Chapter 2

Dear Britney,

I’m sorry for not writing for the past month I was so busy to pass everything I needed for the school year end. Anyway, have you watch the news lately? The NASA (weather Forecast in Philippines) confirmed that today’s the official summer in year 2017 here Philippines. How’s the weather there? By the way today I’m also packing my things up for the camp. Mom is sitting on my bed right now watching me pack my clothes for the camp, like she’s scared I’ll pack a cigarette or marihuana with me. I usually pack enough clothes whenever I’m going out of town and right now I plan on packing exact clothes with me for the whole week but mom insisting to pack extra clothes, it makes me feel like she wants me to stay longer than a week. Anyway, do you remember the last letter I wrote? About my friends’ plans to attend this stupid summer camp for my 17th birthday? Yep, that’s the reason why I’m packing today. Aah, yeah if you remember that I’m turning 17 in three days. I already planned my birthday exclusively only for my mother and I but my two good friends ruined it! And I can’t believe my mother agreed!

Ugh! I feel trapped.

“I know you’re still mad at me.” mom says.

“I’m not. I’m just annoyed.” I say.

“You have to learn how to interact with people. I remembered when you were a kid you like to entertain with people, you like singing and dancing.

Why does my ability to be a social outcast can make mom worry? There’s a lot of people out there that I am sure are introvert like me. Besides, my friend, Zara is an introvert also like me. Yes, she’s an introvert. You don’t have to read it again to be sure. It’s she knows how to socialize but being in a crowded place make her sick. She likes to read and be alone in her room than to go to a party. And guess what, her mom doesn’t worry about her. I know what you’re thinking Brit, we’re different. I just don’t like being around with people I roll my eyes and sits on my bed.

“I was a kid. I don’t know the word shy back then, like Adam and Eve before eating the forbid…”

Mom cut me off. “Stop the nonsense, Elise. Why’d you have to bring seven pants? Just two and bring a denim shorts.

“I don’t like wearing that! It’s too short besides, I was planning to bring two pants it would be enough for a week!” I protest.

“That’s why they call shorts.

She put a denim shorts in my bag and a while shorts and picks the clothes I only wore once. It’s a pink sleeveless top with a glittery heart in the middle. I remember it’s a birthday present for me by someone I can’t remember. She also pack a dress I only wore a red dress I wore during her last recital.

I miss that day. It was two years ago and you were there with me watching my mother take the stage while both of us were at the audience. Mom was an excellent pianist but gave it up three years ago. She looked so happy and gorgeous. Mom was wearing her biggest smile in her whole performance staring at dad. I never knew that it would be just left in the past.

I grab the heart shirt but mom resists.

“Mom, please no.

“It’s a beautiful shirt.

“And the dress?” I asked.

“I think you’ll need it.

“Why does it have to be that dress? And where would I need that in an island?

“It’s a beautiful dress besides, honey stop using the same clothes every as if you don’t have anything else. Okay?

She leans her head on her should looking restless.

“It would be just me in this house.” she said.

“Mom it would be just a week.

I rolled my eyes and sat next to her. Mom kisses me on my forehead.

“You grow so fast.

I love my mom, it was just the two of us since the day I was born. But sometimes I don’t like her, she can’t understand my sense of fashion and I love my friends but they’re the ones who put me in the situation where I can’t bear to think about. I feel like dying just thinking about the thought of being around with the gays for one effin’ week! I don’t understand why people love that gay’s band crying on the mic.

“I guess that’s enough.” Mom says.

“That’s too much for a week.” I say. “It feels like you don’t want me to come home.

“It’s better than to be lack at.

She left my room. Arya message on our group chat I ignore it and lie on my bed. I think why the heck do they call their group “The Pedal” of all the words they can use or choose why the heck the pedals? Ugh! I hate pop music: most of the artists whine and cry, and beg for love, or maybe The Pedal is just what I really hate; I really don’t like saying their group out loud even in my head.

Why Neck Deep didn’t sound weird to me, is there anyone with a neck that’s deep? Or Pierce the Veil, why would they have to pierce the veil? Or Panic! At the Disco, why would people panic at the disco? Is there a bomb? Hmm… maybe I’m just being bias over there oops….

I miss having this kind of argument with you, Brit, you love country music so much that you almost knew the history of it. You love every country musician while I found them oldies because of too western but you love the banjoes, harmonica, and tambourine that you pleaded to your mom to buy you each of those instruments and learn how to play those on the internet. Honestly, I thought you really didn’t want to learn how to play any instruments but because I can play guitar and piano you felt inferior. Don’t be mad with my honesty. Besides, I envy your voice you got the best quality of voice than mine.

Okay this would be all for tonight I’m tired. Good night.

- Elise

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