Chapter 7

Chapter 7


My phone buzzed as i finished the last paperwork on my desk.

It's a group text from the girls indicating i have four more hours to get to the tarmac. I'm done With Magazine related work and I've got no show to anchor today so I'll make it to the private jet in no time.

"This is the issue for this week's publication" Corrine hands me a copy of the Magazine.

Of course, Cavanaugh didn't rule out Zendaya's article. I sigh into my palm in disgust but i won't let this ruin the beginning of my funfilled trip with the girls. Besides, i took two weeks leave so i have fourteen days to not think about work. Fourteen days to have fun and be there for Vanessa's wedding.

Corrine, of course, would have to mail things that needed my attention but she is capable of tending to the  trivial things.

"Its fine Corrine, book me an Uber in thirty minutes"

"Ok Ms. April"

I vaguely look at the Magazine issue again and made a loud thud when i aggressively drop it on my desk. Even the mail i sent to the CEO regarding the issue has not been acknowledged.

So much for the No fraternization policy.

I've already packed up for the trip, i just have to pick up King Lee at my mum's then head home to pick my box and have a shower before heading to the airport.

A buzz from my phone distracted me from my thought.

It's a text from Scum which after a few seconds made me realize it was from JC.

'I'm still waiting for your bill. Hate to ruin your Car too. The only thing I want to ruin is your panties.


First, he seemed cool on our first encounter, second, he went Greek God on me at the parking lot, third he was nice on the rooftop, forth he was arrogant and rude on the express and now he's flirting!

I vaguely bit my lower lip cause as much as I find his last words infuriating, it made me have a quick image of him actually ruining my panties. Hot as hell.

Snap out of it April, I shrugged my head hoping it would put a halt to this sexual fantasy of mine with a certified hot looking fuckboy.

I was packing up my stuff when Corrine came in to inform me of the cab man's arrival.

She carried some files behind me seeing the fact that I've got a handful of my bag and laptop.

We emerged from the building's main entrance but a car fitting the description of the Uber was nowhere to be seen.

"Are you sure he's parked here, Corrine?'

" yes I am, he called to say... He's calling me... Where are you parked? Okay," she hangs up.

"He was told to park by the corner" she points to Eastern Avenue.

This is why I love bringing my car but it broke down this morning and I didn't have enough time to take it to the mechanic because I have to finish up work early and make the time for travel. I'll just call my mum to handle it while I'm gone.

We began to walk to the opposite side when a quick turn back made me sight JC walking out of the building and a group of journalists suddenly surrounded him.

He's popular?

"Didn't know we had a celebrity in the building" I glare at him.

The environment was so noisy and filled with car horns and chatters but yet, I was fully concentrated on him like he was the only one there.

"Oh he's not that type of celebrity, he owns half of the Towers in NYC and recently made this the headquarters because the previous one is undergoing construction"

"He owns our building?" I turn my glare to Corrine

Now I get why he has a private elevator.

"He's known to be very controversial so I'm guessing that's why the reporters are here"

"How come I didn't  know him?"

I've been working for a magazine and radio station company for five years at this same very building and i am oblivious of this man?

"Well first off, because he owns our building, we can never publish anything bad about him, more like a struck deal between the President and himself"

"How long did you say he's been here?"

"He moved base two weeks ago"

That was around the first time we met.

Damn right about my guts. He's a controversial sure billionaire and getting into his pants would only leave me in a controversial state. I like my sexual partners discreet like Sean, for example, he's a low key Auto dealer.

I did not just say that.

Was I really planning of making bad boy one of my partners?

"Let's go" I urge Corrine to continue walking.

I sight Megan and Vanessa in the waiting hall. We exchanged our usual girly pleasantries.

"Should we tell her?" Vanessa said with her lips wildly apart.

"We just saw Sean barely fifteen minutes ago on a flight to guess where.." Megan chuckled.

"Africa?"  I teased

"No silly, he's going to the metropolitan city of Milan!"

"Wait you guys don't talk aside sex?"

My silence confirmed her allegations.

Next time, remind me never to let my friends meet my sexual buddies.

"Well he's there for a week, so you have a week to shag him before we leave because you our dear friend should have your renewal," Megan said as she pulled me into a side hug.

"Duly noted."

Sean and I have been fucking each other for nine months and we've never talked about anything asides flirtatious conversations. Even that applies to when he needs a booty call and vice versa.

"Can we go in now?" I grunt.

"Yes, the guys will join us inside," Vanessa said as we all take our bags and leave the waiting hall.

The good thing about being a soon to be wife of a billionaire is that you get to enjoy the same special treatment as him.

As we enter the private jet it was so hard not to breathe in the luxurious smell and view of the creation.

The good life is definitely expensive.

The interior had shining stonework marble floors, lined with rich leather and custom wood veneer, a multimedia theatre, configured dining tables, a walk-in shower, master bedroom for Jason and Vanessa obviously, everything about it was pure money.

"Damn girl you really hit it big," Megan said as she sank into a leathered seat

"I have never stepped a hundred feet close to a private jet before not to talk of being in one" she continued.

"You know all this doesn't matter to me," Vanessa said in defense.

"Sorry for keeping you ladies waiting, one of us had a paparazzi problem."

Jason said as he and six other guys looking his age merged into the plane. Jason goes to kiss Vanessa.

"Don't blame me for the delay, You should have let me fly in my own jet Jason"

I recognize that voice. But the owner is hidden behind another guy, i strained my sight to see but i couldn't.

"And leave one of the pack behind? Not happening. Not even a paparazzi disorder can let me leave you dear friend" he cleared his throat.

"Allow me to introduce you to the boys, Gregory Martin, Julian Dabus, Damon Dough, Broody Daiyen and last but not the least, the person we like to call JC"

He introduced in the order they stood and JC's face came into full view.

Bloody hell. This was going to be a long eight-hour journey.

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