Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Present Day

Today, I am looking and feeling like Tika Sumpter from the movie Nobody's Fool and by that, I mean short bob hair, perfectly tailored blue crepe trousers and polka dot chiffon blouse tucked underneath with black pumps to die for. The company I work for senior as editor and show host, 101 Corp is one of the biggest brands in the country owning a widely acclaimed style magazine and Radio station that mostly airs gossip shows in the entertainment industry. I

joined the company five years ago as contract staff, working my butts off to become a prominent employee and I can tell you for free that I succeeded.

I punch in level 15 in the elevator praying earnestly that no one joins because I hate getting cramped up with people on the ride. My Prayer was almost answered until I saw someone's leg halt the complete closure of the door.

" elevator is broken, send maintenance to come check it out. I need it up and running in fifteen minutes Grace." He hangs up on the call.

I go back to praying no one else enters and praise be to God it was answered.

I kept my focus on the door, resisting the urge to peak at the face of the man who owned the incredible baritone voice and intoxicating smell. I didn't pay attention when he stepped in and I regret not checking him out that instant.

When I finally arrived on my floor, I released the breath I didn't even know I was holding and when I turned around thinking the elevator had closed, he gave me a corny side smile and I managed to act unmoved. I arched a brow, turned around, and headed to my office. That went well.

Over the past five hours, amid editing articles and creating the budget for this week's expenses for shoots and miscellaneous, I would be lying if I said the Greek god from earlier didn't cross my mind. He is so good looking and looks like a playboy, trust me I smell people like that from afar and I'm always right. Take it from someone who was stood up on her wedding day because her supposed groom fell in love with someone else.

"Starbucks? KFC? Or Milano's?"

It dawned on me that Corrine my assistant meant it was time for lunch.

"You can sit this one out Corrine, I'm heading out and will be back in one hour."

Time to go meet one of my mom's prospective intended blind dates for me. According to her, age thirty is seventy. But at the end of the day, none of these guys end up on my taste bud. Let's just say I gave up on romance and no one interests me anymore except of course the elevator dude.

Who the hell is he?

We arrived at Grazella's and I couldn't be more impressed he took me to one of my favorites knowing fully well my Mum must have spilled the deets like she always does.

The rest of the lunch went well and by that, I mean eating in silence.

"Do you live with your mum?"

Who lives with their mum at the age of 30?

"No, I own a house on mortgage"

"That's very impressive, I own about ten houses in the city"

Now he's gloating and I hate it.

Seeing that I didn't budge he apologized.

"It's okay, men like to sway ladies with their wealth forgetting that we are not the same."

We arrive at my sixty storey work building. He's been trying to fix our date gone awry by asking reasonable questions during the ride but a turn off is a turn-off.

He opened my side of the door.

"So I was thinking maybe we can have a do-over this weekend? I am sorry I blew this but I really want to get to know you and want a second chance"

I know he's genuinely sorry but there won't be a second chance.

"I'll let you know when is suitable for me."

"I'll await your response April"

This is the last straw I can take from my mum. I can't continue to go on meaningless dates when I have other things to do in the office. I'm already working late because of the show today and now the one hour off is one hour more.

"...Thank you for tuning in this wonderful evening, let's do it again on Friday same time and same station. I remain April Denver"

I close the live channel and play a song through the monitor.

If I had known five years ago how tiresome running two positions would be I wouldn't have taken the second even though it was the only way I could afford my car and pay my mortgage as fast as possible. Just two more months. Once my house has been fully paid, I can resign as show host and focus on the magazine before finally resigning to let's just say chasing my dreams. Besides, Gossip journalism has never been my thing.

I decided it was time to leave after sorting everything on my desk because I hate having spillovers into the next day.

"Good night Ms. April" Jackson the ground floor front desk security official bid me.

"Good night Jackson" I waved

As I approach the sliding door, my sight fell on another elevator opening.

It's the guy from before except this time he wasn't wearing sunglasses. That must be his elevator I guess.

Who the hell is he to own a private elevator?

I hurry to the car park beside to get my car and as I opened the driver's seat, I felt someone's presence behind me.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're stalking me"

I turn to face him.

"Quite the opposite I'd say"

He started to walk closer.

"If that were true, why are you having goosebumps"

My back slammed against the side of my car, I was trapped and he was getting close, too close I could smell all of him. I was trembling and I guess he could tell because he immediately circled my waist in his arms, our eyes glued to each others.

I knew this would be the death of me and I was totally inclined.

"You want me, don't you? You all do" he whispered into my ear and it further numbed my legs.

Before I could object, he kissed me in the most ravaged manner and then let go before I could savor the moment. What the hell!

"I don't usually do this in the parking lot but you leave me no choice lady"

He flipped me around and cupped my tits from the back, I felt his hard-on against my apple butt.

"Do you want me to do it here?" He asked.

"Maybe" I managed to say.

"That's not an answer lady"

"April, my name is April Denver"

"This is not the best moment to exchange pleasantries April, do you want it here or we go to my office?"

No one will see me except Jackson. Can I risk him seeing me?

"Here's good," I said.

"Perfect answer April"

He continued to kiss me and I was totally ready for him until he backed away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nice to meet you April"

I watched him walk to his car and then drive off. What just happened?

I felt used except I consented to it.

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