maid of this mansion. Call me Tes, Miss Adelayn Florence."

"How do you know me?"

It's still not new to me to be called by the name of someone I don't even know.

I wanted to answer the questions in my mind, but not a single answer came back to me.

"After she finishes eating, take her to his room."

"Wait a minute!" I stopped.

Now they all have my attention. I took a deep breath and spoke again.

"Why am I here?"

Tes stared at me intently. I also looked at the other maids, I think so.

"Your dinner is getting cold." And she left, and so did the others.

My shoulders fell and it was my impending tears again.

I glanced at the food on the table. It's pure vegetables, and I don't like it. I don't even know if they put something here and killed me completely.

I remembered mom and dad and Diana again.

I raised my head and sniffed. It prevents hot tears from coming out.

I turned my eyes to the side and I saw the maid who was with me in the shower earlier. It's just bent over.

"I don't like this place." I seemed to complain, but she didn't move.

Little by little, my heart is breaking. I want an answer and I want to go home.

When I sat down and faced the food, I had no appetite.

"I don't want to." I insisted.

I saw, in my peripheral vision, the woman looking up at me.

"B-but you haven't eaten yet---"

"I said I don't want it." I pressed

I tried to steady my gaze and resisted her gaze. In the end, I got the win and she took me to the room I didn't want to go back to.

I turned on the lampshade, and when I made sure the door was locked, I started to faint and cry.

I wanted to scream, but it didn't do anything for me. I can't be helped, and even more so, I can't get out of here.

The things I was afraid of this time came back to my mind.

My parents The dread they feel I want to talk to them. I want to see them.

That's why I stood up and carefully walked around this room. I hope I can find something that can help me.

I carefully opened the drawer of the cabinet desk without a trace of noise. When I opened the third drawer, I saw a handkerchief.

What will I do with the handkerchief? I rummaged through the other drawers but couldn't find anything. Only this useless handkerchief is here.

I threw it back and went back to bed. When I was about to lie down, my eyes suddenly fell on the curtain. It can only mean one

Fast forward to four o'clock I opened the curtain.

My heart felt like it was going to explode with joy, and I was jumping, but I immediately realized the noise I made, so I immediately stopped and felt if anyone heard me.

I waited a second and it didn't seem to be there.

I kept looking at the door and window even though I knew the door was locked.

I grabbed the sides of the window and slid my hand quickly across, as if looking for something. It's tomorrow.

I smile with success that I can have tomorrow.

"Urgh! It's tight! " I whispered insistently.

I need lube.

So I immediately went straight to the bathroom and ransacked the drawers, and my shoulders immediately dropped. I have nothing to gain from this. The bathroom was empty.

Are they really this desperate? Did they already know I was going to do this thing?

I clutched my chest and fainted again.

My tears flowed and slowly slid to the floor. I leaned my head against the bathtub and hugged my knees.

Once again, the question is increasing in my mind. Why am I here? What do they need? And why are they treating me like this? Besides that, I wonder if they have bad intentions towards me. Because there is no good in kidnapping someone who does good, right?

What if one day I wake up in this room that I'm being experimented on?

I shook my head violently at that thought.

I didn't even realize the weight of my eyelids and sleepiness was slowly coming over me.


Third person's POV

"Where is she?" The muscular man was angry with the assistant as soon as he got out of the car.

He took off the tuxedo and violently threw it at the maid and entered the mansion.

"I said, where the hell is she? Didn't you hear me? " He said this loudly and firmly to the assistant, who immediately shivered.

"It's up there---"

"F-ck! As simple as that! " And it carefully passed the second floor's gaze.

He was about to go up when he again heard the words of the assistant who stopped him.

"Repeat." as his jaw tensed.

"H-he hasn't eaten yet."

"Even a single nut of rice?" It pointed to the grain of rice, and the assistant immediately nodded.

"Then what did I tell you? Didn't I tell you that you f-ckin do your work? KEEP AN EYE ON HER. " He didn't wait for her to speak again and went straight to the room where the woman he was dying to see was.

But the door is locked.

"Where's the key?" and extended his hand as if he knew it would happen.

When the door was opened and his eyes realized that it was not there, he immediately lost it. He screamed angrily, and he immediately veiled the servant.

"M-Maybe it's in CR---"

He violently removed her hand and went straight to the CR, where he saw Adelayn lying on the tiles and sleeping soundly. His anger immediately subsided and he attended to the girl.


He picked her up and brought her to the bed, and also frowned.

He kissed the girl's forehead and stroked her hair.

"I thought I lost you." He whispered.

He looked like a kind sheep when he saw the girl. A lion, however, without the girl in his eyes.

That was Adelayn's impact this year. Not just this person, but the people who are obsessed with her.

The man slid the back of his hand onto Adelayn's cheek and said the words...

"Hold on, please?"

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