Chapter 7

That day, Olivia was taken to the Capital by Leona, and they went to the most strict and sophisticated private hospital.

Four nurses and two doctors gave her the most careful and thorough examination.

She let them check her like a machine.

It was getting dark.

Olivia leaned against the bed, her hands touching her stomach as she looked out the window at the darkness.

In ten months, no, eight months, the baby will be taken from her.

She would never see her child again.

Was this what she wanted?

That night, Olivia had a nightmare. She dreamed that Everett was standing in front of her. He said, "Olivia, do you know what will happen if you are not obedient?"

Thus, she was forcefully brought into the operating room. The doctor put on the gloves and held a scalpel as he slashed at her stomach.


Olivia screamed in fright and sat up all of a sudden.

The nurse came immediately. "Madam."

However, Olivia was still in the nightmare. She pushed the nurse away. "Don't touch me!"

She shrank backwards and looked at the nurse warily, "You can't touch my child!"

Seeing her like this, the nurse quickly rang the bed bell.

But Olivia quickly got off the bed and then ran out.

She wanted to leave this horrible place!

But when she opened the door and saw everything outside, she stopped.

She calmed down.

It was a dream. It was not true.

It was reality now.

However, if she was still here, that dream would come true.

She couldn't stay here.

She had to leave.

Together with her baby!

The doctor came over to check on her. After confirming that she was fine, he asked a nurse to stay in the ward to keep an eye on her.

Olivia looked at the nurse and said, "Can you take me out for a walk?"

The nurse looked at her suspiciously.

Olivia said, "I had a bad dream and felt very uncomfortable. I wanted to go out for a walk, just downstairs. I will not go out."

The nurse thought of how she acted just now and said, "Alright, but you can't go out for too long. You need to rest more now."

"Okay, thank you."

Soon, the nurse led her downstairs. She gripped the corner of her coat and looked around without making any sound.

The two of them walked into the path ahead. Under a big banyan tree, Olivia suddenly covered her stomach.

The nurse held her immediately. "Madam, what's wrong with you?"

"My stomach hurts. Ah, it hurts..."

"How? This..."

The nurse panicked and then she looked around.

Olivia said quickly, "Go get the doctor, quick!"

"Alright, I'll go right away. Stay here and don't move."

"Mmm, it hurts... My child... My child..."

She bent down in pain, and the nurse did not dare to delay. She immediately ran into the hospital. As soon as Olivia saw her running into the hospital, she took off her coat and put on the sweater inside. Her long hair was tied into balls and she quickly walked out.

Almost as soon as she left the hospital, the nurse came down with the doctor.

However, when they reached the big banyan tree, they found that there was nobody.

Olivia trotted when she got out of the hospital.

As she ran, she looked around and quickly turned into an alley.

She had to go where there was no surveillance cameras.

So they wouldn't find her.

And at this moment, the hospital was in a mess and everyone was looking for Olivia.

Even Leona was here.

"You can't even keep a woman in. What's wrong with you?"

The doctors and nurses were scolded so much that they didn't dare to speak. They lowered their heads and endured the scolding.

Leona pointed at them angrily. "Why are you still standing there? Find her! Even if you turn the hospital upside down, you have to find her!"

"Yes, madam."

Soon the doctors and nurses dispersed, and Leona stood there with anger in her eyes.

Olivia, see what would happen when they found you!

At this moment, a luxury car was parking outside the hospital.

A man got out of the car. It's Everett.

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