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Standing in the college ground, Saadi took out his Mobile and texted Hammad, meanwhile Arsal was looking around the college.

College, as expected, was very big and prestigious as the rumors says. While Arsal was looking around the college, Saadi shouted Hammad's name.

Arsal turned to look over the boys who were coming their way. In four months, the only visible change was their heights, both of them have gotten a bit taller than before. They both have fair skin and both of them were quite similar to Saadi, in nature and so...

"Heya Boizz...How have you two been?" Hammad smiled and hugged Saadi while Junaid shake hands with Arsal and vice versa.

"Alhumdulillah... We both are doing great. Say,how come you both are here?" Saadi raised an eyebrow asking him.

"Aaahhhh...I hate my cousin. He is a second year student here. When he came to our home...He started bragging about this college like our college comes in first place in this and that and my dear father went head over heels for this college...urgh dammit! So cutting it short thanks to him, here I am standing in this hellhole." Hammad said annoyingly as rest of them grinned at him.

" And I don't think I can survive without my jaan... So I dragged him along with me." Hammad said mischievously putting his hand around Junaid's arm.

"Oh same goes with me." Saadi said putting his hand around Arsal's arm.

They both cling to their arms as if marking their territory. While Arsal and Junaid both rolled their eyes and three of them started laughing leaving Arsal, who was just smiling.

They all walked to the assembly ground, catching up on the things they have missed in these four months.

After the assembly, the dean gives his speech and after that the prefects came forward to give their welcome to the first years.

"You see...that champu looking guy over there, he's Bilal, my cousin." Hammad pointed at the guy in the front corner, making funny faces.

"He looks fine to me ...stop being so jealous" Saadi said laughing at him.

"Yeah...right!" Hammad said rolling his eyes.

Arsal was looking around as assembly was dismissed and all students were requested to go to their classes.He came across a familiar face and left Saadi to chase after that person but he missed it.

"Arsal why are you wandering alone...I have been calling you continuously." Saadi asked him in a concerned tone.

"Umm..I think..." He was conflicted whether to tell him or not.

"What?" Saadi asked him with his eyebrow raised.

"Ah..nevermind. I am going to class. Will meet you guys at lunchtime." Arsal smiled at them.

"Okay...if you say so. See you at lunch, Have fun!" Saadi said ruffling his hair.

"Ahhh ...Saadi, you Idiot." Arsal shouted but Saadi ran away from there as fast as he could.

"Hahaha..Will see you soon buddy. Bubye!" Hammad and Junaid laughed as Hammad said to him and left with Junaid, waving at Arsal.

Arsal was studying medical as he wanted to become the best doctor in Pakistan.As for Saadi, He doesn't have any interest in medical or any other field so he chose engineering, He always says that he will do whatever looks interesting and exciting to him.

Arsal went to his class as there were not many students, he took a back seat in the corner.

After sometime, Miss Aneela came and gave her lecture which was quite boring to him. He just indulge him in his book when he hears Miss Aneela calling the roll, "Arisha Fawwad"...

"Present" Her melodious voice echoed in his ears.

"Arsal Siddiqui...Now you're really a goner. First you thought you saw her in the assembly, now you're hearing her voice...what next, you might see her slapping someone, ha! Just great... ughh get yourself together Arsal" He was mumbling to himself as he dug his head deeper in his book.


Saadi went to his class with Hammad and Junaid. They were in the same.

"So, how's life going?" Hammad asked Saadi sitting between him and Junaid.

"Quite boring." Saadi said while taking a look around the class.

"Wooaahh...Saadi Ahmed's life and boring... Did someone dumped you or something?" The trio laughed

" know that phrase 'First Impression Is the Last One'." Saadi winked at him and they chatted the whole time.

As the bell rings, they went to look for Arsal. In the hallway they just started their naughtiness as always.

"hey is that...Bareera from our class? Saadi asked Hammad whispering in his ears.

"Yup." He said, popping the 'p'.

"Well she's pretty..." Saadi said in a playful tone.

"Then, why don't you go have a try?" Hammad asked him mischievously.

They have reached Arsal's classroom.

"Aaass if it's that simple.." Saadi said, mockingly.

"We'll make it, what do you think we're here for, pal?" Hammad winked Junaid and before Saadi could realize Hammad extended his leg in front of him making him stumble.

