Music Sounds Better with You

Chapter 1

Dear Britney,

Today is the last day of the school year, I’m excite for the next school year I don’t know why. I’ll be senior next year and then college. I don’t want to think about after that because until now I still don’t know what course I’ll be taking for college. I don’t have much plan for summer, though, maybe that’s the reason why I’m not much excited for summer. I’m packing my books and notebooks from my locker most students are already gone home.

I can hear Arya and Zara approaching to me, talking loudly like they’re so proud someone might hear what they’re talking about. Then one of them poke me I immediately look at them seeing their excited faces. Arya is wearing her heavy backpack on her shoulders while Zara’s bag also looks empty.

“What’s your plan this coming summer?” Arya asks.

“I…” I started but Zara cut me.

“We bought three tickets for The Pedals’ Music Camp, you’re coming with us!” Zara says excitedly hopping like a kid.

“The Pedal? The gay group you like? The gay…”

Arya approached at me and covers my mouth like we’re in danger – we have to be silent so no one will hear us. Zara is wide eyed staring at me like I’ve said a bad or a curse word.

“Don’t say that!” Arya says in a whisper.

I yank her hand irritably. I crunch my eyebrows and put the books I’m holding in my bag. I continue emptying my locker then close the door of my locker.

“Why did you have to do that?” I ask.

Zara approach at me when I walk pass them. Arya put her hand on my shoulder.

“Well, we noticed that your birthday will be on the third day of the camp, we just thought you’ll like to expose your talent to the world!” says Arya.

She stretches her hands like holding something in the air.

“But I don’t like to.” I excuse.

I left them at school and go home, I told you before our school is only fifteen minute walk from home, so I don’t have to take a jeepney or tricycle. I heard Zara and Arya’s voice calling my name but I don’t want to turn my back. When they’re near enough they pushes me and I nearly trip.

“What?” I ask.

“You left us. I only grab my bag in the classroom.” Zara replied.

“C’mon E, the camp would be freaking amazing!” Arya plea.

“My mom wouldn’t let me.” I say.

“Ooh, that would not be a prob. We’ll talk to her! Right Z?

While walking towards home the two idiots are singing one of the songs of the gay band they like the most. I cover my ears with my hands but they’re lovely voice are still audible. The people around us are looking at us like we’re lunatics I feel uncomfortable with them singing the song of that gay band people might think I’m also a fan. Yuck! What a disgusting thought but thankfully these people have a lovely voice, so they’re exceptional to ruin the silence of the street. Still, I’m annoyed and ashamed. When we’re near to the house they run towards my mother and give her a kiss on her cheek. They informs her excitedly about the camp that makes Arya squeals.

“That’s a nice idea, Elise.” Mom says.

I put my palm on my face in disappointment.

“Wait, is this safe? I mean, does all of the people there would be teens? Who will look after you?” mom asks.

Zara and Arya explains to mom the people who would be there and the things in agreement that it is safe and legal. They beg again for my mother’s blessing to let me come with them. They explains that the manager of the band, and some of the roadies, and there’ll be a coach, also the management of the house they rent would look after us during the camp. My mother agrees after then.

“I’ll make a snack for you girls.” Mom says then left us alone in the living room.

“Your mom agreed. I never been so happy!” Arya says cheerfully.

“I never been so disappointed with my mom in my life.” I commented.

“I can hear you.” mom yell.

I roll my eyes and look at Zara.

“Well, actually it would be a nice experience.” Says Zara.

“That’s what I’m thinking about, thank you Zara for voicing it out.” Mom says while approaching to us with a tray full of orange juice and sandwiches.

After the snack they thank mom for the food and juice then went home. I look at my mother disappointed. She cleans the table pile them up then cross her legs and arms looking at me seriously.

“Don’t start at me, Elise.” She begins.

“But you know I don’t like being around with people I barely know!” I yell with full of disappointment.

I stand up and pace the living room. Mom remains at her seat looking at me with a sorrowful eyes. You know my relationship with mom, she knows everything that goes and going on with my life, she’s one of the people I can ran to whenever I have a problem. That’s why I’m so disappointed at her right now. She stands and put her hands on my shoulder, I stops pacing and look at her.

“It’s good for you. It might help you move on.” She explains.

I look at her teary eyed, because of her words it made me reminisce with the things that happened three years ago and the latest, it felt like a million years not a years ago. Why bad things have to happen in my life like a domino effect? One bad thing then another and now I’m suffering to those things not knowing why I deserve it.

“Stop thinking about it. You don’t have to own the pain, Elise.” Mom says.

She hug me and kisses me on my forehead. Mom picks the dishes and head to the kitchen. I grab my bag and go to my room. Just like the other times whenever I remember memories that the people around me told me to forget I drown myself into loud music that helps me concentrate. I open the speaker and play the songs of my favorite bands while cleaning my room. I became busy for the past weeks because of finals, I only got my time to clean my room today.

I’ll go now, Brit bye.

- Elise

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