Dreams Of Youth...!

Chapter 1: Funny Morning..!

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On the fine morning of Monday, rays of the Sun were coming through the window sill striking on the fair face of a young man, deep in his dreams, sleeping peacefully. His fair skin was shining because of the sunlight, his messy hairs were adding beauty to his looks.

*Chashmullah calling* *Chashmullah callling* *Chashmullah calling*

He grunts and without bothering to open his eyes, his hand started to search for the ringing phone.

"Who the hell have a death wish!" He said grunting and cursing the person who is calling and eventually picked up the call in half asleep.


"You sure you have time to say 'hello'?" The person on the other side said with an annoyed tone.

"Huh? You idiot... You just ruined my date with that gorgeous beauty as I was about to... " his sentence was left incomplete as the other person on the phone interrupted between it.

"Yeah! Tell your gorgeous date to the dean, he'll arrange a real one for you...by the way what time is it?"

"Time?" Saadi looked at his phone annoyingly and his eyes went wide open after seeing the screen of his phone. It was 7:45 am

"Whhaaaatttt...why the hell you're calling me so late, idiot?"

"Well well look who's blaming who, I was calling you for about half an hour from now but our prince was too engrossed in his date." There were at least 20 missed calls on his phone.

 Saadi felt a bit embarrassed, "Hehe! My bad...now stop it already.."he said while scratching his head.

"I'm waiting for you at the bus stop you have 10 mins or else I'll leave without you, Allah Hafiz!"

"Ahhh, no no Honey I'll be there." He said trying not to make him angry "Allah...Hafiz." before he could say that the caller ended the call. 'Urgh this dude got no chill', Saadi said to himself with a grin on his face. He then smiled sheepishly and quickly jumped out of the bed and ran straight to the bathroom.

Saadi and Arsal aren't childhood friends but more or less they know each other for about 5 years that's half a decade! Arsal isn't a much of a talker. He always seems to have a hard time sharing his personal matters and emotions. He's more of a straight forward guy and Saadi knows it well enough that's why he could easily bare all the nagging and scolding. After all he only opens up to him and he knows him better than anyone else, at least Saadi thought so.

After 5 mins he was almost ready. Standing in front of the mirror, he ruffles his black long messy hairs that were covering his eyebrows. Below his eyebrows were a pair of dark brown glassy eyes that would attract the attention of everyone who sees them. He was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and had a very lean stature that makes him even more handsome. Then he picked up his deodorant and sprayed it all over him, putting on his watch that his younger sister gifted him on his last birthday, he put his phone in his pocket, carry his bag and left the room. Few seconds later he came back in the room,picked up the deodorant and left with an evil smirk on his face...


The beautiful recitation of Adhaan was echoing in her mind. She opened her eyes and try to look around her room with her squinting eyes. Once again she found herself sitting on her study table. 'I fell asleep here again I guess' Arisha thought to herself. Suddenly what her mother said last night came to her.

"Arisha! My dear, isn't tomorrow your first day of college? I think should go and sleep now." Aisha was caressing Arisha's hair while giving her a glass of milk.

" I will in a bit." Arisha replied while her head still in her diary. It was her childhood habit to write diary at the end of the day.

"I'm your mother my dear, I know you'll sleep on this chair again like always." Aisha took a sigh and shake her head as though saying 'helpless girl'.

"Amma, I won't this time... I promise!" Arisha said looking up to her mother with puppy eyes. This was the weakness of her mother.

She smiled thinking about what she said and what she had done. Indeed her mother knows her too well. She suddenly felt a pain arising from her neck and going down her back making it hard to move. It has become her bad habit, she always seems to fell asleep

Then she got up to offer her Fajar prayer. This was also one of her habits. She doesn't need to set up any alarm to get up as her body clock naturally works in accordance with the Adhaan. She performed her salah and end it with a dua. A tear of joy escaped from her eyes as she thanks Allah for all the blessings He had provided them.

Afterwards, she gets up and went towards her parent's room.

Her room was very small and simple. Entering by the door, there was a single bed on left side, an almirah(cupboard) and beside it there was her study table.

Arisha's house was small having three rooms and a kitchen. There was a Sehan(an empty ground like space in houses of villages)and she had planted there her favourite flowers.

On reaching her parent's room she knock the door and waited to get a reply as Ayesha called her in "Come in my girl." "Assalamualaikum" She said respectfully greeted her parents as she sat beside her father. "You two must be hungry. I'll go prepare the breakfast." Before arisha could offer help, Ayesha ran into the kitchen.

"Your mother is still so energetic..." Fawaad said between his laughs.Arisha laugh along with him "How are you doing baba?" Arisha asked him worriedly.

