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Arsal gave him a hard punched on his back.

Although Arsal wasn't even a tiny bit interested in who he might meet there.

"Ayeoo! Go easy on me fellow!" Saadi said.

" By the way, I haven't heard from that book-worm since school ended." He continued

" Who?" Arsal said, trying to recall.

"There, we're at our destination, Mr.siddiqui, Right on time!"

Saadi said playfully. Stopping his bike in front of the main door.

Arsal stare at the top of the gate reading what's written on it. ST. GEM'S COLLEGE. One of the most prestigious highschool in Karachi. Almost all the students here belongs to a prestigious and well known families. But every year this college would provide scholarships for those students who are capable enough but can't afford it and one of those students include Arsal Siddiqui. That's the prestigious St.GEM'S COLLEGE for us.

"You wait here, I'll go take care of this baby." Saadi was patting on his motorbike.

Saadi's voice bring Arsal back to his senses. He got off and stepped aside.

After parking his so called *baby*,Saadi found Arsal leaning against the college wall still staring at the college board.

Saadi called him a few times but it seems he was too deep in thoughts.

"Hey, you there!" Saadi said waving his hand in front of Arsal's face.

Arsal came back to his senses and looked at Saadi with his blank eyes.

"Come down to earth honey, we have a whole school to attend, Let's go!", Saadi put his hand around his shoulders and started to walk towards the college gate.

"By the way, you look there something wrong?" Saadi said entering the gate, his hand still around Arsal's shoulder.

"Nothing!" Arsal said not giving his question much thought.

But to Saadi, Arsal was like an open book which he could read rather easily. Saadi said smiling at his reaction.

" Fine darling you wanna hide it? Okay then, now onwards I'm not going to tell you anything about my new girlfriend." Saadi said pouting his face, giving a side glance to Arsal.

" So Wajeeha left you too?" Arsal said rolling his eyes with a slight grin on his face.

Now he's so used to his flirty nature that it doesn't matter anymore.

"Huh, What are you saying? It's me who left her dear. It's been two months anyway, y'know it's not cool to drag it." Saadi said lifting his head up as if so proud of what he has done.

Arsal laughed at his justification because he knows all too well that who would have left who.

"Wait, why am I telling you this?" Saadi said suddenly realizing something.

"Pffftt ...Okay! Don't tell me." Arsal laughed once again at his childish reaction. Saadi laughed along with him.


Students had started to come in the class slowly. So it was nearly empty. Arisha entered the classroom, keeping her nerdy legacy, she picked the front desk.

She was reading a novel when a girl came to her,

"Umm ...Excuse me! Is ...Is this seat available?" She asked, as nervousness could clearly be seen on her face.

Arisha lifted her head up. The girl had the same height as hers, hairs were shorter , having complex skin, her eyes were small but the glasses on her face makes her look somewhat cute!

"Ofcourse!" Arisha smiled at her and takes her bag from the chair. She smiled at her.

"Assalamualaikum students. I'm Miss Aneela, and I will be your class teacher." a middle aged woman enters in the class and introduces herself, She was wearing a blue colour suit which actually suits her.

"So students, as you all know, that there are some rules and regulations in our college that you must know..." and with that she lectured for the next half an hour.

"I hope you guys will cooperate with me and I hope I won't be hearing any complaints regarding our class. Understand?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeeesssss maaammm!" the whole class said loudly as one as ma'am Aneela glared at them making the whole class laugh.

But between the students, someone was sweating badly.

As Arisha looked towards her right side to the cute girl sweating as if a water bottle had poured on her.

"Are you okay...uuhmm..." Arisha stopped thinking about her name.

Miss Aneela had started to call the roll so the whole class had started chatting.

"Ja ...Ja V ...veria." She stuttered badly. "What If I broke any of the rules and got punished...What will they do.. Detentions, Are they gonna suspend me ...or ...or they're going to kick me out of the college ...No...No...No...I just managed to get the admission by scholarship...I can't afford it ...I will be doomed." She was just shaking her head in a complete no.

Arisha widen her eyes as she saw the girl sitting in front of her with great amusement. Yeah, she knows pretty well how it felt to be a nerd, but this girl, Javeria was a complete wreck.

 She doesn't have any confidence in her and in this moment Arisha decided to make her a whole new being.

"You know Javeria, first of all calm down, it's going to be alright. We just started our high school and we should be enjoying every moment we spend here. It's alright if you break one or two of those rules." She smiles genuinely placing her hand on Javeria's.

Javeria smiles back nervously she seems a bit calmer now and Arisha felt a little proud of herself.

'yeah... I can make someone's life easier, at least I can be of some help.' She smiles at her thoughts.

At the very moment she heard ma'am Aneela calling a familiar name ...She turned her attention toward her...

"Arsal Siddiqui..." Her eyes widen. "Present" she froze for a moment. When she heard that familiar voice.

She turned back to see the source from where the voice had came. But around 250 or above strength, she can't even tell how many students were sitting there.

"It must be my stupid imagination, I'm thinking too much." She slaps her head mumbling to herself.

Time passed in a blink of an eye and the bell rang for lunchtime. Javeria asked Arisha to come with her and she agreed.

As she walked out of the class, she was a few step ahead from Javeria, when suddenly a boy's hand came over her shoulder and then someone fell on her with full force.

Her consciousness was gone for a moment, While the boy was trying to stand up 



a slap landed on his cheek leaving her fingerprints on his face...

"Don't you have any mann..." Her words got stuck in her throat.

That was not her illusion. "He" is here...RIGHT NOW!



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