Chapter 3

"Let's go with Lim and Cabrera." I said laughing. Something then landed on my lap. I looked down to see what it was. An apple? I saw Abby leaning by the counter munching on an apple.

"Eat your fruit missy!" She said imitating her grandma's voice.

"No thanks, grandma." I tossed the apple back to her.

I got changed and I let Abby borrow my clothes. We were finally done and got into my limo.

"May you drive us to MOA (Mall of Asia)?" I asked my driver.

"Yes, Ma'am." He started driving. Abby and I were jamming to the radio which was playing in the limo. When we finally reached the mall and got out of the limo, fans started noticing us and taking pictures. I smiled at them and walked into the mall with Abby.

We walked into my favorite shoe store and looked around for some new shoes.

"This is perfect for you!" Abby said with an evil grin on her face when she set a box in front of me. I opened the box to find a purple pair of heels. Abby knew that I don't like wearing purple heels, so I was pretty confused why she would bring these to me. I picked one of the heels and examined it. My eyes widened when I saw what was on the side of it. There was a picture of a vine grapes on the side.

"You dropped the grapes not me!" I said jokingly as I put the heels back into the box.

"Good memories." She said quietly as she disappeared to put the box away. I found a pair of heels I liked. They were royal blue color with a gold metal rim on it. Abby got a pair similar to them except red instead of blue. I was about to turn a corner to look at the row of wedges when I saw a blonde chick sitting on top of a guy. The blonde must've seen me out of the corner of her eye because she stood up quickly and was speechless when she saw. Maybe because I was a model. A famous model.

I was also speechless as well because that blonde girl was none other than my most hated person ever. Brit. I knew she was dating Ali and everything, so what shocked me even more was that the guy she was kissing wasn't Ali.


"Omg! Omg!" Brit squealed while jumping up and down. "Your Ariah Lim!" She stated while still jumping up and down.

"I think I know that." I said playfully. It's all an act of course since I actually despise Brit.

"Can I have your autograph?" She said rummaging in her purse. I nodded kindly. She finally brought out a mirror and she asked me to sign the back of it. I recognize the mirror right away. It was the hand mirror that Brit always carried around school. I took out a pen and signed it.

"Omg! Thank you so much!" She said.

"No problem, girl." I said acting all cool. Then Abby rounded the corner to see what was going on and was shocked to see Brit standing there.

"Omg! You're Abby Cabrera!" Brit said jumping up and down again.

"Yeah, I am." Abby said glancing at me. I gave her the 'just go with it' face. Abby ended up signing the back of Brit's hand mirror as well and Brit seemed as if she was going to faint.

After Abby and I finished buying our shoes and everything it was almost 3:00 PM.

"Want to hear something interesting?" I asked Abigail when we finally arrived at my house.

"Amuse me." She said stepping out of the limo.

"I saw Brit sucking on some guys face." I said and added a gagging nose.

"And it wasn't Ali?" She asked with interest in her voice.

"Yes." I said confirmed.

"Well, no need to be so surprised since Brit is a huge slut." I laughed.

"Anyway, what do you want to do?" I asked her.

"Movies?" She suggested.

"No, a movie isn't good without candy and soda and I don't want to look fat before the fashion show."

"Good choice. Want to do a twitter cam?" I looked up with a huge smile.

"Yes!" I said loudly and obvious really happily. I haven't done a twitter cam in ages and it always ended up being really cray and fun. Abby and I ran upstairs and turned on my laptop. I logged onto my twitter and tweeted that I was going to do a twister cam with Abby in a minute. Of course I type Abby's name as Abby Cabrera. After a minute or so I turned on twitter cam and watched as my comments section was being spammed with likes.

"Hey everybody! I'm here with the gorgeous Abby Cabrera here!" I said joyfully and pointed to Abby.

"Hi everybody!" Abby said while waving to the camera.

"If you guys didn't know, I'm going to have a fashion show today and I'm super excited to see all of you guys that can make it!" I said while watching the comments section be spammed with comments such as 'I'm coming!' or 'I can't come.'

"We're not going to anything extreme so we'll just do a question and answer right now, so you can ask away in the comments!" Abby said. I scanned over the question and decided to answer one.

"This is from starxlover and her question was if I have any siblings. I am actually an only child. I've always wanted to have either an older brother or younger sister though. Abby your turn." I said turning to Abby.

"This one's from tinaslovesyou and her question is how old I was when I entered the modeling business. I was actually 15, but I started becoming more known when I was 16.

Abby and I ended up answering many questions from our fans and we eventually ended it.

"They're all so sweet." I told Abby.

"Well, maybe you should marry the guy who proposed to you in the comments." I laughed.

"It's 3:37. What do you want to do now?" I asked.

"We could always start getting ready now. It never hurts to go early sometimes." Abby suggested.

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