"Oh! I am fine. Actually I am great. You know this fake leg actually helps a lot. I cant feel your mom's kicks!"

He was still laughing but seeing Arisha's teary eyes he said with serioussness, "Listen my little girl, this was not your fault. It was meant to happen so it happen. And I am an old man so it's a great opportunity for me to rest at home every day, you know." He winked at her and smiled.

She smiled back at his courage. The accident happened back then was her fault or at least she thought so and maybe it was that guilt that is hunting her till today.

"Breakfast's ready. Arisha! Aren't you getting late for college? Go and get change quickly." Her mother shouts from kitchen. Arisha got up and went to her room.


In the dining room Ahmed, Abida and Ifrah were already on the table. "Asalamualaikum" Saadi greeted everyone and gave a sweet kiss on Abida's cheek.

"Walaikum Asalam." Everyone replied together.

"Come! Have some breakfast." Ahmed invited Saadi pointing toward the chair beside him.

Ahmed Hussain was known as one of the respectable personalities in the city. He's a respectable businessman living in a respectable society in the city. Even though he was a well- known personality, arrogance and pride was nowhere near him, in fact he's a pretty simple man who prioritizes his family before work. On the same page Abida was also a very simple and religious woman, who dedicated her whole life raising her kids according to their beliefs and religion. Because of this peaceful and simple nature of their parents Saadi and Ifrah naturally have simplicity in their nature.

"No dad! I'm good, that chashmish is waiting for me." Saadi said while picking up a sandwich from the table grinning ear to ear thinking about the expression on Arsal's face.

"He'll get mad if I stay for even a second more. First impression is very important for that fellow. Your son will get killed if that fellow got late on first day of college." Saadi was stuffing his mouth with sandwich.

*Chashmullah calling* *Chashmullah callling*

"Speak of the devil." Saadi said looking at the caller ID. Before he knew his father took the phone from his hand.

"Let me take it."


"Hello! Saadi are you coming or what I'm at the bus stop if you're not coming then I'm leaving without you." Arsal started shooting flames from his mouth without bothering to listen to the other side. Coincidentally Ahmed put the phone on speaker and everyone was listening to what he was saying, everyone was taken aback by his response. He's usually a calm child and they never saw him mad let alone shouting.

"Pffft..." saadi could not control his laughter and was currently covering his mouth to suppress it.

On the other side, Arsal felt something weird not having any response from Saadi.

"Saadi are you there? Say something." He was still a bit mad

"Ahem! Asalamualaikum Arsal, was it? It's Saadi's father." Said Ahmed.

"Huh? Whhh...who?" Arsal's face went pale like a dead person he choked on his own saliva.

"I said I'm Saadi's father Ahmed." Ahmed repeated. The first time Arsal thought he heard wrong but the second time he knew he was dead.

"Ah...ahh.. Asalamu Alaikum uncle." He was too embarrassed to say anything more.

"Walikum asalam!" Ahmed was calm as ever and Saadi was rolling here and there with laughter. For the sake of conversation and to lighten things up Ahmed continue. "Saadi was about to leave but I stopped him for breakfast if you don't mind let him finish his sandwich at least." Ahmed said politely but Arsal was too embarrassed his face was as red as tomato.

"Of...of course sir, I.. I don't mind." He always do this when he got nervous.

"He'll be there in a bit." Ahmed gave the phone back to Saadi. He was done with his sandwich now, he caressed his sister's hair lightly and said "Best of luck on your exams pumpkin!" She was currently in 8th grade and was way better in academics than him.

"Allah Hafiz Mom, Dad, pumpkin"

He took the phone and left the house putting the phone on his ear on his way to his motorbike.

"Honey! Don't be so mad it doesn't suit you" Saadi sat on the motorbike immediately and started searching for his Bluetooth and soon realize that he left it in his room.

"Shut up idiot, I swear I'll strangle you to death."

"Oh my...someone got a temper today." Saadi said amusingly making Arsal even more mad.

As saadi has already started the engine and was on his way to Arsal. Arsal heard the engine's voice and asked. "Are you driving?"

"Yeah! Why?"

"How much cash do you have on you?"

"2 to 3 thousand, why?" Saadi was puzzled by his questions.

"Lunch is on me today." Arsal said.

Saadi was confused until he saw a police officer signaling him to stop.

"Y...you...you..." Arsal hung up before he could say 'CHASHMISH!' Saadi was a rush Rider and Arsal knows it pretty well, of course he had been riding with him almost every day.


*chashmullah*...*chashmish*= nicknames given to Arsal by Saadi

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