Arsal just came out of the class at that moment.

But Saadi didn't know it was his goodluck or bad that Bareera moved from there but guess what just as Bareera moved another girl came into sight and he landed upon her

Before he could make himself stable...


Saadi's cheek felt hot from the slap.

"Damn you bastard, i didnt even started glory, i didnt even date a single girl here. But who is thi..." Saadi mumbled under his breath.

"Don't you have any mann..." She stopped in between her words.

Javeria was standing behind her with her mouth in an O-shape.

'Now that's interesting...' Saadi thought as he saw Arsal coming out from the same class as Arisha.

"Saadi, are you okay?" Arsal came at bullet speed towards Saadi, completely ignoring Arisha's presence.

"Y'know, I am seeing that weirdo everywhere...First I saw her at assembly then I heard her voice in my classroom and now I saw her slapping you...I think I'm going nuts." Arsal gasp and started murmuring.

Junaid, Saadi and Hammad laughed as Hammad came across Arsal and put  his hand around Arsal's shoulder.

" are both doomed and nuts. She is right beside you..." Hammad and Saadi smirked as Arsal looked towards his left, he saw her  looking at the ground as her face flushed.

"Ma'am. Close your mouth or else a fly will mistook it for a cave." Junaid smirked at Javeria who instantly shut her mouth and moved a little  him nervously.

"Damn... What's with you slapping people all the time? Why can't you say hi like normal people?"

Saadi said to Arisha rubbing his cheek which was all red.

 "Wanna join for lunch?" Hammad broke the ice and asked her and she nodded and took Javeria by the arm, who was standing in the far corner, with her

"And with 7.5 billion people in the world why do you always have to fall on me?" Arisha asked him as they all were walking towards the cafeteria.

"Well maybe because you are the prettiest of them all." Saadi said winking at her.

"Shut up, Chomu." Arisha said slightly hitting his shoulder.

"Assalamualaikum! Arsal, how have you been?" Arisha said politely as she could clearly see how embarrassed he was. He didn't receive any slap but his face was as red as Saadi's cheek.

"Aaa...uumm...Walaikumassalam, I'm good." Arsal said shyly, scratching the back of his neck.

"Jeez...Go get a room lovebirds..." Saadi said smirking at them.

"shut up!" Arsal and Arisha both said in unison as they glared at him.

"Okay...okay" He said, both of his hands up in surrender as they all walked towards the cafeteria.

After some time they all got their lunch and sat down together.

"Hey, do you guys remember when we first met Arsal?" Junaid suddenly said attracting everyone's attention.

"Yeah! I remember he was so cold and shy." Hammad said. And with that they all reminisce about old school days.



"Assalamualaikum Miss. You were looking for me?" Arisha greeted miss Amna with a smile on her face.She was studying in 'Global Secondary High School' since first standard. And mostly all of the teachers here know her well.

"Walaikum Assalam. Yes, Arisha I wanted to talk to you about a student. As a class monitor I want to ask a favour of you." Miss Amna smiled at her.

"Yes miss, I will be honoured." she said, nodding in respect

"I want you to help Arsal Siddiqui with his studies...actually his father passed away 2 months ago and he was transferred here on scholarship. I want you to make him feel comfortable around here. He's a good boy and very capable, he's just not mentally stable right now. He was under the care of Miss Laiba for a month but his condition seemed to worsen even more. Miss Laiba and I are concerned about him and that's why we decided to transfer him in my class, so can you help me with this?" She said to Arisha in a sad yet concerned tone.

"Yes miss. I will definitely help you and him." She assured her.

"Ahh... I knew I could count on you arisha, Allah bless you!" Miss Amna appreciated her. Arisha made her way towards her class.

"Look who's here ...the weirdest bookworm alive on this planet Earth.." Saadi said while smirking evilly.

He was sitting at the back of the classroom with Hammad, Junaid and other boys.

" It's not even funny anymore ...CHOMU!" Arisha glared at him making her way at the front seat.

All the classmates were close friends as they had been in the same batch for 2 years. Except for those who don't have any interest in class.

"Good Morning Students!" Miss Amna entered in class with Arsal coming behind her.

