Chapter 6

I quickly put the paper down, picked up the stacks of books, and rushed outside to my mom car. When she started driving back home, I started thinking about everything that I just saw. James Lim. First of all, that James kid that showed up at my house looks just like that kid in that picture. It must be him. They look exactly alike. Second of all, Lim is my dad's last name which means that's my model last name. I don't know any people with Lim as their last name. Well, obviously that doesn't mean that anyone has the last name, but I'm still surprised. I remembered that time when I thought about me knowing him somehow. What if we're... related?

Abby's right now. I really am going delusional. My head started pounding. Now, I'm getting headache because of all this thinking.

"Ariah, honey. We're home." My mom said interrupting my thoughts.

"Thanks mom." I said. I grabbed the books and went inside the house and up the stairs to my bedroom. I started working on Brit's homework. I already finished my homework, but of course Brit always procrastinates and if she's really running out of time, she just dumps it all on me. Why am I even doing what she tell me to do? It's not like she owns me? I'm not a slave! But then again, I could always be the ruler or school if I go as Ariah Lim. If I do as my model self then everybody would practically worship me! Oh, what am I saying?! I don't want people to like me because of what I do, but for who I am.

I finished all of Brit's homework quickly and dyed my hair. I'm not going to listen to the devil in my mind. I don't want everybody liking me for being a model. After doing everything I usually do before sleeping. I finally rested on my comfortable bed. Time for my worries to fly away as I settle into a deep sleep.


"Give me my homework." I sighed. "You did finish it right?" Brit asked getting all up in my face.

"Yes, yes, I finished it." I said tiredly and I got the rest of the books in my bag and gave it to her. I watched as she instantly gave them to one of her so-called friends to carry. Without giving me another look, she walked away.

"Nerd!" I heard a familiar voice call out to me. I ignored it and started walking out of the classroom. "Hey, nerd wait up!" The voice called again, but yet again I ignored it and continued walking. I finally reached the front doors of the school without having the failure voice call me again. I was about to walk out when somebody put their hand on my shoulder and pulled me back.

"Not so fast, nerd." The voice said. I turned around, causing the person's hand to fall of my shoulder, and looked up at the person.

"What do you want, Ali?" I asked with clear annoyance in my voice.

"You need to tutor me." Ali said smirking down at me since he was taller. I know he must be thinking that I'm pretty tall since I am a model, and you're right. I am tall. I actually used to be taller, but stupid puberty had to make him grow a lot taller!

"Fine. Where?" I asked focusing on Ali again.

"I don't care. As long as I raise my grades." He said leaning on the wall.

"Library then." I said and started to walk away when I was called by someone.

"Hey Ariah! Mrs. Lea said that she's having another show and she invited yo-" The voice started saying but stopped talking immediately. I quickly turned around to see Abby standing there, staring at Ali with a pale face. I mentally face palmed myself.

"Mrs. Lea? Isn't she a famous fashion show host?" Ali asked breaking the silence.

"No." I said a little too quickly. Oh gosh! I tried to think of something to cover up the truth, but luckily Abby beat me to it.

"I'm talking about my mom's friend. Her daughter is having her birthday soon and she wants us to help her." I mentally sighed in relief.

"Ali, I'll meet you in the library in the second." I said hoping for him to not be stubborn and protest. Miraculously he just shrugged and walked to the library.

"You are so bad at lying!" Abby said as soon as Ali was out of hearing reach.

"I can't help it! I'm fine at acting and lying when I'm in my model disguise, but whenever I'm in my nerdy self, I just can't!" I defended.

"Fine, but you better work on it. You don't want anybody knowing about your secret right?" Abby said looking straight into my eye.

"Don't worry. Anyways, she's having on November 4th. She invited us to start in it. Want to join?"


I found Ali sitting at a desk in the library with his books spread out on the table. I watched as Ali was reading out of his literature book. I laughed inside my head at how confused he looked. I walked up to him and sat down.

"Need help?" I asked.

"I got an hour." He replied and I started helping him.

I watched quietly as Ali tried to work out some algebra problems I gave him. Honestly, he is really stupid. Does he even pay attention in class for a second. Scratch that. Does he even go to class? Have I just been seeing a clone of him in class this whole time? He is trying hard right now though. He really is focusing on everything I'm saying. Why is he working so hard? I thought he hated school now that he's one of those jocks. Does he really care about school work? Is he really trying to be smart again? What if he-

"Are you just going to stare at me?" Ali said annoyed as he looked up at me. I felt my face go red in embarrassment and I hid my face behind my hands. Ali just chuckled.

"I didn't know nerds get embarrassed really easily." Ali said.I felt my face quickly cool down and I removed my hands to see Ali's face a couple inches from mine. I froze and I think he did too.

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