Chapter 14

The doctor arrived soon and got Olivia to the emergency room.

Brayden grabbed the doctor. "Why is she bleeding so much?"

"From the current situation, she suffered a miscarriage caused by a heavy blow. We need to operate on her immediately."

Brayden backed up. "Miscarriage..."

After Olivia was quickly pushed into the emergency room, Dan came over. "Young master, I'll get someone to handle this. You should go home first. Your mother is waiting."

Brayden shook his head. "No, I'll go back later."


"No buts!"

He was so agitated that his voice became louder.

Dan was surprised to see the gentle master become so stern, but he quickly said it, "Yes."

He turned around and left.

Brayden suddenly stopped him. "Wait."

"Young master, what do you need?"

"Just tell my mother that I have something urgent to attend to and will be back tomorrow. Then get someone to bring me a change of clothes."


"Don't let anyone know what happened tonight."

"Don't worry, young master."

After Dan left, Brayden sat in a chair and looked at the emergency room, memories unfolding before his eyes.

In a flash, three years had passed since he saw her again.

Everett sent Melody to the entrance of the luxury apartment. Melody did not get out of the car. Instead, she hugged him and pouted her lips.

However, when the kiss was landing on that thin lips, Everett tilted his head.

"It's too late."

Melody looked at him. The car was dim and she could not see his expression clearly.

"I know. Don't leave tonight, okay?"

She reached into his shirt and unbuttoned it.

"Everett, don't you want me?"

"I want you. Very much."

As she spoke, she stepped onto his lap, hugged his neck, and her red lips landed on his eye and brow.

Just then, they saw the flash.

Melody frowned.

Everett looked ahead. "No hurry."

Melody was unhappy, but she knew that he was doing it for her own good.

She got up and sat aside. Everett opened the door, got out of the car and walked towards the person in front of him.

The man hiding behind the tree immediately ran away with his camera, but was quickly caught by Everett.

"Do you give me the film or do you want me to take it myself?" His eyes were pitch-black, and just looking at them made people feel scared.

The reporter took the film down to Everett with trembling hands.

Everett took it and looked at the man. "Your work permit."

The man said immediately, "Mr. Weston, trust me. I won't expose what happened tonight!"

"Don't make me repeat."

The reporter gave his work permit to Everett who looked at it and threw it to him.

The reporter then quickly left.

Everett turned and walked towards Melody.

Melody looked at the man who was walking towards her with a craze in her eyes.

In her lifetime, she would never stop loving him.

"I'll watch you go in."

Melody hugged him. "Everett, this whole year I have been worried that you would belong to another woman and that you would not love me anymore."

"Now, I have given up all my pride to love you. In the future, no, for the rest of my life, I will only love you."

"Everett, I love you."

"I loves you."

The night was getting darker and the car was parked in the villa.

Everett got out of the car and walked in.

However, after two steps, he stopped and looked at the dark villa in front of him.

It's not his marital home with Olivia, just another property of his.

Was he so delusional that he should think this was his and Olivia's marital house?

He looked up at the second floor.

It was pitch black.

There was no warm light as there used to be.

He unbuttoned his shirt and walked in.

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