"Goooooooood Morrrniiinnnggg Teeaaa" all class stopped their singing in chorus ...except,

 Saadi who was singing good morning song while his eyes closed, totally oblivious to his surroundings... "Teaaacccheeerrr" Everyone in the class laughed as Saadi realized and smiled sheepishly scratching his head, noticing a boy standing beside Miss Amna.

"What's with the expression kids...Have you seen an alien or something?" Miss Amna asked the class as they were staring at Arsal as if he was some kind of zombie.

"More or less than an alien." Saadi murmured nodding his head, but he was loud enough for the class to hear him. The whole class laughed,

"Saaadi" She gave him a warning glare and he puts his finger on his lips.

"Arsal go have a seat beside Arisha. She is our class monitor. She'll be helping you from now, ask her if you have any problems." Arsal did as he was told.

Arisha smiled at him while Miss Amna turned towards the board to write the topic.

*whistling sound*  

Saadi whistled as Arisha turned and send a glare towards him.

"Saadi, what would you prefer dear, a detention or a suspension letter?" Miss Amna asked him without even turning around.

 As she knew well enough that nobody else have such guts to do this in her class.


Saadi was awfully naughty and would mess around the school all day, but at the end of the day he was still scared of his dad knowing his public stunts. To give the new-student a warm welcome, along with Hammad and Junaid, Saadi decided to prank him a little.But Hammad and Junaid had their own pranks to play.

During lunch break Saadi, Hammad and Junaid came to Arsal's desk.

"Heyaa! new boy, Arsal right? I'm Saadi... the coolest guy around here." He winks at him and Arisha. Arisha looked at him in disgust and rolled her eyes on him.

"Arsal, I'll be back in a bit, okay?" Arsal nodded slightly. Then she got up and went out of the classroom.

"I see, nice to meet you." He replied Saadi without any emotion.

"Come! Let's hangout together." Saadi invited him.

"No thanks, I'm good." Arsal rejected immediately.

"Oh come on boy... we're not gonna bite you." Saadi dragged Arsal by his arm out of the classroom.

They took him to the canteen and offered him lunch but he refused. Saadi saw Arisha passing by with a bunch of books in her hands. He smirked and took Arsal towards her. As they were about to pass each other, Hammad extended his leg between him and...


In the next moment Arisha was on the ground having Saadi upon her. And in the very next moment...


A slap landed on saadi's face.

Hammad and Junaid were laughing like maniacs and Arsal was left frozen with his mouth opened in an O-shape.

" Goddamnit Arisha, this is the second time. What the hell is wrong with you?" He groaned rubbing his cheek, still sitting on the floor.

Arisha was trying to stand up  when Arsal offered his hand to help her.

"Thanks" Arisha smiled at him and Arsal slightly blushed at her smile.

'interesting' Saadi thought to himself, looking at them and stood up on his feet. Arisha and Saadi both were brushing dust off their clothes when a teacher appeared behind them.

"well well well... what do we have here... when should I be expecting a hatrick, Saadi?" Sir Yonus walked up to them. Sir Yonus is their sports teacher. He's 25 years old and the youngest teacher in the school. That's why, he had a pretty good bonding with all the students in GHS. (Global highschool)

"aaa...hehehe!" Saadi grinned back rubbing his nose.

" proud of you, kiddo." Sir yonus was laughing at his reaction.

"By the way, why don't you try and propose to her? You have already receive all the slaps you could get in this lifetime...why don't you just go out with her." Sir Yonus winked at him as he bends to gather the books with Hammad and Junaid.

Saadi started to laugh holding his stomach as Arisha and Arsal eyes widened at Sir Yonus statement. But soon her expressions changed from shocked to announce.

"Eeewww... Please don't say that sir, this drumstick Chumo and I can never work out" She said closing her eyes shaking her head as a no.

"Yeah! you gotta admit that was a really bad joke, Sir..." Saadi said between his laughs.

"Okay now. Dismissed, shuu...shuu." He clapped his hands, smiling at Arsal who smiled back at him.

It was the first time he smiled after his father's death.

It somehow gave Arisha satisfaction, after all it was a great progress for the first day.

She looked at Saadi and thought 'maybe he could be of some help, how about I ask him to hangout with arsal'. She smiled mischievously at her thoughts, while looking at him.

He gulped, seeing her smirk at him...he knew instantly that she was up to no good.

'wth! Wasn't the slap enough, what else does she want...' Saadi thought to himself in horror.



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