Chapter 8

Standing still, he looked cold and heartless in black.

He looked up at the hospital with empty eyes.

He walked in, followed by two bodyguards.

Leona was watching surveillance videos in the surveillance room, but no matter how she watched carefully, it was as if he had disappeared without any trace. She couldn't find her.

Just as she was about to lose her temper again, a cold voice came from behind. "Lost?"

Leona froze and looked at the cold person who standing at the door.

Many times, she suspected that he was not her biological son.

He always put on a serious and solitary look. She didn't know who he looked like.

"Don't be so sarcastic. Hurry up and look for her. I don't want the descendant of the Weston Family to be homeless!"

"She won't be."

He was indifferent and she could not feel any emotions from his voice, but it made people feel scared.

"What do you mean?"

Olivia was hidden in an old residential building.

Perhaps God had seen that she was pitiful and was helping her too. She hid at the corner of the stairs and soon met a charitable old lady.

She asked the old lady to take her in, and she said yes.

And it's only when she lived in the old lady's house that she found the old lady had no children, she was a single person.

Since then, Olivia had lived in the old lady's house.

For three months, everything seemed to be steady and calm.

Olivia began to look for part-time jobs to earn money.

It's all in small places.

As time passed, she still did not dare to relax her vigilance.

One day, she delivered food to a private villa.

There were many people in the villa, and it seemed that they were having a party. The party was a blast.

Olivia took the food in and wanted to leave.

However, just as she took several steps, a man stopped her. "That auntie, come here for a while."

Olivia stopped and looked over.

A man in a flowery shirt, shorts, and cigarette was waving at her.

Olivia walked over. "Sir, what's the matter?"

"Go and buy some pastries for me. I'll give you all this money." As the man spoke, he took out a stack of money and gave it to her.

Seeing so much money, Olivia's eyes lit up and took it immediately. "Alright, I'll send it to you soon!"

The baby had been around for more than four months, and it's getting bigger. She had to save money in advance to prepare for the birth.

Olivia took the money and trotted away.

As soon as she left, someone walked over.

"Why does that woman look so familiar to me?"

Hearing his words, the man took a puff of his cigarette and put it between his fingers. "Harry, I don't think that she's familiar to you, but you're interested in this auntie, right?"

Harry shook his head. "No, let me think about it. I've definitely met this woman before. Where have I met her before?"

When the man saw that he really thought about it, he patted his shoulder and said meaningfully, "Think about it carefully. If you can't remember, that auntie will come back later. I'll send her to you. Take your time to think about it."

Harry ignored him and continued to search Olivia in his mind.

His intuition told him this woman was important.

Olivia went to the XQ Bakery.

XQ Bakery was a high-end dessert shop.

Not only was the desserts exquisite, but also had a unique taste.

Olivia calculated the money in her hand. She left a few hundred dollars and the rest of the money was for pastries.

This shop had delivery service, but she still followed them and sent the pastries to the villa.

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