Alexa, the bitch!

       Max's office.

    "Please have your seat."

   His rich voice compelled her. She was a little bit on the edge but she was having her friend's back. And it had been said that anything for best friends.


   She said, reaching out her right hand. He didn't take it, he stood up instead.

  Zoe felt embarrassed and somewhat stupid for being too forward. But was she really? She had come to his office, she should be the first to greet. Or perhaps ought to be reserved.

   The customs of rich men sucked several bags of annoyance.

   Max walked over to her and took the hand she had recently dropped. He gave the back of her hand a slight peck, his soft lips caressing her velvet skin.


  He said as soon as he raised his head.

    She didn't know which to choose, whether rude or romantic. Well both began with 'r'.

    "Apologies if that was somehow off."

  He said as he settled back into his luxurious office chair. A rich smile flaming his smooth face. He wasn't only cute, but hot.

   "No, it's fine. Only that I wasn't expecting it."

  She admitted to him. She was forcing a smile. She was a little bit nervous but after all she was there. Let's give it all twould take.

   For once, she took note of what he was wearing. Same tuxedo suit, though blue colour that time. He was weary a rosy cologne and his well pressed white shirt stood out amongst the whole beaut.

   She had been distracted enough.

    "You're the lady from Trespat right?"

   He asked finally. His gaze was tender on her, yet she felt like twas pressing words out of her.

   "True that."

   She sat well on the chair. Enough of being a dickhead. She was ready to own up to the whole plan.

    "How about your other friend. Shame I couldn't talk to her, my fiance walked in."

     He paused suddenly then said again, his face wielding a light frown,

    "Dumb me."

     He punched in a sequence of numbers and put a call through on the telephone.

    "Two cups of coffee please."

  He said, his mild voice changed to a stern one while speaking over the phone. He hung the call.

     "I didn't think I wanted coffee."

     She said, giving him a stylish look. Now she was being an ass. That was meant to be a payback.

    "Oh, sorry. I should had asked before making a call. I could as well tell her to nevermind."

     He said reaching for the telephone again. She shot quickly,

     "No, it's fine."

    What was she doing? She was wasting time. She should just get to business and forget that she was there.

   That was the typical Zoe.

    He smiled and frowned immediately. His mild voice about to change,

     "Why are you here, Zoe."

     What she said seemed to had messed with him. But she could see that he was trying to be professional about it.


  Zoe said rather shocked. There was a sudden call from the door, then the caller was let in.

   A lady dressed in a black skirt few inches above the knees walked in. Her fancy blouse made professional by the black bowtie to matched with her wine shoe. White blouse.

   The lady placed the cups of coffee as instructed and walked out.

   Max took a swig  and stared at her.

    "Are you some hidden client or?"

    For a moment Zoe thought that his stern voice was inspired by pride but what did she care. Let the plan come through.

   "No, not really. Paul, a college mate of mine who said he was your friend or something said he was told that you want a dance instructor for both you and your finance. A dance instructor for the Waltz. For your wedding."

    He nodded his head slightly and said,

    "Me precisely. Alexa to some extent knows how to sway to the rhythm. She could had thought me but we're very much busy with the company business."

   He paused and continued almost immediately.

    "By the way, this Paul, where did you meet him? Twould rather be unwise of me to ask where he works."

    His voice still stern but with less pressure. She took a sip of the coffee and,

    "Yeah, at the party. Met him at the party, closely in time with when Alexis came to you."


  He corrected.

    "The decision isn't mine to make, you know."

  His elbows were on the table, his palms supporting both his jaw and chin. Zoe could read all the Psalms in the Bible that he could say yes.

    "I'll speak with Alexa, she seems to have someone -- oh, there she comes."

  Zoe turned immediately. Alexa opened the door and walked in.

   She was as tall as Zoe, round face, small nose, well shaped lips and milk skins. Her eyelashes flamed the curves of her smile as she shot it at Max.

  Zoe looked back at Max and whispered immediately,

   "She comes to your office too?"

   Max was rather displeased by that and that was emphasized in his response,

   "I'm not sure what that has to do with the waltz."

   He looked away from her to Alexa who walked over to him and kissed him in the lips, mumbling into his mouth.

    Zoe felt -- she couldn't describe the emotion. Their chances seemed slim. She as well might just text Dia right away telling her to forget about the Max guy.

   One thing which was certain was the fact Alexa was sure the jealous type. Those jealous type who would go to any extent to secure what's theirs. Somewhat reasonable.


  Alexa waved at Zoe. Zoe didn't know what to do in response. She smiled back. A forced smile. Alexa was the prey.

   "Meet Zoe, a secretary to her dance instructor friend."

  Max said to Alexa. Alexa smiled at Zoe. Zoe wasn't comfortable with that commentary but there was little she could do.

  The fucking studio was hers! She was just lending Dia for the meantime till Max would be theirs.

    She couldn't possibly explain that to any of the two. She scoffed.

    "But I already told you my cousin is best at Waltz. Why keep pushing her away? It's quite unfair.  You know the 12 steep Waltz show, she choreographed it."

    Alexa argued, her face flushing into a disappointed stare.

     "Sit here."

     Max pat his thighs as Alexa shrugged but finally took her seat. He began to stroke her hair gently,

     "Your cousin is family. Let someone else take a benefit of Rowe's wealth."

   His mild voice was back. He pecked her and looked at Zoe who was already standing. She felt disrespected.

    "I think I should go."

   Zoe said. Max pleaded with her,

    "Sorry about that. Drop your business card, we'll get back to you."

   Zoe fumbled through her bag clasped to her side. She had no business card yet. She brought out a small paper  with her number on it.  She slid it through the table to him.

    "Why didn't your friend come herself?"

  That was Alexa. Max intervened,

   "You go Zoe, we'll give you a call."

  Zoe stared at Alexa for a while. She felt like strangling her. She nodded. She didn't know if that was the right thing to do.

 She hurried towards the door and opened it. She didn't give a last glance at the annoying lot.

  She left the to close itself. She didn't even say a thank you. They weren't worth it.

   Rude rich folks. 

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