Chapter 4

"Alright." I said and we walked to the bathroom and opened my special cabinet. It contained all my hair dye. I'm pretty sure I have every color they sell. The color I need to use before the day I go to school. Even though my hair is brown right now, I don't need as much since I change my hair color all the time as a model. I took out a hair dye that was labeled rich mocha on it. My manager told me to have that color hair for the fashion show.

"Do you want to dye your hair too?" I asked Abby.

"Sure." She said and looked through the cabinet. Abby's hair was a rich brown color right now for her model self. Her real hair color is actually light brown color so she always has to dye her hair a light brown before going to school and out in public as her real self. My real hair color is blonde.

"I'm going to try midnight ruby." She told me showing the hair dye box to me.

"Go for it."

Later on our hair was finally transformed into a new color. Abby and I were putting a light amount of makeup on in the bathroom when I suddenly broke out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Abby asked curiously.

"Some grapes are purple." I managed to say while I was still laughing.

"So?" Abby looked at me confused when she broke out laughing as well. Abby's hair had a purple hue to it. We started to joke around as if we were still little kids until she reminded me that we had to go to my fashion show now.

"Oh, why isn't it our gorgeous model Ariah Lim!" A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Mrs. Lea, the person in charge of the fashion show, walking up to me. I greeted her and shook hands. "And I see you brought your lovely friend here." Abby smiled and shook her hand.

"Hello, I'm" Abby started but Mrs. Lea cut her off.

"Don't be silly! I know who you are. You're Abby Cabrera!" Mrs. Lea said happily. Then she turned to me. "And the security is in great condition today." Mrs. Lea said and winked at me.

"Thank you. If there is anybody who tries to sneak in then I would like to talk to them personally." I said.

"Of course." She said and was dragged away by a lady with a clipboard.

"What was that about." Abby asked me while I was getting my makeup on.

"There are some things that must be kept quiet." I said secretively. Abby gave me her are you kidding me face. I giggled. "Check your texts." I brought out my phone and started to text what I was planning.


"Girl, you were amazing!" I said linking my arm with Abby's.

"Oh no, you were owning it." She sassed back and we broke out laughing. Abby and I were about to walk out when I heard a familiar voice call us back.

"Ariah, some people are here to see you!" I heard Mrs. Lea call from behind us. Abby and I walked to her and saw who she was talking about her. In front of me stood Brit, Ali and the two guys that Ali always hangs out with nowadays.

"I'll leave you guys to talk." Mrs. Lea said and walked away.

"So what brings you guys here...backstage?" I asked innocently like I didn't know what was going on.

"We were dragged here to see your fashion show and she wanted to sneak in." One of the guys told me and pointed to Brit. Brit let out a nervous laugh.

"Oh! Aren't you the girl I saw at the store?" I asked. Inside I was so ready to expose her little secret about kissing that stranger.

"Yeah, that's me..." She said, her voice fading at the end.

"Right! You're the girl who's kissing that guy." I said letting it out. I glanced at Ali and saw that he was suddenly interested in what's going on and in what I was saying. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to make him jealous or anything, but I really hate the idea of Brit being able to whore off with any guy she wants without getting told off.

"Who was she kissing?" Ali asked me. I looked at him, but something inside me kind of broke. His eyes looked soft and not cold. Whenever he was around me, they seemed to be cold and full of hate. I quickly recovered.

"Some guy with blonde hair." I responded. Ali muttered something under his breath, but I didn't hear it clearly. He must be really pissed off since he's the one that usually plays on girls and not the other way around.

"Well, we'll be leaving now." Brit suddenly chirped. I nodded and started to walk away with Abby, but stopped when I heard that once soft and loving voice call me back.

"Ari?" I heard Ali's voice say. I stopped walking. No, I froze. Does he recognise me? If he does, this could ruin my career. Please, don't recognise me. I turned around and faced him.

"Are you talking to me?" I asked hiding my nervousness as Ali's eyes stared into mine. I felt Abby's hand brush against mine. That's our sign to each other to be careful.

"Sorry. I had a friend that I used to call that." Ali said looking away. I mentally let out a sigh of relief. I saw Brit and the two guys look at Ali, but they looked away quickly.

"Okay. Well, if that's all that we better get going." Abby said breaking the silence. Then nodded and she took my hand and led me away. Once we were out of the building and in my limo, Abby started ranting.

"Gosh! I was so nervous that he was going to find out who you are! He might've recognized you since he saw you in person this time and not in magazines and tabloids! That could ruin your career and everyone in school would know and-" I cut her off.

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