Chapter 5

Chapter 5


King Lee meows.

"I wish I can take you with me too but they don't allow underaged to step into the club"

Call me weird, I don't care. I like to talk to King Lee like a person even though he's a puppy.

Megan, Vanessa and I initiated girls night twice in a Month on Saturdays much to the fact that it's the only time we all get to hang out as a result of the busy schedule with our jobs.

"See you in a bit"

I halt the speed of my car as i approached the traffic light on red and then suddenly a car hit the back of my car.

What the hell?!

I alight to check the damage done.

I looked around to see if i can find Road officials but of course, it's too late to find any. I am just going to deal with this lady's way.

"I am so sorry Ma'am"

He's just an old man dressed like a chauffeur. It's not even his car, how am i supposed to get angry now?

"It's just a small scratch, I'll fix it"

"No need to apologize, James," another voice said as he emerged from the fancy car.

I guess that's the owner.

JC? Is this another coincidence? Why bump into him of all people?

It's bad enough that i want to sleep with him but he's a drop-dead gorgeous arrogant dude who teased me at the parking lot and the fact that he comforted me on the rooftop doesn't give him credit. He's still a fuck boy and heaven help me i want to.

"It's your fault you know, you suddenly stopped, you thought you could go past the green but it failed you and turned red resulting to your abrupt stop"

"And what about you? Your driver was speeding, didn't he see the red light too?"

"Where's your phone?" He stretches his hand forward.


He walked to my side of the car, reached for my phone and then gave it back to me after punching his number on it.

"I'll cover the expenses, call me when you have a figure"

What a joke.

I rolled my eyes and watch him leave in his perfectly tailored grey suit.

Told you he's arrogant.

Okay, let me tell you what later happened on the rooftop. I walked away.

I didn't murder anyone, i just walked away.

So that's what happened.

Since then, i haven't bumped into him until now.

And he even saved his number as JC. I edit the name and change it to scum.

What a rude asshole.

I quickly spot my girls seated at the far end of the club.

Vanessa caught my attention first.

"April!" She called out and waved

"Vanessa, "I hugged her

"Megan" I placed brief kisses both on her cheeks.

"What took you so long?" Vanessa straightened in her seat.

"Need you ask her. She probably got delayed by you know who" Megan rolled her eyes.

"Wait a minute, Sean is just a one night stand.." I defensively say.

"A one night stand every night" Megan teased.

"He's just a man who fulfills my sexual needs and just happens to be good at it."

"So when last did you guys have a romp?" Vanessa beamed closer at me.

I hesitated before sagging my shoulders in defeat.

"Two weeks ago"

"That was our last hang out. You need a renewal" Megan said.

I didn't reply.

"You agree you do" Vanessa and Megan chuckle at each other while i stare in bewilderment.

"If i had known we'll open tonight's episode with sean i would have prepared for the Q and A"

"You should date him," Megan said after swallowing a shot of liquor down her throat.

"You know April, she doesn't believe in love" Vanessa nods in disappointment.

"Finally, someone who gets me" i wave in the air.

"The situation is a mutual quid pro pro. We are both sexual partners and.." Megan leaves my mouth open as she interrupts.

"And who says fuck buddies can't end up wife and hubby?" She says.

"Me!" I concur

"Is that what you would say on your podcast? You make your listeners believe in love when you don't even believe in it." Megan said.

"I believe in love. I just think it's not for me"

"Everyone says that until the ultimate one shows up and they can't stomach it anymore"

Megan chugs another liquor.

"Speaking of, Vanessa's grand wedding is three weeks away" i scream, distracting them from the topic.

We both leaned close to hug Vanessa.

"A toast to Vanessa and hubby!" We all cheered.

Vanessa, Megan, and I belonged to the same sorority named Delta kappa in college and although we are not besties of any sort, we all kicked off as normal friends and till date still keep up with each other and as Vanessa's wedding draws near, we all planned alongside the groom gang to travel to a resort and host both parties bachelor and bachelorette night this coming weekend.

"Cheers to taming one of the city's elite, i hope all the groomsmen are single cause I'm about to find my prince charming," Megan said.

Vanessa met Jason Hilton during the first year after college and they became friends. Jason pretended to be poor just so he can find love for who he is and not what he has. Vanessa didn't care about wealth in a relationship, she's a fan of hustle hard and we'll make the money. Love is the ultimate language, wealth comes next.

They fell madly in love and when Jason revealed the truth, Vanessa was, of course, mad but she loved him and he wouldn't let her go so he put a ring on it.

Perfect Fairytale yeah? Well not all of us are Cinderella, some of us are just April Denvers who will never find their Prince. Heck, i don't believe in any prince.

And even if it comes knocking, i won't open the door.

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